Mid April is upon us and change is vibrating the very electrons in the air. It’s like watching a cliff-hanger movie only you are the one in the lead role. Your armpits are sweating and your quaking thigh muscles remind you that you are on the very edge of a chasm, wondering what it would feel like it you could just jump…making that leap of faith the Universe is asking of you. What great mystery or adventure is right around the bend? How do we desire to change? What would you look like if you realized that you absolutely could not fail? Dig deep and find the chutzpah you need to grab life by the kiwis.

With a lunar eclipse, a grand cardinal cross and a solar eclipse all packed into the next two weeks, these are the very questions we are all asking ourselves. Let’s face it…most of us are living our lives half asleep. We’ve forgotten that we are beings with unlimited potential. That we are here on a crazy pinball ride designed by the Universe to grow us as amazing spiritual entities. If you feel like you’ve been getting batted about a bit, well that’s the big U telling you that you have some things to learn. Think of our earthly existence like Hamsa Lila, the great cosmic play. We are here to play a part. To love, to grow, to change and challenge ourselves…and to treat each other kindly and help others along the path. We are also meant to recognize our TRUE selves for we are all absolutely luminous even if we can’t see it ourselves or our halos are a bit crooked.

Since the shake down has begun, how can we cooperate with the winds of change? One way is to listen to our inner voices, to trust in our internal guidance systems, to let go and let God. You can also use astrology to help you wend your way down the path. I am one of those people that truly lives my chart. That scientific Aquarian part of my brain would never have bought into astrology had I not seen the alignment between the planets and events in my life to such a degree of exactitude that I had no choice but to say “Holy Crap Batman this ain’t no coincidence going on here”. So I look to the stars for answers and in doing so I feel a connection with the cosmic plan. Epiphanies have hit me sideways since I started down this path.

Tarot cards offer another means of gathering information. Archetypes, colorful images and the feeling nature of the cards can speak to us. Since I am being stretched to the 4 corners of the earth just like everyone else, I decided to do two tarot readings for myself over the last few weeks and here is what I am seeing in my first reading.

Card 1: Possession…letting your small self give way to your greater I AM SELF. Who exactly is breathing whom? The sacred is drawn inward and we are possessed by spirit. The trick is to let go of ego attachments. Break free from limiting beliefs. Understand the phrase who is the watcher that is watching. You are the watcher!

Card 2: Congo Madam La Lune, a woman who walks in the light and reflects back the joy of the sun. She is a visionary, one who can think things into being, a powerful co-creater of her world. Stability is found through change and there is a return to beginnings after a cycle is completed.

Card 3: Rada 7 Erzulie Freda Dahomey. Shifting emotions. A ship sails, connecting the emotional dream world with the primordial soup and creativity of the subconscious. Set your sights onto distance shores and adventures. See things behind the veil and realize that everything is possible, including the possibility of shattered dreams. Co-create well.

Card 4: Agwe La Flambeau. Strict judgement is not extracted but there sure was a lot of steam! A boat rides upon a sea of lava but the vessel remains unscathed. Quick and sudden change is afoot. There is a quiet before the storm. A safe haven is reached with great effort. (Yes, I have traveled these waters and my vessel is indeed intact though sporting a few scorch marks for the wear and to serve as a reminder.)

Card 5: Rada Hounsis, a spiritual mid-wife. Giving form to the ideas set forth by Erzulie! Caring for the body, which holds the spirit. Wisdom in material affairs. Creating the life you want.

Card 6: Santera Olddumare. When we go against the creator we create sadness and failure. It is important to accept our failures and to learn from them. Soaring wealth is possible and so is utter poverty.

Card 7: Santeria 9 Yemaya. Nines relate to higher regions of consciousness and are related to both the moon and the sea. She is the great mother, the lady of the seas and she draws vast amounts of energy from the waters. Storms can be unleashed for she has great power. She is pregnant with ideas and abundance and is in the process of birthing something new.

My second reading started with the Market card which indicates movement and change. It shows that we are all connected and that our paths are interwoven. Cooperation is needed in order for us to survive for we are all linked in the web of life. A rapid change of fortune is afoot. (Jupiter going direct)

This was followed by the Santera card indicating the primordial soup which carries all potential, both good and evil, life and death. A snake swims up from the guts of the swamp and stretches its neck towards a woman’s outstretched hand. Like the snake from the Garden of Eden, biting into the apple opens the world up into countless possibilities and we must choose how to handle the vastness of this knowledge.

Petro Houngan was next, beating a merry tune on his fiery drum. This brought home feelings of Uranus in Aries, wanting a wild, joyous, exciting ride. Feeling like Prometheus who just stole fire and wanting to light up the world with it. Dancing to the tune of my own drum also rings true here.

Rada 1 Damballah Wedo brings in serpent power once again. Transformation is in the air but we are still hanging onto the edge of the cliff in stasis waiting for it to happen. Ancestral connections call to us to support us. We are at a cross roads in life. This is so very true for me for my transiting north and south nodes are making a perfect X with my natal nodes of the moon. Vast potential is wound tight as a coiled snake. Ready to spring into action from the tree of life which supports it. Great energy is calling. Which path to take?

Damballah La Flambeau is next…another serpent spitting fire. Inspiration, pure energy, and the natural life force are strong with this card. Azaka La Flambeau swaggers in. It’s as if the fiery snake has cleared the land and made it useful. Hard work is needed but there is a new path to be followed. Azaka is dreaming a new dream for himself and meditating on its vision. Where there is hope, there is always room for a better tomorrow.

Then along trompes Ti Bon Ange, an angel of light. Her message is that though the way has been hard, we are to remember who we are! She provides haven, a safe place from evil. I am being called to take action based upon who I really am and to find my true place in the world. It is time to let go of the little me and find my true SELF.

So world, that’s what my life has been like in the past two weeks. Have I felt “racked” just like the rest of you? But of course. Transformation and change are indeed in the air. It is palpable and we are all being called on to grow and change in meaningful ways. Answers come to all of us in a variety of fashions. All are potent. Prayer, mantras, chanting, astrology and tarot…the Universe provides a multitude of paths. Pick a path with heart and goodness, something that rings true for you. We must all seek the truth in our own way.

Since April will be a game changer for many of us, I’d love to hear from you as your new paths unfold. The lunar eclipse will reveal a situation fully with a strong emphasis on partnerships. Then the cross kicks in with the feeling of being pulled in every direction. Follow that up with the solar eclipse. Letting go of that which no longer serves us is important so we can embrace a better, more empowering path.

How have these 2 powerful weeks affected you, oh child of the Universe? Did the earth shake under your feet? Did you make a leap of faith? Find any kiwis? I’d love to hear how these cosmic times have impacted your life, so please do share. All of us are in this thing together and as one who seeks the truth, I am curious if these celestial events have impacted you now that the big shake down has begun.


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