cosmic moon

Picture a family cozied around the dinner table with everyone sharing thoughts on their day and plates of homemade biscuits being jostled about with all the good humor. A warm fire is popping in the hearth and the dog is wagging his tail against dad’s knee reminding him that he is part of the family and wants a treat. The house is cozy and there is a sense of comfort and ease amongst everyone present. Nothing could make a Venus in Cancer person more happy.

Love of family, the home, mother and apple-pie…that’s what it is all about for these sentimental folks. Being safe and secure within their emotional nest makes this person feel connected. Because they strive for security, they are cautious in love. They want someone who will be able to weather the storms, someone who is in it for the long-haul. Surely they are sizing you up for “parent material” when dating and they are going to be careful. Cancer the Crab has a shell and that is because he has a tender-soft underbelly to protect. Anyone that does not meet the safety criteria will not be allowed past that protective armor. As an emotionally sensitive creature, Venus in Cancer doesn’t relish the idea of having his guts ripped out and eaten for dinner!

Just as a crab surely tests the waters of the ocean, he also tests and feels the currents the of those around him. They have a keen sense of intuition and can readily sense the emotions of others. Ruffle the waters around them and they may hold onto hurt feelings and brood. Treat them with kindness, compassion and caring and you will warm their hearts. These individuals prefer calm waters and a predictable relationship with lasting power.

A perfect date with a Venus in Cancer person would be to go to a family reunion. Pass buckets of chicken and corn on the cob and listen to all of the funny stories of long ago. Creating a scrapbook of all of your dates would also be fun and so would a weekend of cooking up a storm in the kitchen together. Visiting a history museum could spark their love for historical facts. Putting on some cozy pajamas and watching movies by the fireplace would be another winning date. These folks are home-bodies. That is where they feel happy and grounded so dates on the home front are to be expected.

Show them that you love and care and you will win their heart. Be sensitive to their needs and your devotion will be returned ten-fold. Venus in Cancer likes to feel needed. They enjoy taking care of others and they have plenty of love to give to the right person. Be careful of co-dependent relationships however and expect extended families to loom large in your personal relationship. His or her mother may play a dominant role in your life, for better or for worse.

Sincerity and intimacy are valued. If you trample their feelings, they may hide it but they won’t forget…ever… and you may get the silent treatment while they nurse their hurts. Cancer is a water sign so these are emotional beings. It pays to remember that for that is their primary means of relating to others. Besides being emotional, security also ranks high on their value scale. Stinginess can sometimes become an issue as a result, for by holding tight onto money and things, they may gain a feeling of safety.

If over the many years you find that the sizzle in your romance has waned to lukewarm, just remember…they still love you! And if the kissin’ don’t last, the babies and cookin’ do. As a pri(mate) this monkey means business when it comes to his stomach and his baby chimps.


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