Zero degrees of Sagittarius rising graces my chart so I strongly identify with this adventurous archetype. It spurs wanderlust, a desire to hike in the wilderness and an eternal search for the philosophical truth. It also makes you want to bust out of any chains that bind for at the heart of every Sagittarian is a quest for freedom. Uranus is trining this full moon so feelings of being true to yourself and carving your own path in life is doubly noted.

Symbology and imagery stir my imagination so I decided to look up the Sabian symbol for this full moon, which falls at 22 degrees of Sagittarius. Oddly, I came up with two distinct images, blackbirds flying out of a pie and a Chinese laundry. Since we are on a truth seeking mission during this enlightening full moon, let’s explore both concepts.

Birds represent freedom for they have the ability to soar between the two realms, heaven and earth. When this cloaked bird flies into your life, mysteries of the underworld may be revealed. Metaphorically, birds represent higher thought and intelligence and yet their secrets are closely hidden beneath a cloak of darkness. Seeing the truth of a situation may take time. These mysterious birds have left what appears to be a sweet situation (the pie) to fly heavenward, in search of eternal truth. By letting go of material trappings, they gain potential and power for they have mastered flight and chosen a path of freedom. They are seeking the truth on their own terms (Uranus trine the full moon) and are willingto forego temptations of a “sweet” deal.

Failing to fly free is rather like cutting off one’s nose to spite your face, much like Anne Bolene who was beheaded by Henry the VIII. Anne, Henry’s 2nd wife, baked him a blackbird pie to capture his attentions. Her desire to maintain her wealth eventually cost her her head. Indeed, loss and ill health can follow the blackbird. Better to let go of a sickly sweet situation to pursue spiritual yearnings then be trapped by materialism. Freeing oneself in this manner allows a person to undergo shifts in consciousness. Situations are revealed for what they truly are. Ultimately, the blackbird seeks transformation. He wants you to take to wing and soar.

Though you wouldn’t expect it, the Chinese laundry brings a similar message. Laundries of old were laborious places. Cramped conditions, long hours and low pay were the norm. Like Sisyphus, the people that worked in these laundries were treated like slaves. By rolling a rock up a steep mountainside everyday, these people toiled endlessly, only to have the rock careen down the mountain at nightfall ensuring the endless repetition of doing other peoples’ dirty work.

Since full moons reveal things, here’s a few questions to ask yourself. Are you being paid fairly for the work you do? Are you valued? What box (or pie) do you need to extricate yourself from? How can you transform your current situation and gain personal power and freedom? Though cloaked in darkness, blackbirds seek the light and the full moon in Sagitarrius wants you to be empowered, to find a path with heart. Optimism and exploration beckon. Learning from other cultures or undertaking studies can help you along your adventurous way.

Jupiter, which rules Sagitarrius, will lend a beneficial hand to this full moon. A strong sense of justice may spur you to seek employment elsewhere if you identify with Sisyphus. Or your philosophical nature may encourage you to seek out a spiritual teacher who can help you soar. Your passion for the juciness of life could also embolden you to take charge of your circumstances and set a course for freedom. With Uranus in Aries angling this moon, daring to break out on your own path is certainly up for grabs. Sag and Uranus both want to light a spiritual fire under your ass to get you moving, to help you embrace life more fully. Jupiter, as always, wants the best for you no matter the course.

The fact that Venus is opposing Saturn at the time of this lunar event is the only hindrance I see. To determine how this opposition impacts you personally, look to the houses that these 2 planets occupy. Saturn tends to restrain things, bringing lessons, structure and resistance. Saturn acts like a set of breaks. It wants you to do well but racing off in any direction is dangerous so caution and resistance is steadily applied. Venus, of course, wants to supply you with the joys of life. How much are you willing to pay for what you desire? Is it worth it? Perhaps this full moon will answer that question.

Sagittarian moons are usually on a mission. Fire, excitement and new horizons are calling. Once your situation is fully revealed come mid June, you may decide that a bit of risk taking is in order,to bring you the joyous life you deserve.


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