If your life is still in a roar from the Grand Cardinal Cross from last April, this coming October is offering up a few more opportunities for change. The Lunar Eclipse on October 8th is the first of the game changers scheduled for this fall. Relationships are highlighted during this eclipse for it falls across the Aries/Libra axis. The moon will conjunct Uranus in Aries and both will oppose the sun in Libra.

Sabian symbol mythology indicates that at 15 degrees of Aries, where this full moon eclipse takes place, a serpent is coiling near a man and a woman. Since relationships are highlighted at this time, this seems apropos. Serpents bring forth images of Adam and Eve in the Garden, of hiding their naked truth behind fig leaves. Images of forbidden fruit and things that slither and bite also surface. The rising of Kundalini energy also comes to mind. The coiling of the snake speaks of unspent energy that is wound tight, ready to spring forth, full of potential energy. Transformation is often afoot where snakes lie coiled. Think of the tremendous potential snakes have for creating themselves anew as they shed their old skins in order to grow into a bigger Universe.

Developing courage in our relationships so that we can be truthful and quit hiding ourselves seems like one means of unleashing this creative kinetic energy. Courage is the aim of Aries and with both the moon and Uranus here, there is a daring quality being highlighted. Being bold, taking emotional risks, taking an independent stand and believing in yourself are key themes. The ram has horns for a reason. If you are not happy with the area of your life the moon is sitting in, it’s time to spear-head change. You have the strength, the courage and the guts to make things happen. Uranus provides the inspiration as well as spiritual encouragement. Sudden shifts are possible. Since Ceres is in this same area, nurturing ourselves as we make the necessary changes is another issue that is highlighted.

Besides being courageous, it might also pay to look at things through the eyes of others in your life. Oddly, at 15 degrees of Libra, where the sun will be roosting during this eclipse, the sabian symbology speaks of a boat landing that needs to be reconstructed after the passage of a storm. This makes me wonder what shape our relationships are in at this time? Do we need to do repair work? Is the dock steady enough to warrant repair? Should it be cut free to float away of its own accord? Somehow the structures of our relationships need tending to now that the storm has passed. Figuring out what structures we can depend upon and those that are no longer working as elements of support in our lives must be discerned.

Add to the mix that the Grand Cardinal Cross has been a ravaging storm for many people. For those who have had relationship houses stretched and racked by the storm, it may be time to look at the hard truth to decide if what you have is worth hanging onto.

If that were not enough in and of itself, this fiery moon/Uranus conjunction is igniting the Uranus/Pluto square once again. What is it that you truly value? For many, Uranus is begging for us to break outside of our boxes, to grab a bit of inspired freedom. What must we let go of to move forward? How can we stand in our own power and still honor the relationships that mean so much in our lives? Contemplate things well before reacting in sudden Uranian fashion for full moon eclipses are powerful. Choices made now will impact your life for a half a year or more. Full moons also tend to be quite emotional and with Uranus attached to the moon, sudden changes could affect your home, your emotional ties or your habitual patterns. Changing some of these patterns may be exactly what the Universe is asking of you.

Forming a background to this lunar eclipse is a Grand Fire Trine, featuring Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. Going after what you want (Mars) brings freedom (Uranus) and inspiration (Jupiter) into your life. The full moon, which happens just two days after this trine perfects, gives you the opportunity to end that which is no longer working. Relationships of all sorts are highlighted, not just long-term lovers. Life is grabbing you by the cajones and is encouraging you to break (Uranus) the ties (moon) that are holding you back from a bigger, happier, more joy inspired life (the trine). Go after what you want (Mars). You deserve more and the rocket fuel in Aries is providing the zest you need to chase your dreams.

Why wait to pursue your passion? If you knew you were dying, how would you live your life? Poignant movies depict dying people chasing down their bucket list. Living an inspired life means working your bucket list everyday. Maybe instead of dying, we might discover by chasing our dream everyday, we were actually living instead. The Universe wants us to have a life well lived, a life with purpose and meaning. And guess what? We are all one breath away from eternity. To reveal the hidden agenda of this Lunar Eclipse, I’d first focus on the fiery trine that forms the background to it. Look at the houses occupied by Mars, Jupiter and Uranus to see where and how the Universe is giving you the green light to engage more fully in this pin-ball ride we call life.

Then find the Uranian courage and guts to free yourself to move forward and expand. Jupiter in Leo wants to bring blessings into your life for the whole next year. Do you feel Zombie-like? Almost as if you are going through the motions? Wouldn’t a bit of joy do you well? Also remember, all we really have on this planet is each other. Are we being kind to one another? Are we treating our partners well? Are we honoring ourselves as well as them in the process of relating? When we hurt another person, don’t we hurt ourselves in equal measure?

A coiled snake lies between the man and the woman, waiting spring-like, to renew the energies in our lives. Only you know the truth of what should be held onto and what should be cast adrift.


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