Meet Charlotte and Pita, My Pain in the Ass Sister

Meet Charlotte and Pita, My Pain in the Ass Sister

Venus in Gemini can make for a fickle lover. Life is like a box of chocolates and with Venus in Gemini you’d rather take a nibble of each one in the box rather than pick a favorite. Why settle on brown sugar when you can pick nuts? Why stay with nuts when you can have cherries? No sense pining for white chocolate when dark chocolate is so very enticing. Adventure and experimentation…that’s the rule! And by the time a Venus in Gemini is done, it will look like a little mouse went on a rampage through that box of lusty, lovely nibbles.

Geminis can be rabble-rousers and their choice of lovers could probably put a sweat on the foreheads of most fathers (and naturally, that is part of the fun!) If chocolate could spin into their lives on a Harley, you would surely find this Venus in a bubble of pure joy. If he has tats, all the better to get dad roaring.

Fun, frolicking dates are also winners where Geminis are concerned. Anything where you can explore and chat a mile a minute would light up their world. Exploratoriums, going to an amusement park, or shopping your way through the hip part of town come to mind as exciting adventures. Speaking of dates…speed dating would in fact be a perfect way for him/her to meet someone. With quick verbal wit and the gift of gab, a Gemini Venus would love picking out a mate in this fashion! Cruising eharmony or using some other form of social networking to find a partner could also be popular.

Instantaneous love is possible with these mercurial hearted twins. Once caught, they may feign naiveté for they love to put on the show of good girl/boy goes dare-devil. Teasing and play will turn this twin into a very trainable and fun-loving playmate. Whisper things in their ear, write them sexy poetry or call them for a phone date and you will have them spinning, especially if their Venus is in the 5th house. Variety is the spice of life for this mercury minded mate, so keep serving up surprises to keep their fascination peaked.

If someone has Gemini on the cusp of the 7th house, it is likely they will have more than one serious partnership or marriage in their lives. Find this Venus in the 8th, and you might have someone who is interested in bedding more than one mate at a time. Courting a harem is not unknown to this placement. It doesn’t always play out this way, but I once knew a man who would be escorting one woman out the back door of his trailer in North Carolina while ushering in another through the front. He actually had 3 women going at the same time…until they all discovered each other. Needless to say, that did not go well.

Another thing to be aware of with Gemini is that they are in the sign of the twins. Often there are two sides to this soul and sometimes the parts are not always well integrated. There is a light, fun-loving side and the darker side. Let’s call the fun side Charlotte. If you mostly see Charlotte, you are going to think the world is a wonderful game for you are having so much fun. When you finally get introduced to the darker twin, you may be in for a shock. Let’s call the shadow side of Charlotte, Pita, which stands for Pain in the Ass. Depending on the person you are dating, you may see more of Charlotte…or Pita may be the strong armed sister. One will keep you laughing, chatting and exploring but little Miss Pita will make you put your fingers in your ears and dash for cover.

Even a cactus would make a better date than dear Miss Pita on a bender, unless of course, you are big into thorns.


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