Pluto is an ass kicking planet. He means business and basically demands that change happen in your life. You can either learn to go with the flow or, like a volcano, he will spit fire and globs of molten lava into your life, causing you to sprint for cover. Nothing shy of transformation will suffice! Get with it or get plowed under. That’s what Pluto is about. If you are cooperating with this energy, life will proceed more smoothly but if you are living a life out of balance, prepare to be steam-rolled.

Normal is no fun to blog about, so let’s take a look at what Pluto looks like when he is rampaging through someone’s houses on a transit. Why, you ask? Well, for starters it might help you to gain compassion and understanding for the person’s obsessive behaviors. If you are close to the person, you might even be able to help. Think intervention! But remember, what seems like a horror show to you may be exactly what that person needs to go through in order to turn their lives around. Thirdly, red flags are posted so you can avoid some potential land mines at work and in your relationships. Lastly, it is just kind of secretively interesting, is it not?

I find it fascinating! And yes, when folks are out of balance, Plutonic crises emerge. Ego-deaths result. Things that no longer serve us well pass out of our lives…sometimes gnashing and clawing on the way out. Emotions boil and we subconsciously attract situations that will allow us to kill off the dead wood in our lives. Pluto demands that we dig deep to find our potential. That potential may be to heal, to release limiting thoughts, to tap into our true strength and inner voice. Hidden complexes from childhood resurface as we plunge into this blast furnace of transformation. If you are living in denial, change may not come gracefully, but with fists shaking, while you hurl curses into the wind.

So when Pluto runs amuck, life gets REAL interesting. We’re going to do this series of “Pluto runs Amuck,” on a house by house basis. In the 8th, relationship issues get gritty. Joint resources, power struggles, divorce, inheritances and taboo sexual matters come to the forefront between partners. Strong emotions are unleashed when Pluto passes through these delicate matters. Emotional tantrums can rage as unresolved issues resurface in our lives, triggered by current events that mirror our past. Intensity and naked truth are valued commodities…a milk toast relationship that dwells on the surface would never suffice.

What happens between the sheets can also be impacted with a Pluto transit. Dramatic changes in libido can occur and may be linked to psychological issues. Power struggles in the bedroom are possible and the dark side of erotica may bring forth taboos, fetishes, psychological manipulations or other control issues. Highly charged issues between partners surface, dredging up our deepest, scariest psychological mud in the process. “Fifty Shades of Grey” epitomizes the possible when Pluto resides here so don’t be surprised if your new Plutonian lover has a bedroom decked out like the red room of pain.

Transformation is the soul purpose of the 8th house. With Pluto, the original ass-kicker, sitting there and ruling this Scorpionic house, the native will feel a strong desire to grow beyond their present limitations. Relationships can provide the platform for evolution and for growing beyond their own skin. Power, in all of its manifestations, fuels intensity. How does one get power? To change my life circumstances, what must I do? Does power emanate from within or is it something I ensnare in an emotional web I weave? Whatever definition this person chooses, transformative life changes are bound to occur as they extend themselves through a variety of life experiences.

Seeing things behind the veil is another 8th house issue that Pluto could reveal. Merging with a higher power or connecting with those who have passed on is also possible. Healing a relationship with someone who has already left this earthly plane can be enhanced when Pluto transits the house of death.
Dream work, devotional practices such as yoga, pranayama and mantras may bring you closer to the divine. Hypnotherapy can unravel some of your deepest psychological traumas and assist you in healing both your past and present life. Multitudes of cases have been documented wherein facing and resolving former life wounds can actually heal physical, emotional and psychological symptoms in the present day for though the body disintegrates to dust, the soul, with all of its intendant memories and experiences, carries on.

Someone close to you may die while Pluto transits this house, bringing an intimate relationship to an end. You may find yourself helping a loved one through hospice care for example. Divorce is another type of death and bitter struggles over shared resources can result with Pluto lurking here. Inheritances, taxes and custody battles can all become raging issues.

Delving into the psyches of others is another natural phenomenon with Pluto in the 8th house. Keen insight allows you to see into the dark recesses of peoples’ minds, to fathom their motivations and secret desires. Depth psychology or transpersonal work are pursuits that would fit this placement well for you are used to testing the very edges of your own emotions and are able to see with lazer-like vision behind other peoples’ stuff. The key is to not use this knowledge to twist people around your pinky. Knowing what motivates people at a core level and x-raying them psychologically can lay bare a lot of painful truths. Using that knowledge to control another smacks of Pluto running amuck.

Major life changes are afoot when Pluto careens through this mysterious terrain. Claim your own power or be crushed psychologically. The choice is yours.


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  1. cavegirlmba says:

    “When Pluto runs amuck in the 8th house”, he feels fully at home πŸ™‚

  2. effewfew says:

    well lets what happens. gemini rising here, hope everything will be okay πŸ˜€

  3. leesoulshine says:

    This is where I’m at right now & it’s a trip!

  4. Meadowmuffin says:

    Gemini ascendant here, with Pluto currently conjunct natal Saturn–IN Capricorn and sitting PRECISELY on the 8th house cusp. Overall, I’m actually excited–I know good things will eventually come from this, and there are transformations I’m eager for. But this is the third and final pass over Saturn/8th house cusp, and the first two passes saw two long-term friendships come to an end–including one with my best friend of 30+ years. I’m finally at the point where I’m surrendering to it, though I’m having a bit of difficulty distinguishing between surrendering that which I must leave behind and just laying down and playing dead πŸ™‚

    • boobooda7 says:

      Wow, I truly feel sorry for what you are going through. Life is not always fair, that is for sure. I do believe though that lessons can be learned from even the worst of circumstances. Somehow, life is telling you to take a look at the intimate structures of your life and to remake them. What does a true friend or lover look like to you?

      • Meadowmuffin says:

        Excellent perspective on this, and one I would not have been able to see being this close to it. And in case it will benefit anyone reading this, I will add something not so obvious which leaped immediately to mind as soon as I read your response, which is this: I think the intimate structures of my life that need remaking are the ones between me and Me, not me and others. The people I let in deeply have been wonderful; the levels I let them into have been as deep as I allow myself to go–which is quite a profound level, so at first blush it doesn’t seem like I would have intimacy issues. But there are core, long-held dreams, most ranging back to childhood, that I absolutely have not allowed myself to entertain. That behavior toward myself informs my relationships, and in ways I hadn’t considered until all this came to pass.

        Thank you so much for this insight!

      • boobooda7 says:

        Thanks for the input Meadowmuffin! I am glad that what I had to say helped. Astrology is a great tool for digging deeper and seeing the truth of things. May the internal changes you need to make bring you all you desire.

      • Annie St Clair says:

        Well said!!!!

  5. Harley says:

    Pluto has been in my 8th house for a while. I’m helping my mother through hospice, lost a few friends, and a series of failed relationships.I am completely broken. I just want this to stop!
    My Moon Conjuncts Pluto in Scorpio, so I’m pretty intense and resilient. I don’t give up, but even this is breaking me. I’ve got nothing left.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Harley, I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time right now. Pluto has a way of breaking us down so we can be remade. It is not always an easy process….and yet, Pluto also gives us great strength. My best advice is to learn what you can and know that this time will pass. You can endure and rise from the ashes a stronger, more spiritual and understanding person.

      • Harley says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words. You are right, Pluto gives us strength to overcome… I’m smack in the middle of it all. It’s like I’m holding on for dear life. But I’m attached. I loved it all. Everything, everyone I had…I need to let go.
        It’s like the movie “Fight Club” β€œIt’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” But I’m not there yet.

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