On July 16th, Jupiter is going to enter the sign of Leo where it will remain for the next year. As a 0 degree Sag rising kindof girl, that makes my heart soar. I could use a little fire in my life and in the fixed sign of Leo, the coals burn long and hot. To catch this lucky star and harness the benefic energy of Jupiter over the next year, embrace your inner child. What brings you joy? How can you add a splash of creative color to your life? Boldly go where your spirit beckons. Explore, expand and shake on the Creole spice! Leo doesn’t tolerate bland so bring on the jalapenos, baby!

With warm-heartedness, Leo wants you to celebrate the joy of you! To shine your light out into the world in a big, bold fashion. Break free of restrictions that have been binding you. Explore a bigger chunk of the Universe…this is where your greatest blessings lie. Dare to take some creative risks knowing that right now, there’s a very good chance they will pay off. Jupiter in Leo is a confident combination. Being conscious of the planetary energies gives a person such a huge boost in the world. If you are paying attention, you can see the red go flag and where it sits in your life (by examining the house Jupiter is residing in) to use God’s blessings to absolutely GO FOR IT. The only cautionary piece of advise I’d tag onto that is to not be over-confident or ego-centric. Stay grounded and humble but enthusiastic as well.

If someone else has been driving your bus for a long time, maybe it’s time you boldly get behind the driver’s seat of your own life. Be the light you wish to see! By opening your heart and sharing your radiant warmth and confidence, you inspire others. There is a unique spark within you and it wants to roar into an inferno. Breathe life into that spark under this transit and you are sure to rocket yourself onto a successful journey of the soul.

What brings juice into your life? Adventure is gained by traveling abroad. Sharing ideas with people from other cultures might also light up your world. Exapnsively seeking the divine is another possibility, perhaps through a teacher or a human potential movement. All the world over, we seek to know God in our own unique fashion. I am reminded of a pilgrimage I once saw in a small town in Guatemala. Visitors from around the country reverently crawled on elbows and knees in order to touch a black Christ statue displayed at a local church. Greeting the brilliant morning light with sun salutations done on a quiet beach is another means of seeking joy through creation. Expanding consciousness and your world-view are definitely up for grabs, however you choose to pursue that.

Falling head over heels in love is also possible. Since Uranus in Aries will be making several trines to Jupiter over the next few months expect sudden changes that blow your Tevas off. You could meet the love of your life on a wilderness adventure. Or perhaps, a creative adventure pays off hugely. Sudden life-altering events surely could happen…and with expansive Jupiter in Leo, the message is: Go big, or stay at home. And PS: Have fun while you are at it and share the joy. Magnanimity and generosity are attributes a warm Leo heart loves to share.

Where you need to have faith in yourself and be bold enough to explore depends upon the house Jupiter is gracing. Naturally it pays to watch other planets as they make angles to Jupiter for that too has a bearing on the energies afoot. If your chart is riddled with oppositions or squares, it may take a lot of effort and integration to reap the rewards of transiting Jupiter. There are, however, important lessons to be learned in all situations. Even with some of the tougher angles, Jupiter tends to soften outcomes.

In the first house, gaining confidence in yourself is called for. Recognizing that you have leadership ability can boost your morale. Under this transit, you have what it takes even though you may be taking baby steps out into the world! Willingly expand your horizons to draw in experiences that help define you. Growth is in order and the people you draw into your life should help you along your journey.

When moving through the house of values, Jupiter often brings luck with material resources. This is a period of actualizing what you want in your life…so be careful regarding what you ask for as it may readily show up on your doorstep with a thump. Consider carefully what matters the most and then go after that. Since the 2nd house also relates to our personal talents and skills, this could be a good time to work on self-improvement. Learn something new. Take that class you’ve eyed in the course catalog for years.

Getting to know your immediate surroundings is highlighted when Jupiter tours the 3rd house. Expand your understanding of the world by visiting local areas, by joining grass-roots community groups or by spending time with neighbors and family. Sharing ideas and communicating with a wide variety of people is sure to bring rewards. These very contacts could break you out of rigid thought patterns or world-views as you come to realize there are many different versions of the truth. Seeking the truth in honest, open communications is vital.

When Jupiter tours the 4th house, there is an emphasis on seeking inner peace and tranquility. Creating sacred space in your home allows this sense of serenity to seep into your very pores. Having a quiet home with peaceful relations is another means of enjoying this Jupiterean energy. Your personal life and putting down roots takes precedence over conquering the world. Belonging to a place or tribe brings in the richest rewards. Like a mighty blue oak, you sink a deep tap root that anchors you in the secure feeling of home. Inner confidence and peace are yours for the taking.

