Pluto is an ass kicking planet. He means business and basically demands that change happen in your life. You can either learn to go with the flow or, like a volcano, he will spit fire and globs of molten lava into your life, causing you to sprint for cover. Nothing shy of transformation will suffice! Get with it or get plowed under. That’s what Pluto is about. If you are cooperating with this energy, life will proceed more smoothly but if you are living a life out of balance, prepare to be steam-rolled.

Normal is no fun to blog about, so let’s take a look at what Pluto looks like when he is rampaging through someone’s houses on a transit. Why, you ask? Well, for starters it might help you to gain compassion and understanding for the person’s obsessive behaviors. If you are close to the person, you might even be able to help. Think intervention! But remember, what seems like a horror show to you may be exactly what that person needs to go through in order to turn their lives around. Thirdly, red flags are posted so you can avoid some potential land mines at work and in your relationships. Lastly, it is just kind of secretively interesting, is it not?

I find it fascinating! And yes, when folks are out of balance, Plutonic crises emerge. Ego-deaths result. Things that no longer serve us well pass out of our lives…sometimes gnashing and clawing on the way out. Emotions boil and we subconsciously attract situations that will allow us to kill off the dead wood in our lives. Pluto demands that we dig deep to find our potential. That potential may be to heal, to release limiting thoughts, to tap into our true strength and inner voice. Hidden complexes from childhood resurface as we plunge into this blast furnace of transformation. If you are living in denial, change may not come gracefully, but with fists shaking, while you hurl curses into the wind.

So when Pluto runs amuck, life gets REAL interesting. We’re going to do this series of “Pluto runs Amuck,” on a house by house basis. In the 9th house, it is the road to God that gets transformed for this house is all about our philosophical viewpoint, and where Pluto walks, epiphanies happen and our take on the world changes irrevocably. My natal Pluto lies here conjunct Uranus so I understand this energy well. As a child I grew up in a very strict Mennonite family. Though I saw a lot of truth and good works, there were conundrums that I simply could not buy into…at all…like the fact that women are subservient to men, that dancing was somehow evil, and that cutting your hair was a sin. Even as a teenager, I just couldn’t buy into that restricted of a world view. Too much baggage for me.

By 18, I had made a parting of the ways. That left me without a path and since I was young and busy, I didn’t give it much thought. Then I started working in some of the world’s most beautiful outdoor settings. It didn’t take me long to realize that church, for me, was outside. Hiking became my religion. If you’ve read my post on Astrology, Uranian lightning bolts and my spiritual garden you will also know that I feel very connected to both the energies of the earth as well as the Heavens. Eventually in my back woods wanderings, a Tibetan book called the “Healing Power of Our Mind” jumped out at me and that began a world-wide exploration for the truth.

I’ve watched Shamans in Guatemala conduct rituals on a remote hillside that involved copal, chickens, flowers and coca cola. In Shela, there was a deity dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, with a coconut face and a multitude of colorful ties who smoked cigars. In Momostenago, a fire cracker ridden parade of deities and trumpet blowing Guatemalans lit up my world with a bang. And during Easter week in Antigua, we saw the story of Christ played out on the streets with men on horseback walking a Christ statue over amazingly hand-crafted carpets made of pine needles, flowers and colored saw dust. The detail and intricacy of these alfumbras was astonishing.

In Bangkok, a visit to Wat Poh showed me the beauty of a reclining Buddha. With my own eyes, I witnessed Chinese Buddhists walk over glowing hot coals with heavy statues without so much as reddening their feet. Thirty feet away, the air was radiating heat. They also pierced their cheeks with huge lances without drawing a drop of blood after doing a variety of breathing and centering exercises. Had I not seen this myself, I could not have believed it…and yet, I was there…and I saw the whole thing with my rational, western set of eye balls that have not been the same since. In Malaysia, in the night markets, I witnessed the devotion of Muslims as they answered the call to prayer, setting aside time daily to open their hearts to the divine.

There’s still a few unturned stones but it’s more because I haven’t gotten to them yet vs. a lack of interest. Typical for a 9th house Pluto, searching the world for truth and finding God in my own way have both been necessary. Where some people see differences, I tend to see similarities…and though I may discard portions of a world view that don’t ring true to me like “dancing is evil”, I don’t like to throw the baby out with the bath water. For whatever reason, I got lucky. I am open-minded when it comes to the truth and I believe that the coconut deity with the neck ties is as important as a genuflecting Christian, or my trips into the wilderness to find God.

Who am I to say what is the ultimate truth? I’ve got my narrow vision of the road and you have yours. All paths up the mountain are good so long as you don’t hurt anyone else along the way. As is true with any mountain climbing, when you hit the peak, you realize that the view from the top is much broader and grander in its totality than the narrow-minded strip we saw on our personal journey up the foot path. I’ve hiked in narrow paths before, so I know…all you see on a skinny path is the tops of your own boots. Everything else disappears. Does that mean that it is not there? Of course not, but it does mean that you have limited vision.

The problem with Pluto running amuck here, however, is that not everyone sees things the same way. People can get caught up in believing that their version of the holy grail IS the only story and that everything else is muck. Fanatics, zealots and pulpit pounders can get ornery when they solidly buy into the notion that one truth fits all…and they are the ones holding it. Exposure to some of the seemier sides of religion can also turn one’s stomach with this Pluto placement. Priests with a predilection for little boys and people that harm others in the name of God are just a few examples. Doubt and lack of faith can creep in if you focus on the religious tragedies we’ve all seen played out much to our collective horror. Can there truly be a loving, caring God and an Auschwitz?

Pluto in the house of God wants you to question things, to squarely face your doubt, and to keep digging for the truth. Having a fierce commitment to doubt can spur an eternal search…and so long as you are open to change and truth when it presents itself, you have won. There is an evolutionary need with this placement to puzzle over and figure out the Universe. It is natural for you to seek the answers in your own unique fashion. Higher education or world travel will provide sought after answers for some. Intuition will reveal the truth to others for knowing things at a gut level or sensing the veracity of a situation comes naturally with this Pluto placement. Seeing things in pre-cognitive dreams is also possible. Nostradamus had this placement and he had keen visions of future events.

Become an open-minded seeker of the truth with this transit and you will have harnessed the Plutonian energy well, especially if you can use what you have seen to broaden your world view. Start pounding and expounding on the one and only truth in order to convert others to your position and you are floundering amuck in the House of God.


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