Traditionally, the 10th house is most noted for representing a person’s career but like all of the houses, there is more depth to it than that. Your outward standing in the world is what is really at stake here and we just happen to equate that with profession. Other questions to ask are: What are you noted for in the world? How do people see you? What is your public image? Sudden changes in worldly status are the norm when Uranus hits the 10th house and there’s a variety of ways that can pan out.

Uranus ushers in innovation, willfullness, individuation and a lightning-bolt-like maverick quality. Brilliant ideas, higher minded inventions, intuition, rebelliousness and sudden changes are all very Uranian. Breaking the rules is to be expected. Uranus can also show us where we have encountered trauma of some sort. Sudden changes in reputation are quite possible.

In terms of public standing, this can indicate a sudden change in marital status such as getting married, divorced or becoming a widow. It might show where a professional throws in the towel, grows their hair long and starts wearing Birkenstocks because they are so done with the image they have been forced to display. Coming out of the closet and declaring who you really are is another Uranian step some may take. You might also become the hellion of rebellion at work…and naturally this could cause changes in your career standing.

Restlessness or changes at work are always possible with this placement because the native will not suffer rules and being boxed in well. These individuals are natural agitators when it comes to authority figures because they want independence above all. Self-employment is often a path these folks will choose so they can be more in charge of their own destiny. Otherwise, they may leap-frog from job to job until they find enough freedom and wiggle room to shine.

Once they find a situation that suits them, they will bring a new-aged edge to their profession. Original ideas and a humanitarian bent will be their gift for there is genius energy here. So long as they can stay stimulated and have a sense of independence, they will do well, according to their own set of rules. Start making too many demands of them or try to hang societal demands around their neck and you will encounter trouble. Anti-establishment is the name of this person’s game and they may go against the grain for the pure, simple joy of it.

If you try to box them in, they will bolt. That’s when you can expect sudden career changes to happen. Since Uranus has a strong grounding in science, new-age thought, and computer technology, professions like astronomy, astrology, space engineering, ecology, metaphysics, mathematics and the dot com industry are highlighted. Because Uranus is linked to the sign of Aquarius, professions with a humanitarian flare are also possible. Social work, civil rights and politics may prove to be good choices.

When Uranus makes a strong presence in the chart, there is a free spirit working on busting out of some routine, set of rules or bondage. Unpredictability is the one predictable thing you can count on! As they align more with their own truth, outward worldly changes will occur. Selling out to the man is not an option. Becoming your own true self will trump societal pressures to blindly follow any party line someone is trying to sell you “as the tried and true” path to success. Learning how to adjust to change is key for survival.

People with Uranus on the MC may have had an unusual upbringing. Their relationship with the mother may have been erratic or disruptive. She may have popped in and out of the child’s life for she, herself, may have been rebelling. Feeling disconnected from the feminine principle may mirror how the child felt within the relationship he/she had with his own mother. Healing this divide thus becomes an important step in achieving wholeness and in being able to relate to women.

Irregardless of house placement, another thing to bear in mind with Uranus is that we often have a tumultuous relationship with whatever sign this revolutionary planet is passing through. So we may feel estranged from the promise of that sign, indicating a need to heal the rift. Since transiting Uranus is currently in Aries, this means that collectively we need to develop courage and to go after our goals full throttle. Connecting to the fire within is freeing to the soul. Individuation equals liberation. Daring to break outside of the box that contains us is the challenge. By reconnecting with our inner fire and passion, we become the rocket fuel in our own lives, propelling ourselves forward.

By letting go of hidden agendas that drive humanity, then we can encounter the true immensity of who we are meant to be. Uranus in Aries wants us to go after that with cojones pressed to the proverbial wall.


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