There is an old saying that fools rush in where angels fear to tread but with Uranus, the fools are the angels. These rebellious angels are embracing life with rocket fuel behind their wings, daring to break outside of the mental prisons that have chained them. A bit of rule breaking and rabble rousing is to be expected. Sudden life turns are in order. Spiritual awakenings are a part of the shift. Progressive ideas that represent all of us and not just the entitled few are brewing.

Since Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, there is an emphasis on expanded consciousness, of looking at things in a new manner. A flash of recognition occurs when we look into another soul’s eyes, and realize that we are seeing an unclaimed projection of ourself.

Uranus is the voice of our higher self, a self that knows no half-truths or restrictions. Liberation, freedom and revolutionary ideas are the norm for this trail-blazing planet. Individuation is the name of the game. Breaking free of restrictions becomes vitally important and uprisings of the soul are to be expected! Sudden changes, shifts or cataclysms will be encountered for Uranus is not noted for its subtle qualities. One of the biggest shifts I see happening on a collective level, is that we are starting to realize our true essential selves as souls on a journey. Discovering who we really are and what that means is a part of the cosmic shift happening during these very Uranian times.

Original ideas, inventions and cutting edge technologies are all Uranian in nature. Astrology, the internet and hemi-sync brain wave music are great examples of this energy. Creativity and that which makes us unique is valued. It is the perfect planet to highlight as we move into the Aquarian age for it rules the water bearer and all around the world, people are feeling the shifting energies of the times. Enlightenment and progressive ideas about how we can all live together peacefully on this sacred globe are going to come to the forefront as we recognize more and more that we are all absolutely connected, that our actions profoundly impact one another and that what we do to another, we ultimately do to ourselves.

Until we realize our connectedness, we will suffer for Uranus also has a very reactionary quality to it. Revolutions may occur, forcing old regimes to crumble. Power struggles with those in authority (Pluto) are likely to occur. The sooner we can begin to think collectively and progressively, to lay out the foundations for a better working world order, the better we will be. It is time for us to all wake up. Dignity, equality, our connection to the planet, and basic human rights need to be addressed. Imbalances need to be corrected so that everyone benefits. United we stand…divided we fall, and I mean that on a global scale. When polar bears are drowning due to melting ice caps, we all have a major issue on our hands.

If we are all honest, I think we can admit that the way things have been going is no longer working. Uranus is our cosmic wake-up call. Should we be burning people to death because they have ideas that our different to our own? Why do we feel threatened when women are educated…is that their problem or our own insecurity? Is it right for a very small portion of the population to own almost everything? Why are people starving when there is so much food? Is it right that only the rich can afford a college education? What does the loss of biodiversity mean to us as accelerated destruction of plant and animal species continues world-wide? Can we find room in our hearts to be ok with different religious philosophies so long as non-violence is practised?

Upheaval is afoot…wouldn’t it be better for us to quietly search our own souls and make internal shifts versus acting this out more rebelliously? One by one, can we change ourselves? Peaceful uprisings of the soul sound a lot better than world mayhem. Wouldn’t you agree? Passive resistance does work. Being the change we wish to see is another solution. Collectively projecting and meditating on peace and sharing are answers that ring true.

Where have we become stuck in our lives? What structures, thoughts and ways of being do we need to discard? What is it that we really want out of our lives? Let go of all of the rest, and you have won.

Those are my angelic words of Uranian wisdom as we move closer to the perfection of the Grand Cardinal Cross in April of 2014. Change is coming. Expect it. Prepare for it and learn to ride the wave. To determine the part of your life that is due for an awakened shake-up, please read my upcoming series on Uranus as it passes through our houses. For though the waves of change are building, and you can’t stop them from happening, you can most definitely learn how to surf.


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