When you encounter Uranus on the road to God, you are going to venture down untrodden paths to find the truth of the universe. Exploring philosophical pursuits in your own unique fashion is a must as you are a non-conformer. Blindly adhering to an organized, dogmatic set of beliefs is never going to work. Finding God, for this person, becomes a personal matter. You want to know the truth and you will seek it in your own unique fashion down whatever alley appears to have an enlightening vista.

I should know…for I have both Uranus and Pluto conjunct in my 9th house and I have indeed come up with my own system of tracking down the divine. Consider astrology…Though I started studying the planets as a lark to survive a difficult committee at work, it has revealed itself to me to be much more than that. Now I consider the birth chart to be a blue print of each person’s spiritual DNA. It reveals the issues we are born with, the things we need to overcome to evolve. We are born into a certain place and time to draw in the experiences we need to grow. Heavenly energy affects us strongly via planetary placements. At times, we are presented with true challenges so that we can exert free will amidst a sea of chaos and learn to choose wisely. Or, we can fall flat on our butts and learn our needed lessons even more powerfully.

Even our energetic connection to each other is visible along this path. Think we are riding solo through the Universe? Astrology proves to me that we are connected beyond a shadow of doubt. I’ve seen way too many examples of our intimate interminglings scattered between charts and events to doubt the truth of that. The Aquarian and Virgoan part of my brain demands proof and I have seen it in spades. Our lives, our actions and even our very thoughts have profound affects and ripples throughout the world.

Consider the 100th monkey phenomenon. Ever notice that some ideas catch on like wildfire? Once a critical mass of people start believing something in one direction, the idea seems to burst upon the world consciousness. Awareness breeds awareness and its as if our very thoughts and actions change the morphogenic energy field around us. For example, if we all focus on world peace, we create new pathways with our hearts and minds and through repetition new neural pathways are forged. Instead of feeling war-like when we wake up, we focus on how connected we are as universal beings. If more and more of us start thinking positively and progressively, soon the idea catches on.

With the double whammy of Uranus and Pluto in my 9th house, I was destined to find my own path. Not only do I love ideas like those found in the “100th Monkey,” “The Secret,” and “The Holographic Universe,” but I also spent a great deal of time finding God in the wilderness. With aurora borealis dancing veil-like across the heavens, how can you not feel worshipful of our skies? While watching the grey, tumultuous energy of a November storm pounding the shores of Upper Michigan, it is easy to feel primally connected to the divine mysteries of water. America’s National Parks are the greatest churches God ever invented and I have worshipped at her altars for many years. My time outdoors was transformative…and it most definitely helped me to connect with All That Is.

Other cultures can also help a Uranian 9th house person to see the truth of things through a set of different eyes. Long distance travel to other lands is not uncommon with this placement and my life has been no exception. If you read my post on Pluto in the 9th house, you’ll get a glimpse of some of my worldly adventures. Gurus come in all colors and packages…no one place or belief system has a corner market on the truth and with a power hitter like Uranus in the 9th, you are going to want to discover your own version of the Holy Grail for yourself. Along the way, you may be blessed with some wonderful, open-minded teachers who will help to shed light and grace on the subjects at hand.

Being spoon fed a way of thinking or believing will never work for this person. Truth must be sought on their own terms…otherwise you can expect rebellion.

Social issues also come to the forefront with this placement. With a Uranian set of eyes on the problems at hand, you can expect a broad-minded approach to problem solving. This person will be able to see things from a variety of different angles, perhaps in part due to world travels and exposure to other cultures. Not everyone lives the same way, believes the same way or has the exact same problems on their door step. Being able to think globally becomes more and more important as we realize that a ripple in one part of the world can have far-reaching, tsunami-like impacts on a far distant shore, showing once again that we are all in this thing together.

Expanding our minds as well as our consciousness becomes vital with Uranus spinning its way down the road to God. If we truly create our Universe with our thoughts, it is time to recognize the power that we hold within our minds. Intuition can be strong with this placement and sudden encounters with the divine can rock the way you think of this earthly plane. Hypnotherapy or trance dance can give you intimations into other realms. Higher education may also become important. With the maverick placement of Uranus here, you may challenge educational systems or belief patterns and could also experience disruptions in your schooling. People who think outside of the proverbial box…and allow you to do the same…may prove to be your most powerful, thought-provoking teachers.

Broadening your mental horizon is the name of this game. You may choose to do it through travel, by exchanging ideas with people from other cultures, through higher education or by spending a vast fortune on books! Meditation, kundalini yoga, hypnotherapy and other expansive pursuits could be valued for their transportive qualities. Your vision of the world could change in an instant…rather like watching people walk across blazing hot coals and witnessing with your own eyes that their feet were unburned.

Or, once you truly start to realize you are connected to everyone and everything, you are thus urged to work on your character and how you interact with others. Hard landings you have with others are revelatory and take on new meaning. At a soul level, we sometimes collide with others for the purpose of learning. Instead of being furious and shaking your fists into the air, you may suddenly realize on a spiritual level that this person loves you dearly and is there delivering a truth pie to you so that you can wake up! Is that truly a foe? Maybe they are a loving soul who has dropped into your life to propel you along your spiritual journey. The mysterious underpinnings of the universe are thus revealed when Uranus gets busy in the house of God.

No matter how the higher minded energy of Uranus affects your life, you should expect that what you learn will change your outlook in some unexpected fashion. Your world view may get turned on its side. Seeking and knowing the truth is what provides juice in your life…and as an Old Soul, you will travel down many an untrodden path to find it.


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  1. Carol says:

    I enjoyed this reading. I was wondering if you had already written material on Pluto transiting the 8th house as it has just conjuncted my 8th house cusp and have searched the web for insight and have only found tradtional readings associated with this astrological transit. I would appreciate it if you could share with me your own findings as I truly connect with your writtings.

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