Being an astrologer gives you an edge. Sometimes I see things coming before they hit me sideways. Other times I am able to contemplate the planetary energies and ask myself, “What is the Universe Asking of Me Now?” By reflecting on this question, I’ve been able to steer clear of trouble and been able to consciously make better decisions…at least part of the time. I am, after all, a neophyte in the school of not so many hard knocks, please.

Why do I bring this up? With the 5th Grand Cardinal Cross perfecting in April and 2 more show downs coming in the next year, I’ve seen what my chart looks like and clearly I am standing smack in the middle of a major crossroad. The big question is: What should I do with my life?

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been working my tail off for years, pouring my heart and soul into making things happen for other people. It pays the bills and puts tofu on the table. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between effort and money and so I sit at this crossroad and I ponder which road to take. Most definitely, I feel undervalued. I am worth so much more.

Crazy thoughts are catapulting me forward. Never thought I would be this person but I look ahead and I can see that in coming months luck, for me, will come from finding God. Sometimes I think about rebooting my life. Hitting the stop button and shutting down. Dropping the nonsense and the striving (which has gotten me nowhere but exhausted). Packing my backpack and heading into the desert for a one on one encounter with the Universe. Visions of red rock, slot canyons and sage are filling my brain and the very thought makes me want to breathe deeply. The musty tang of pine embraces me as I daydream of Utah mountains and desert.

There is a great passion in me that wants to come out and connecting with people on this blog gives me hope. Every time I see I have more followers or likes it shocks me. Who am I to share words of wisdom with the entire world? And yet, I know there is a deep well within me that has not yet been tapped. Like a diamond, I am using the pressures of life to create the gem of me. And as I sit in this space of contemplation and metamorphic change, I am choosing to draw good and powerful things in my direction.

What sayest you world? Should I hit reboot and start over? Is there space in the world for a wisdom seeking astrologer/writer with a passion for understanding the underpinnings of the Universe? Will that put tofu and greens on my table?

The crossroads sit before me and I have a big decision to make.

PS: If you jot me a comment, please be patient with my response. I am out of town these days and am not as wired and dialed as of it takes time to respond. As you can tell, however, I do appreciate my connection with you all. Your words of wisdom and encouragement mean a lot to me.


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