Living life on your own terms is the rule as Uranus passes through the first house. After hiding that unique part of yourself, while this planet was moving through the 12th house, you now feel like busting out of Dodge. Freedom to forge your own path is what fuels your soul. Conventions, rules and other people’s ideas about how you should live your life are readily discarded. Like the Tarot card, the Fool, you are on a journey. There is no telling what lies ahead but it is the sheer excitement of the unknown that puts some pep into your step and gives you sparkle. You feel free-spirited and you want your unique light to shine out onto the world.

The first house rules self-expression. So if you have been afraid to shine in the past, you are now going to want to light up the world with your innovative ideas. As you reform your own life, you become a beacon for others to follow. You will see things that need to be changed in the world, and you want to stir things up, to invoke change. Stereotypes will be smashed along the way. Things that have gotten boring in your life won’t be carried forth on the Fool’s journey of enlightenment for there is no room in that tiny travelling bag for items that weigh you down or box you in.

Above all else, you want your freedom…freedom to be who you are, to express yourself creatively, to explore the universe. So here’s a warning to anyone that wants to hold you back: Watch out! Chains and bindings will not be appreciated by this rebellious soul. You feel like you just won the “got out of jail” for free card so restrictions won’t be tolerated well. Living life on the cutting edge is where all the excitement and juice is…and you want a juicy, unique and vibrant life.

So if Uranus is passing through your first house, expect a revolution of the soul.

During this eclectic phase, you may find yourself breaking with past traditions as you forge your way forward on your journey of self-discovery. Family ties and ideas that have hindered you will be challenged. Societal conventions will be broken. Clingy relationships may come to an end. It is as if you are tuning in to a higher frequency and that frequency becomes a calling in your life. You may embrace very Uranian activities as a result. Social activism, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeys, astrology and new-age ideas are highlighted. Studying computer technology would be another good way to harness this energy, if you can sit still long enough!

Whatever activities you engage in at this time, they will be chosen to define the newly emerging you. You are on a mission to discover your true self. Customs and norms will fall by the wayside. How can you be of service? What new visions do you hold for yourself and for the world? Trailblazing your own path becomes a mantra. You will find you no longer fit into the tiny box that the world has placed you in for your entrepreneurial spirit is ready to smash cardboard. Others may be shocked at the changes you make but many will secretly admire your moxy, for you are one who chooses to live life on your own terms…and what better definition of success is there?

Revolution and evolution spur you forward on your path of discovery. Ever notice that the Fool, in Tarot, journeys alone? Independence keeps a person light of foot. Surprises are to be expected on the journey, some that you may initiate and others that are thrown at you like curve balls from left field. Perhaps that’s why the Fool packs lightly…less baggage to carry over the twists and turns and unexpected events.

Difficult aspects could cause sudden separations or traumas. Care should be taken with the physical body so as to avoid accidents. You’ve heard the saying…play with fire and you’ll get burned…well, if you must play with fire (or explosives) at least wear personal protective equipment! Think things out a bit and try not to be overly reactionary. The first house also rules the body, so some care is in order.

Though I haven’t faced any physical danger, it is no small wonder that I currently have Uranus passing through my first house in my solar return chart. I’ve been looking at the insides of a tiny box for far too long and the view has gotten boring as shixx.

A dream I had a while back depicts 1st house Uranian energy well. In my dream, there were two wild-eyed girls that were involved in some case that I was helping with as a psychiatrist…and the girls were needing to be restrained. I was trying to lock both of them behind closed doors but they were fighting like crazy. I was holding the door knobs, trying to keep the 2nd one in when she broke out and disappeared. I threw some coats over her and was trying to hold onto her. Then she busted out of the jackets, naked, in front of everybody and ran away. It looked really bad on my part. The other girl, who was restrained behind the closed door, had a crazy look in her eyes and she was pounding on the door to get out.

Keep in mind that everyone you dream about is some aspect of yourself. If you’ve been holding parts of yourself back…look out! Those wild-eyed girls and boys we have tucked away deep in our psyche want a voice. They want to come out and play…and not much is going to stop them when Uranus screeches into the house of self. Since Uranus is currently in Aries, you should also expect these wild-eyed vixens to be twirling batons of fire! Have fun, my friends, and enjoy the audacity of this crazy-ass ride called the Grand Cardinal Cross.


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