When Uranus hits your sixth house, your daily routine, job or health regime are due for some radical change.

If monotony has set it at work, you will find yourself dreaming of freedom when Uranus hits the 6th house. Rigid rules and structure will send you screeching in the opposite direction for you will desire freedom of expression, a schedule that suits your needs and a light handed approach when it comes to bosses. Domineering superiors won’t be tolerated well and ridiculous catch 22 rules will find you pounding your head against the water cooler or buying a one way ticket to some other job. With this planetary placement, you will want to feel like there is meaning and purpose to what you are doing. Without that, you may feel like you’ve lost your way…and you will want to change things up so you can become exhilarated once again.

Often, people with this placement will enjoy being self-employed so that they can forge a path forward that suits their souls and their quirky temperaments. Independence is something you admire above all else and that can be hard to find in the daily grind of many businesses. Work that stimulates your brain, your creative juices or brings forth a unique talent you have would work well. Energy levels may fluctuate wildly with this placement. Sometimes you’re wired and will want to work all night and at other times you have to lay low and recharge. Variety in tasks and scheduling help to accommodate these fluctuations.

What this person does for work may also be unusual and Uranian. Examples include working in the field of computer technology, astrology, meditation, hot yoga, or alternative health care. Healers that can use their intuitive powers to see blockages might fall under this umbrella. Working for a non-profit organization might also do the trick if the native can see the truth and goodness behind the company. Humanitarian efforts will look appealing. Seasonal work in a National Park might provide the mind, body, soul connection the person needs coupled with a short-term employment contract that will allow for freedom of movement in a few months. Running an organic farm or working in a holistic retreat center are other options that come to mind.

Though there can be an air of genius with this person, there can also be a lack of responsibility as well. Uranus spins on its own terms. Get in the way of that and you can expect revolution. This person has their own path to walk and it may not look like what most people call “normal”…but who ever said we were the ones that get to define normal anyhow? If you can harness the Uranian fluctuations, there is a strong propensity for analytical work, inventiveness and originality. If harnessing is not on the menu, one job change after the other may ensue as you rebel against any constraints you feel are too binding.

Keeping balance in your life is important if Uranus is moving through this house for not only does it represent our daily activities and work but it also governs our health. Sudden illnesses can strike with this planet here and they may prove to be difficult to define or treat. Practices that calm the mind and bring peace to the soul will help, like Chi Gong for example. Eating right and getting exercise is also important. If everyone ate one big, raw, organic salad everyday made up of a wide variety of things like beets, kale, carrots, arugula, onions and tomatoes, the world would truly be a happier place. (Ask any raw foodie about the benefits of live food if you are in doubt.) Keeping the intestinal tract full of good flora is also a wise idea since Virgo traditionally rules the 6th house as well as the intestines. Coconut milk keifer is an excellent option to colonize your gut with healthy bacteria.

I once knew a person who had their health turned upside down by Uranus in the 6th. He had a systemic reaction to a poisonous plant and the doctors flooded his system with antibiotics. These powerful drugs killed off not only the bad bugs in his system but the good flora in his gut as well. Since 85% of our immune system resides in the gut, this was not a good scenario. Their whole life and career path were flipped on end, much like this unruly planet that spins on its side.

The type of illness may be discernible by examining the sign on the cusp of the house. For example, Uranus in Leo could affect the heart or if Cancer was on the house cusp, a sudden onset of diabetes might ensue. Energy fluctuations may result or the higher functions of the mind could be impacted. Often, the nervous system is involved for Uranus is all about being “wired.” Suddenly impacting how we are wired could cause a disconnect between some of our bodily systems and how they communicate with each other. Being conscientious about potential weaknesses gives you the opportunity to be proactive with your health.

Recognizing our true nature is essential when dealing with the 6th house. It asks us to take stock of ourselves, to better ourselves and our skills and to make wise decisions based upon priorities. Uranus placed here can cause a person to jump around but perhaps that is part of the plan, to experiment to see what you are good at. It encourages us to find a higher minded path. A strong connection exists between our inner world of thoughts and what we choose to create in our outer world, based upon this placement. So, if you are not enjoying the picture the world is presenting to you, it is time to examine what you have going on internally. This includes looking at the audio-tapes we play over and over again in our brains as well as the subtler messages we may be receiving from our subconscious minds. The 6th house inherently encourages us to work on self-development.

There is always genius energy afoot wherever Uranus is located. Change is also likely. Surges of energy come into your life unexpectedly. One of the best ways to deal with this in the 6th house is to find a way to comfortably ride this erratic life force, to even out the roller coaster of ups and downs. Since the mind, body spirit connection are so strongly emphasized with this placement, finding a way to be here now seems like the best “peace” of advice I can give. There is no time like the present moment when Uranus hits the house of “be here now.”

As we approach the perfection of the Grand Cardinal Cross, this is an important thing for us all to remember. That way, we will be more accepting of the winds of change that are now blowing through all of our lives.


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