The Emotional Waters of Venus in Pisces

The Emotional Waters of Venus in Pisces

The emotional waters of Venus in Pisces are both mystical and dreamy-eyed. Merging on a soul level is possible with this sign for their feelings run deep. Romantic notions, tenderness and empathy make this a very giving partner and they care about who you are on the inside way more than the external trappings. If there is such a thing as true love, then this sign would aspire to it, for Venus is exalted in the sign of the fishes.

Because Pisces can tap into the psychic undercurrent of any situation, setting boundaries can be tough. There is thus a danger of losing yourself in another. The slings and arrows of heart-break are keenly felt by this lover since they tend to become one with their soul mates, so parting can truly bring on a deep and boundless sorrow. Understanding where people are coming from comes naturally to them for they can see into your motivations, hidden emotions and the painful places you try to wall off from view. Because they see things so clearly on the psychic level, forgiveness comes easily to them for they understand that everyone is truly doing the best they can given the set of cards they were handed.

Visionary mates will appeal to this tender heart. Dreamers, artists and those needing to be saved will gravitate towards this emotional being. They want to heal the hurts of others and their love is unconditional. Because they want a powerful, knock you off your feet kind of love, they may have a hard time committing. Remember, this dreamer is seeking their other half, their long-lost soul mate to merge with…so they need to be careful who they let into their sensitive space. Abrasive people need not apply for this lover seeks sensitivity in a mate not crassness.

Connecting with someone on a spiritual path is quite possible for these fishes have a knack for seeing things behind the veil. Their other worldly connections run deep and they are likely to spend a lot of time floating around in their own minds. Grounding such a wistful imagination may take effort for the watery, womb-like comforts of day dreams don’t always leave room for the harshness of reality, like picking up dirty socks, emptying the garbage and running errands until you drop.

Appeal to their spirit, and you will catch their eye and possibly their heart. Perfect dates might include such things as making a soul collage together or doing watsu in a warm pool of water. Painting your emotions on cards you create for friends would also be fun and so would swimming with dolphins. Quiet time spent by the sea would calm their souls. Find a cozy cabin with a romantic fireplace and a hot tub near this ocean view and you may just have a dream date on your hands. Listening to soulfull music like Deva Premal would make the whole weekend perfect.

Since these individuals are not always well grounded, avoid substances. They can already be adrift at sea in day dreams and escapism, so adding in too much alocohol or drugs can blur the lines between this world and the next. Appeal to their imagination and soul instead and find other ways to transport their minds like listening to beautiful music or watching artistic films like Avatar.

Pisceans can be a bit chameleon like. This is something they do on a subconscious level to blend in with those around them, so they can appear to be different depending upon the background you see them against. Because they want to please others, giving too much of themselves can be a fault. Wearing rose-colored glasses when picking a mate can be a huge issue that leads this giving lover down the trail of self-deception and martyrdom. Total devotion in the wrong hands can be severely taken advantage of by a greedy mate and Venus in Pisces will have a tendency to pour their hearts out until they run dry. Lovers can be idealized and with rose-colored glasses on, Venus in Pisces may not see their romantic connections clearly. That is precisely why a this lover should be discerning when picking a partner.

Crises are something these lovers handle well but be careful you don’t end up on main stage of a real life drama. Victims and saviors often apply to this lover’s stage so if you don’t like the looks of the emotional landscape, you might choose to seek elsewhere for love. Though romantic, Romeo and Juliet did not end well as you might recall. Romeo poisoned himself and Juliet stabbed herself with a dagger. Argh! So have a look at the lay of the land and see if drama is the number one thing on the menu. If all you see are twisted plots, fantasies and vials of poison, run! If, however, the stage is drama-free, these lovers can be most ethereal, sensual and loving of beings.


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