You’ve met someone titillating who really jump starts your love life with a zap. Tangy as a lime margarita, they splash into your world and shake things up. You’re having the time of your life in a whirl-wind romance that frankly leaves you breathless. Perhaps you’ve just met Mr. Uranus in the 7th house of relationships. He’s a zinger. Interesting. Unusual. A true Casanova cowboy of relationships…and much like riding a bucking bronco, the ride is absolutely exhilarating until you get tossed on your unsuspecting ass.

What kind of lightning bolt from the far west was that cupid shooting? You may never know for though the sparks had started an inferno in your house of relationships, this cowboy is good at lighting fires but takes off into the smokey haze if things start looking serious. Independence is something these cowboys and girls value a lot. Try and rope them in and the ride is over. Codependent relationships are not on the menu but a partner who has an equally independent streak and enjoys their own sense of freedom and space might just muster up to the challenge.

Unusual relationships that defy conventions are to be expected. Open relationships are quite possible. Group relationships are not unheard of and the person may even join an internet dating club wherein you hook-up with random, like-minded individuals for the sake of…well…getting it on. Any relationship that seems to reinvent the proverbial bed springs is up for grabs. A person with this planetary placement might also meet a foreigner or someone else who is quite different from them in some way. Overturning the expected is the name of this Cupid’s game.

Sudden changes in your relationship status are possible for Uranus often heralds rapid-fire beginnings as well as endings. Possessive traits won’t be tolerated. The song that says “If you liked it than you shoulda put a ring on it” is not for this lover. Marriage can readily be viewed as a tether and a fence post and the mere suggestion of “settling” down is enough for this cowboy to pack his bags and head in the direction of the wild, wild west…alone. Content to live life on their own versus loosing their independent streak is one of their many calling cards. Exploring relationship possibilities without constraints is another. Folding their hand and impulsively calling it quits is not beneath this person if they feel like their immediate needs are not being met…whether they are married or not.

That is not to say that this is how it must go down for another way that this Uranian energy could manifest is for someone to desire to change how they have done relationships in the past. Maybe a light bulb has gone on somewhere and they realize that what they have been doing up to this point has not panned out well and that it is time to change their relationship patterns. New ways of relating to people and joining in partnership may thus open up. Old habits are changed as they seek a new, more exciting way of being with others.

People who energize you will be exciting. Examine the sign on the cusp of the 7th house to see what unusual qualities you might admire and attract. With Gemini here, someone who is vibrant, smart, loves to talk and explore life to its fullest will appeal. If Scorpio sits on the cusp, you will appreciate someone who prods you into testing the edge of who you are, to make your greatest strides forward as a person. Someone who can twist your sheets in some unusual fashion will also be admired greatly. Nonconformity is the name of this game and if things get boring, well that is when you, Casanova’s partner, may find yourself on the sidelines holding your bruised derriere.

Uranus incites rebellion, revolutions and U-turns in life. People may be ushered into your house of partners suddenly and unexpectedly for the purpose of waking you up. Living life on your own terms becomes a must. These folks want a roaring inferno in their house of partnerships…they do not want a pile of warm ashes. As soon as the sizzle is gone or they start feeling constrained, they will liekly ride off into the sunset, seeking out the next great adventure. The new, the unusual and the untried will beckon, which is perhaps why Uranus in the 7th house is sometimes considered the sign of the playboy or girl.

However you choose to harness this relationship energy, it is sure to be a game changer. If you’ve sought stability in partnerships in the past, that will get tossed out with yesterday’s coffee. Maybe you’ve had a tendency to lean too hard on a partner, seeking your happiness through another. Uranus, spinning on its side, will change that energy pattern and cause you to be more independent and to seek that in a mate as well. Maybe you’ve spent your life as a roving Casanova already and are tired of the emptiness of it all and are now ready to seek something with substance.

If you find yourself attracting Uranian partners, it may actually be indicative that your life patterns need to change in some fashion. Boredom in one arena of life can cause you to seek excitement on another frontier. Examine your motives. Is your love life what really needs the spark of life and juice? Or do you simply need to grow and change in some other way, to manifest what it is that you actually want? Flings, affairs and sudden romances can unexpectedly bring life changing events to you…but could you have sought this out on a straighter, truer path? Jump start your own life and find the thrill of you by developing yourself and the need for a crazy Uranian partner may fade. Or not…

And if not, enjoy the unbridled wildness it brings into your life, while it lasts. That person is there for a reason…you manifested them. Just don’t expect to tame a tornado or get a bucking bronco to build you a white picket fence. They are agents of change made to break you out of your rut. Don’t expect fidelity, longevity or commitment. Honestly! Sacrifice is not on the menu. Maybe what you need is simply a good honest jolt of short-lived excitement in your life. Accept this for what it is. Stealing fire from an inferno igniting cowboy is no easy trick. This person has their own agenda and if you are seeking a long-term commitment, you are likely to get burned.


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