When the God of change hits the house of fun, what things might get shaken loose? Ideas that pop into my mind include your: bed springs, wallet, creative expression, the baby sitter’s phone number and your credit card. Why? The 5th house rules such things as romance and sex; gambling, giving birth to creative energies; either brilliant or unruly children (hence the desire to call the baby sitter) and enjoyable hobbies (bust out the credit card boys we are having fun now!). And in these endeavors, you will be seeking new, untried and exciting things that will give your life a sudden and electric jolt…especially since Uranus is travelling through the firebrand sign of Aries at present.

Roller coaster rides and cliff diving might appeal to your reckless senses. Gambling on the roulette wheel might find you “leaving Las Vegas” either empty-handed or suddenly gleeful. It just depends on the turn of the wheel for with Uranus rapid fire changes are in order. Sudden “ups” can happen just as fast as you can lose your sports shirt. Remember that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so if you find yourself approaching an Elvis wedding chapel with someone you just met over several martinis…you might want to think through your options a bit more carefully. Lavish parties and celebrations are another possibility. Whatever is stirring up your world, you are most likely trying to jump-start your life in some outlandish way. Uranus wants your inner child to do cartwheels.

Freedom and change is always indicated wherever Uranus is housed. Usually it is accompanied by a desire to smash boundaries, to jump outside of the proverbial box and to leave behind anything that has been holding you back. Creative juices and how you express yourself out into the world will be highlighted and will take on a maverick quality. Ideas, artwork, writing and rhythm will ride on the cutting edge. You will dare to be bolder in your expressions, to get to the heart and soul of a matter. An hysterical YouTube video of 4 nearly naked guys dancing with frisbees in front of their particulars to the tune of “Back in the USSR” is a perfect example of riding the fun yet radical precipice of creativity. If you are into Uranian booty blasts, I highly recommend it.

When it comes to parenting and children (which are governed by the 5th house) you may witness parents who are afraid of losing their freedom…either to a lover or to child rearing. Fast paced romances may have sudden beginnings and even quicker endings. Unconventionality in relationships is likely and unplanned pregnancies could be the outcome of some of those trysts. Uranus in the 5th can also indicate that you will have very smart children or kids who are on the unruly side (or both). Whether you are a rebellious parent or a rebellious child, you will do your best to keep life interesting!

Whatever you undertake while this planet moves through your house of fun, expect a shake up. You want a new path…something with freedom, creativity and new age ideas. New directions are sure to open up to you as you pursue your passion. Maybe it’s astrology, rock climbing, or dancing with mermaids that’s got you wound up. The soul of your inner child is rebelling like a rock star and wants to come out and play. Dare to break your own fun meter and enjoy the sheer exhilaration of it all.


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