Combine revolutionary Uranus with 8th house mysteries and you may get a shake up in the area of intimacy, sex, joint finances or things behind the veil. Life shaking events are already linked to the 8th house so having maverick Uranus placed here, spinning on its side, to the tune of its own drum, is sure to keep things interesting.

Changes in close relationships are possible. If a long time partnership has gone stale, Uranus may usher in disruptive patterns. Libido swings in either direction are possible. Breaking free of patterns in a partnership that no longer serve you are another way this energy could manifest. Detaching allows for a sense of freedom, enabling the person to break the ties that bind. If for example, a person has been financially dependent upon someone, there may be a sudden urge to gain their own independence so that they can stand on their own two feet. That doesn’t mean the relationship will come to a grinding halt but it does equalize the playing board.

Insights into how people relate might also come zinging out of the blue, bringing enlightenment in their wake. Freeing yourself from a partner’s expectations is another way of harnessing Uranus in the house of intimacy. Just because someone else demands it, does not make it so.

Though an 8th house Uranus does not condemn a person to sudden breakups, they surely do become a possibility. Experimentation in the bedroom may also help a person to break free of old ideas regarding sex and relating. Taboos may be explored and a rebellious attitude could be sparked regarding what goes on behind closed doors. Though a person with this placement may seem happy on the outside, on the inside there could be a man or woman who wants to come unleashed, to howl wildly with the wolves, to feel the spark of passion once again.

Joint finances could also be impacted since Uranus rules the pocketbook of couples. Sudden swings in a partner’s income could occur…and that may be way up or way down. So relying on another’s money becomes quite unpredictable with Uranus spinning here, so be careful about borrowing during this phase. Tax and property issues could be problematic and reversals of fortune are possible. An inheritance may also bring in a sudden windfall so it is hard to say which things will go, but no matter how you look at it cash flow can become Uranian (read: unpredictable).

With upheaval rocking the intimate boat, a person’s sense of security may cause them to feel like they are walking near the Andreas fault. Maybe your partner has been acting differently. Perhaps there was a near relationship miss and you watched as your significant other got hot and bothered over another person, jarring you out of your committed complacency. Maybe nothing happened but what once seemed as unshakeable has now started to show crack lines and you may realize that the ground you are standing on is not as rock solid as you once thought.

Deep emotions reside in the 8th house and Uranus placed here can illuminate that which has been kept under wraps. Jealousy, anger, revenge and possessiveness can seep to the surface. Mood swings and an urge for freedom may become paramount. Greed over financial matters is another possibility. The 8th house contains loads of transformative issues and having Uranus placed here lifts the lid on Pandora’s box. Divorce or the sudden death is possible and this could affect you…or your partner. (Side note: Do be careful around electricity and machinery with Uranus here so that you don’t have a sudden accident. You should also be watchful of harboring dark emotions for Uranus also rules suicide.)

Mysteries linger in the 8th house as well and certain planetary placements here can cause the veil between this world and the next to become thinner. For example, I know a friend who has Neptune in the 8th and she gets regular spiritual visitations from loved ones who have passed on. Dreaming about friends who have died is not uncommon. Sudden, earth-shattering, psychic events can change the entire way you look at the world and may usher in a desire to study the occult and to understand the mysteries of the Universe. Life after death issues may become appealing.

Merging with a higher power through meditation, yoga or chanting is yet another way Uranus can spin excitement and enlightenment into your world. Getting in touch with your own deeper realms and subconscious are other good ways to harness this exploratory energy. Connecting with divine and knowing yourself as a spiritual being is important for at times, with Uranus placed here, death may come on suddenly, so being secure in your spiritual nature may help you to fly free as a spirit when the time comes. Reiki and channeling the energy of the divine is also possible for Uranus is a very energy related planet…and it wants to usher in a connection with spirit. My experience in the desert, where lightning bolts of energy rushed up through my feet and passed like a wave through my body, reminds me of that which I speak.

However this planetary energy plays itself out, do expect sudden change. Uranus does nothing by half measures and in the house of transformation, it is sure to create some serious “AHA” moments in your life.


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  1. Carol says:

    Hi, i’m a triple Aquarian (sun, mars & saturn) and I know from reading your blog that you have Aquarius prevalent in your chart as well. It is for this reason (I think) that I truly connect with every word you use in your blogs. Congrats, and please keep writing as you have a true astrological and insightful gift.

    • boobooda7 says:

      That is so very kind and thank you for the words of encouragement. My Aquarian sun and saturn are in my house of communications so it is good to know that those talents are paying off! Best of luck…

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