Uranus likes to shake things up. So when it is sitting in the house that rules our values, talents, possessions and money what does that mean? volatility in the income can be expected…and that can indicate both sudden windfalls as well as sudden losses. This volatility may match changes in jobs as the native revolutionizes how they earn money. Income may come in from unusual sources like blogging, astrology or laying wires for the power company. Unconventionality will rule the money stream because these individuals value their independence and freedom on the job and are likely to head off on their own path. Unconventional ideas can spark a new business plan for example.

Tinkering with computers may come naturally to this individual. The dot com industry is very Uranian and programmers who get to use their creative juices to craft electronic products would do well with this placement, especially if they get to work from home and have a sense of freedom with their new-age genius. High-tech gadgets may be something you make or use to earn an income. Examples include chip-encoded event passes, GPS units and internet marketing schemes.

Individuality is always important with Uranus so whatever the means of making a living, it will be reflective of that unique, inner spark this person carries in their soul. There is a desire to make a statement to the world through what they do, and they aren’t going to give a hoot if you approve or not. This maverick marches to the tune of their own drum and trying to rope them into some secure, fixed-in-concrete, cubicle-city kind of job is simply not going to work.

Reversals in fortune are to be expected along the way. Boom to bust is normal. And that is ok, because their value system is different from most. Where some may hang onto security for dear life, Uranus in the 2nd may enjoy the shifting job scene for newness brings in excitement. Freedom and creativity may far outweigh security. Seasonal work, self-employment and changing jobs regularly staves off the boredom. The financial ups and downs are worth it to someone who likes to live life on the edge. Like a cat, even if tossed in the air by upheaval, this person is going to land on their feet. Why? They are innovative. A fierce independent streak is seared onto their souls, and they will find some new way or scheme to make money on their own terms.

Since Uranian people are good at thinking outside of the box, they may also at times, come up with clever inventions for they have a knack for creative intelligence. Often these new-aged inventions use cutting edge technology and precisely match what people are looking for. The internet is a very Uranian invention, for example. Hemi-sync brain wave tapes are another perfect example. So long as their product is in vogue, they will do quite well. When the paychecks dry up, it is time to explore new avenues of creating a money stream.

Paychecks are just a means to an end. Having the freedom to live life on their own terms is, however, important. Ask a person who has Uranus in the 2nd house what they value and you may be quite surprised at what you hear. Non-conventiality is the norm. Where some people feel they must own a home, a Uranian person might want to rent a tiny room to save money. Why? Money buys the lifestyle they want. They’d rather spend their spare time surfing than working overtime to make huge house payments. Self-reliance and freedom are huge with this placement.

The inner resources and talents that they draw upon may also be out of the ordinary. Psychic talents are just one of many possibilities. Sudden spurts of creative genius are another. If the native is multi-talented individual, he/she will juggle their skills to their advantage to keep changing their work scenario, to avoid boredom.

Ruts are anathema to a Uranian person, so when Uranus falls into the 2nd house, expect changes where earned income and values are concerned.


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