Pluto is an ass kicking planet. He means business and basically demands that change happen in your life. You can either learn to go with the flow or, like a volcano, he will spit fire and globs of molten lava into your life, causing you to sprint for cover. Nothing shy of transformation will suffice! Get with it or get plowed under. That’s what Pluto is about. If you are cooperating with this energy, life will proceed more smoothly but if you are living a life out of balance, prepare to be steam-rolled.

Normal is no fun to blog about, so let’s take a look at what Pluto looks like when he is rampaging through someone’s houses on a transit. Why, you ask? Well, for starters it might help you to gain compassion and understanding for the person’s obsessive behaviors. If you are close to the person, you might even be able to help. Think intervention! But remember, what seems like a horror show to you may be exactly what that person needs to go through in order to turn their lives around. Thirdly, red flags are posted so you can avoid some potential land mines at work and in your relationships. Lastly, it is just kind of secretively interesting, is it not?

I find it fascinating! And yes, when folks are out of balance, Plutonic crises emerge. Ego-deaths result. Things that no longer serve us well pass out of our lives…sometimes gnashing and clawing on the way out. Emotions boil and we subconsciously attract situations that will allow us to kill off the dead wood in our lives. Pluto demands that we dig deep to find our potential. That potential may be to heal, to release limiting thoughts, to tap into our true strength and inner voice. Hidden complexes from childhood resurface as we plunge into this blast furnace of transformation. If you are living in denial, change may not come gracefully, but with fists shaking, while you hurl curses into the wind.

So when Pluto runs amuck, life gets REAL interesting. We’re going to do this series of “Pluto runs Amuck,” on a house by house basis. In the 11th house, you may find yourself playing the psychologist role in a group setting. With Pluto sitting here, it is quite possible that you have seen the darker side of group consciousness. Scapegoating, ostracizing and outright attacks are possible so though you see some of the uglier aspects of a group’s dynamics, you may have a great deal of fear regarding speaking up, lest you be attacked as well. The group shadow can be very sinister and to be a team player you may feel like you need to compromise yourself to escape unscathed.

Some examples could include:
*Watching gang-banger friends commit a horrific crime, but keeping your mouth shut for fear of reprisal.
*Witnessing the harassment of a gay person by a community but being unwilling to speak your truth regarding their actions because you fear your business will fail as a result.
*Seeing someone at work get bullied or hazed but keeping your mouth shut for fear that your own position will be compromised with the boss if you stand up for them.

Pluto always wants to get to the bottom of things and in the 11th house, delving into the psychological underpinnings of a group’s dynamics comes with the territory. Emotional complexes and issues are likely to get stirred and a sense of trepidation may surround you, for fear of how you will be accepted into a particular group. Powerful people may enter your social sphere…people that can profoundly affect your life direction, for better or worse, so the fear may be well warranted.

Groups of all sorts are highlighted in the 11th house but there is special emphasis on humanitarian organizations and groups aimed at changing the structure of society. Pluto is often called the God of the Underworld, so do be careful what groups you align with. Power struggles, dirty politics and the seedier side of people can seethe to the surface, so tread carefully.

Friendships, dreams and goals are also a part of Pluto in the 11th house. Expect changes in your friendship base to occur. New people may enter your life and friends of old may disappear or even die, leaving you bereft. Likewise, goals you once thought were important may now change radically, causing you to head in another direction entirely. Freeing yourself from old constraints is important. Pay attention to your thought process so you can break the bonds that have restricted you in the past. Evolutionary leaps are possible if you can overcome limitations that no longer serve you.

Bottom line with Pluto in the 11th House: Choose your friends wisely and don’t compromise your soul in order to get ahead.


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