The mysterious waters of the 12th house are where we tend to hide long-lost parts of ourselves. Shadow material lurks here. What parts of our psyches do we struggle to accept? What murky material lies buried in the subconscious that we are possibly not even aware of? Do we hide personality traits, talents or emotions from others out of fear of being accepted?

Secrets, sorrows and acts of self-undoing are all 12th house material. Our greatest angels and demons are found in these emotional waters for this place also links us to our collective past. Past life regressionists believe that we can carry forth some of our most painful wounds from one life to another, imbedded like a lingering shadow on our soul. These wispy memories, thought patterns or feelings can cause us to reenact themes from one life to another until we learn to heal ourselves on a soul level. Hypnotherapy and shamanistic work can help you to confront this shadow material so that you can heal the past. By doing so, you pave the way for happier, more holistic and well-integrated future. Until then, that which you would most like to hide, will cause a keen sense of vulnerability.

With Uranus sitting in this secretive abode, you can expect that some of the things you desire to keep under wraps will be uncloaked….often quite suddenly. Dreams or visions may reveal that which is hidden behind the veil. Encounters with spirits, or an inner knowing voice may swiftly rake up buried material, shedding a light on the past, thus spot-lighting a situation. Spiritual matters pervade the 12th house and with Uranus spinning here, lightning bolt revelations are quite possible. Intuitive powers may be electrically sharp with this placement. If your Uranus happens to be spinning sideways in Scorpio, the ability to tap into the mysteries of the Universe are doubly highlighted.

Inherited family story lines and themes float through the Piscean waters of the 12th house. Like bone marrow, these unfinished folktales pervade our being to the very core, resurfacing in one life after another while we engage in resolving heritage issues with those souls we choose to reincarnate with over time. An example of a startling Uranian revelation would be to recall a past life that clearly depicts a former relationship that is still clearly a present life entanglement.

Past lives can have a profound effect on us whether due to unfinished relationships or traumatic events that we endure. An amazing story about a young boy was unearthed by a hypnotherapist and provided not only a sudden revelation to the child, but also resulted in his healing.

Considerable health issues plagued the boy and he needed to use a walker to get around due to very weak and shaky legs. Headaches also troubled him and he had an unnatural fear of thunder, lightning, bright light and loud noises. Under hypnosis, a past life surfaced and he recalled in startling detail living in Japan during World War II, when the nuclear bomb was dropped. He, along with many other souls, were killed within seconds.

The sound, light and horrific noise of the blast was terrifying and he vividly remembered both his gut level fear and how badly his legs were shaking as the blast hit him. Whereas most souls navigate towards the all-encompassing and peaceful light of Heaven when they die, this child did not due to his unbearable fear of light. So instead of having a period of healing and rejuvenation, he was reborn instantly…and in doing so, he carried with him his fear of loud noises and startling sounds. Even at the tender age of 12, his legs shook so badly that he could not walk or stand on his own for he carried the fear of what happened to him in the trembling of his legs.

Suddenly realizing the connection between the trauma of the past and his current afflictions allowed the boy to heal. He overcame his irrational fears, improved his health in all directions and his legs became vitally strong. That which was hidden was having a serious impact on his soul as well as his body but once he came to grips with it, he was miraculously healed. This is a perfect example of what can occur with Uranus in the house of all things hidden. Bravely facing the horror of his unfinished past allowed him to embrace a much healthier and liberated life. It also revealed to him the fact that the journey of his soul is a continual story of growth and evolution.

This true story proves that it is possible to heal our souls! What an incredible message this boy’s tale provides to us all.

Solitude and confinement are 12th house material too. Since this place seems to call longingly for us to look inward, isolated places like ashrams, prisons, hospitals, light houses and solitary cabins in the woods may call to us strongly. Depending upon the sign that Uranus is occupying while in this house, that confinement could be encountered for different reasons. For example, with Uranus in Cancer in the 12th, there may have been a sudden breakup within the family that causes sorrow and a sense of isolation. With Uranus in Aries, a sudden burst of temper could land you in jail, providing a lot of time to reflect upon your actions. However the 12th house impacts you, it pays to be contemplative and mindful and to listen to your gut.

Secret enemies are one reason why listening to your intuition is important with this placement, for the 12th house is known to quietly house people who would like to do us harm. How that occurs has much to do with the sign that Uranus is occupying. In Scorpio, an enemy may suddenly reveal your deepest secrets or somehow deceive or betray you. In Aries, altercations may cause you harm. Partnerships could be severed without notice if this planet of sudden action is found in Libra, for example. For all of these reasons, it pays to be careful about trusting others and to keep a proverbial eye on your backside. Though Uranus likes to play the game of life on the razor edge of things, this can be both exciting and somewhat dangerous, especially since you may not be able to see your enemy coming.

Learning to trust your gut is important when Uranus is in the 12th house. It is our 2nd brain and often key messages register there long before they zap our rational mind. Delving beneath the conscious layer of things allows for keen insight, if only we can learn to listen.

However this maverick planet affects your life, I encourage you to embrace the unconventional parts of your soul. You have probably already realized that you are hard-wired for seeking the Divine on your own terms. Astrology, numerology, tarot, hypnotherapy or shamanism may provide the path to freedom and understanding that you seek. Daring to be who you really are will help you to navigate the waters of the 12th house well.


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  1. Ulrika says:

    Thank you for this. My uranus is in my 12th house Aries and it has really taken out my anger issues and made my regret and it did hurt me for a long time.. and people who have wanted to hurt me and I have not wanted to face it even though I’ve had strong intuitions and gut feeling about it. Many times I thought about my past life and it’s something that I have to process, then when I read this, you really made realize that it is true. Thank you

    • boobooda7 says:

      We are never given anything in this life that we cannot handle, I truly believe that. If you carried something forward from a past life, there is still time to work on healing that too. We are beings that span time, generations and even lives and fortunately the healing potential spans that same time frame as well.

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