Uranus seeks freedom above all else and in the house of hopes, dreams, wishes and friends a maverick quality emerges. Sloughing off the prevailing patterns and attitudes you’ve grown up with is liberating, much like a snake sheds an outworn and constricting skin. Freeing oneself from the group consensus and social conditioning allows for a new vision of what is possible to emerge. Breaking away from group convention becomes a rite of passage, for how else can you define yourself and what you want out of life if you allow the Borg to constantly whisper in your ear, telling you what you should desire?

Group activity of all sorts is highlighted by the 11th house, as it is ruled by Aquarius. Uranus throws a wild card into the mix because it will question everything. Revolutionary ideas regarding groups, friends and what you want from life are to be expected. Because you are likely different from those around you, you may feel a bit like a misfit, like you just don’t fit in. Social uneasiness may set in as a result or you may choose to chuck it all, deciding the collective borg is just not for you.

If that occurs, you may begin to seek out more eclectic groups who are of a similar mind. Upturning friendships is not unheard of with Uranus spinning through the house of companions. Unexpectedly joining or withdrawing from group activities may surprise those close to you. Possibly, your circle of friends will encompass people from diverse backgrounds, different cultures or with revolutionary groups aimed at tipping the collective on its proverbial butt.

Stirring the pot within a group to bust up allegiances is another way that someone who lives on the fringe may act, in order to break into social circles. Who you know is often more important that what you know. How can an outsider learn to fit in and yet not give up who they are, to attain their goals?

Social activism and humanitarian projects are important with this placement for here, Uranus, can help to breathe into reality a better vision for us all. Overturning what doesn’t work can allow for a more holistic way of living if you can fuel your ground breaking dreams. Living in a spiritual commune where resources and talents are shared is just one example of what is possible. Though there may be a great love for humanity with this placement, cozying up to this person on an individual level may be a whole different matter. Aloofness, a fierce independent streak and issues of trust may make it hard for this person to join hands with those in the circle. Living on the periphery of important social groups can make this person feel alienated.

Likely you have a lot of ideals and a strong sense of what is right. With Uranus here, you might not want to let go of these things in order to become one of the group. Or your behavior within a group may be erratic causing others to give you a wide berth. Joining clubs or organizations that hold a similar, revolutionary vision can help you to create the type of social reform you seek.

Seeking out your own unique group, one that shares the same revolutionary vision, can make you glad you broke away from previous patterns that felt limiting. Maybe you were always told that you go to college, get a reasonable job, find the proper spouse and then start popping out kids…only the very idea of this made you shudder. So, you decide to never get married, or have kids. Change-up whatever social norms you need to in order to make life work for you on your own terms.

Not only is it ok to be different, but in doing so you provide alternate examples of what is possible for the rest of us. Sometimes, the collective needs a serious shake-up. Cookie cutters were made for snicker doodles, my friend, not for warm-blooded Uranian individuals with a mind of their own. With the borg, resistance is futile…but with Uranus here, the borg is in for a few surprises.


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