Dare to unabashedly be yourself when Jupiter moves through the 5th house. Joy is found by expressing yourself creatively. Your life is a canvas! Paint it in bright, bold colors. This is the house of joy and Jupiter wants to lay it at your feet. Romance is possible now and could even involve a person from another culture. Interactions with children should go well and a pregnancy is even possible. World travel and outdoor adventure are other sources of potential enjoyment. With Jupiter in Leo, you may boldly go where few have gone before. Around the world trips are possible as you seek to expand your horizons. Hobbies, adventure, romance, fun! Now how can that be bad? Well, anything can be overdone with Jupiter so a bit of caution is in order. For example, with this placement, you may be tempted to gamble in a big way. Jupiter eggs us on to exceed boundaries so do take a hint of proprietary caution. You could either win really big or lose your shorts…just sayin.

Being of service and growing in spirit by fulfilling duties are the realm of Jupiter in the 6th house. Undertaking mind/body/spirit practices at this time could also be fruitful. Jupiter lends a spiritual quality to anything it touches so tai chi, meditation, yoga or trance dance could all bring blessings. Burning up calories with some of these practices is a move in the right direction for Jupiter here can enable the waistline expand if you’re not being mindful. Improved work conditions are another possibility and though you may not advance right now, by fulfilling your duties well, you can set yourself up for later success.

Partnerships of all kinds are blessed when Jupiter hits the 7th house. You draw in luck by your contact with others. If you need professional help in your life, now is the time to seek assistance. Psychotherapists, health care providers, fitness trainers, lawyers, business partners and mates…anyone you join with for a purpose is likely to go well unless otherwise indicated in the chart. Your horizons are expanded by joining with others who are different than you. Seeing things through the eyes of another is always mind-expanding and Jupiter provides opportunities for just that when it moves through the house of “the other.”

Joint finances and inheritances are one possible focus of Jupiter in the 8th for this house rules other people’s money. Corporate dollars, 401Ks and bank loans may also be protected with Jupiter housed here. Healing psychological issues regarding money or intimacy is another way this energy could manifest. This is the house of transformation and Jupiter wants you to overcome any barriers that have been holding you back. God is in essence shining his grace upon you here and wants for you to do well. Overcome any mental blocks that have been restricting your growth so you can excel.

When Jupiter sets the 9th house on fire, I am going to rocket! World, I’ve been waiting for this one. Luck comes from teaching, writing, expanding yourself out into the world and from exploring spirituality. Travel, gurus and metaphysics bring wisdom and joy. Expanding your mind through philosophy and higher education are in order. Luck comes from social media and publishing. I’ve turned down 2 raises lately but have recently been doing a lot of writing for work. I do believe my lucky star is about to shine…one way or the other. Now that I am aware of how blessed I am wherever Jupiter resides, I plan to ride the wave like a hang 10 surfer. Time to expand my consciousness and surpass former limits! Lookout world, here I come. If Jupiter is about to surf your 9th house, I hope you join the ride too.

Luck and promotions can occur when Jupiter passes over the mid-Heaven. So long as you stay grounded and humble, hard work should pay off here. Too much egotism could otherwise cause conflict with supervisors but the general trend is to find prosperity through your career. Work related travel could also bring you into contact with people from other regions, religions or world views.

Friends and group activities bring enjoyment and mind expanding activities when Jupiter soars through the 11th house. A broader vision of the world is available now through your social contacts. Improving the world around you becomes a mission for you have a very idealistic view of the possibilities. Envisioning a better society for everyone is a dream you’d like to make concrete through like-minded groups.

Spirituality and delving into the collective consciousness of all is highlighted when Jupiter swims in the ethereal waters of the 12th house. Diving deep into your own stuff is important. Confronting parts of yourself you’d rather not face now becomes not only palatable but necessary, for you recognize the need to grow. It is easy to see the ties we all have with each other and you gain sympathy and wisdom for the slings and arrows that affect us all.

However this energy is playing itself out in your life, I hope you harness it and manifest your dreams! Jupiter catching fire in the sign of Leo is sure to light up your world. Enjoy the fire works and get your joy on. The Universe is giving you a big thumbs up to do exactly that.


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  1. Trish says:

    It is going to be in my 12th…. which is also the house of your own undoing besides deeper meditative issues. Hope I don’t step on my tongue again or worse!!!

    • boobooda7 says:

      Miss Trish, I truly doubt that will happen. You are a kind, dear person andI believe Jupiter will be watching out over you! Sorry I’ve been out of touch lately…been busy doing lots of writing for work.

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