When Uranus stirs the emotional waters of the 4th house, your feelings of rootedness may be in for a shake-down. Uranus always challenges stability because it wants to usher in change, excitement, novelty and spirit so if you have somehow gotten stuck in the house of “home” expect unpredictable events to alter your course. I should know…when Uranus hit my 4th house, I moved from a sacred place I’d lived for a long time for the simple adventure of embracing newness and vitality. It was a gut-wrenching experience from which I am still recovering…and yet, somehow, my life demanded a new horizon.

One of the benefits of a 4th house Uranus is that you can learn to surf! By overcoming emotionally traumatic events in your life, you gain an internal sense of equilibrium. Upsetting or unpredictable events may have been the norm in your childhood or perhaps one of your parents was seen as somewhat erratic or unstable. By surviving these turbulent conditions, you may have realized that no matter what happens, you’ll land on your feet in an upright position. Recently, some of my stability was given a good shake and the thought I had was…”I’ve faced far worse in my life. What are you going to do, take away my birthday? Give it a good try.” The world may rip the carpet from beneath your feet or cause a tsunami in your life, but if you gain internal strength and power from your tribulations, you will stand tall when the whirl wind settles. The image that comes to mind is the one solid, stalwart house left standing after the passing of a devastating tornado. There is enormous strength to be gained from that point of view.

Learning to adapt to change is powerful medicine.

If you buy into Darwinism, it is, in fact, how we survive evolutionarily speaking. In any given population, there are a certain number of unusual genetic traits that are carried by a small number of individuals. Though not evident at the time, these genetic mutations may confer some advantage. This does not become readily apparent until the surrounding environment changes. Consider the case of the peppered moth. Prior to the industrial revolution, most of these moths had a light-colored wing pattern. With the advent of industrial smog and soot, a turnover in the population occurred. The few moths that had genetic mutations for dark-colored wings soared in number for their darkly mottled wings now blended in with the soot covered tree bark, making them less visible to hungry birds.

So, our uniqueness as individuals and our ability to adapt to changing circumstances is important. With Uranus transiting your 4th house, these are good lessons to focus upon. How can we harness our unique abilities? Can we find inner stability despite outer turmoil? Can we balance our need for security vs. our need for adventure and individuality? Can we become the house that stands strong in the midst of changing winds? Do we become mercurial in our mood swings when change hits us sideways?

Here’s a true Uranian example of finding strength in the midst of chaos. Some dear friends of mine survived Hurricane Andrew at ground zero. How they accomplished this was brilliant. Stuck in a motel in Homestead, Fl, they huddled beneath the bathroom sink with a mattress pulled over their heads for protection. The first wind passage was not overly dramatic. During the eye of the storm when things quieted down, they went out and played frisbee. When the back end of the hurricane hit, that changed everything. Tucked beneath their mattress, they said the roar of the wind was terrifying. It sounded like a jet engine. Brick by brick, the motel blew apart all around them. When it was all done, they were sitting outside in a pile of rubble as far as the eye could see. Looting and social unrest that had started during the eye of the storm escalated and people were in the streets carrying guns. They were, however, alive and the old station wagon they had driven was still running. That became their new home. They navigated the rubble strewn streets for the better part of a day and eventually camped beside a canal, away from the chaos. Grace under pressure is surely one of the gifts that Uranus can bestow upon us when tremendous change blows your world apart.

Change may come from outside forces…or we may be the ones that choose to hurricane our own lives, knowing that it is necessary in order for us to evolve spiritually. Since Uranus in Aries is a crucial part of the Grand Cardinal Cross currently affecting our lives, we are all feeling the winds of change. For some, this is shaking you to your very roots.

Since the 4th house is all about the home, moves are possible. Freedom and adventure will outweigh domesticity. Unusual living circumstances may result. Maybe you join a collective living environment or fix up your garage and turn it into a rentable apartment, knowing that the added income could buy you creative freedom.

Breaking away from family traditions is another possible outcome. It may be time to make changes in your life. Perhaps you were fed a story as a child about how you were supposed to live your life. Then, when Uranus hits the 4th, you realize that this was somebody else’s vision and has nothing to do with the life you want for yourself. When you are going down the wrong path your spiritual voice, much like a GPS unit that has gone off-course, will begin shouting the mantra, “Make a U Turn.” That voice is likely to continue until you correct your course…or completely disengage the spirit/machine. Shutting off solid advice doesn’t seem wise when you are lost, now does it?

Erraticness in behavior can erupt as the native tries to fly on the moving carpet of their life. Should they embrace the changes being hurled at them? Should they try to calm the winds that are ruffling their domestic waters? Maybe it is time to embrace ideas from other cultures or belief systems to get a wide angled perspective on things. Finding a way to live life on their own terms becomes enormously important. Emotional stability and nurturing will get tested as these changes emerge.

However these winds of change are buffeting your life, keep these quotes by George Bernard Shaw in mind for they will help you to navigate Uranus in the 4th:

” Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

“You see things as they are and ask, “Why?” I dream things as they never were and ask, “Why not?”


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