magenta heart

Teddy bear lover is the thought that comes to my mind with Venus in Taurus. Finding someone who is warm, snuggly, solid and huggable. Taurus is a fixed earth sign so people with this cupid in their chart want a stable, “don’t rock the boat” kind of mate. The volatility, drama and excitement of Aries is replaced by adjectives like comfortable, pleasure-seeking and peacefulness in the sign of Taurus. Enduring devotion is possible but this lover will want to take his/her time to get to know you first, so don’t rush. Bulls move at their own speed and fast is not on the menu. Fortunately, sensuality is.

As mentioned before, teddy bears love to snuggle, to touch, to get cozy with their partners. Earthly pleasures and sensations are appreciated by this lover so things like a fine dinner at Nepenthe overlooking the sea or a soak in a warm jacuzzi with a glass of red wine and a piece of creamy chocolate (and a nice ass) will all be appreciated greatly. Touching, holding and caressing are important to this tactile lover. An all day romp in the bedroom is possible and if you really want to set this bear to whimpering, give them a powder massage and use a feather duster to spread the joy.

If you want to plan the perfect date, engage their senses. A music performance, a weekend at Harbin Hot Springs or a tour through a chocolate factory could be fun. A cruise where you can sample delicious food, watch a variety of entertainment shows, bask in the sun and enjoy cocktails in a lovely stateroom would also be enjoyable. Hanging out with friends having a wonderful dinner would be another winner.

Create an atmosphere of patience and trust and this romantic lover can be your prize. They are not seeking fly by night romances but are looking for a long-term mate, someone they can hold hands with and walk the beach, a friend to cozy up with on the couch. Stability is a key word for Taurus and that flows into their relationships as well as other facets of their lives. Intimacy is valued by this lover.

Since they take relationships seriously, they may take their time in picking a mate, which is wise for this lover. For once they have chosen a partner, they are going to stick by them. Commitment lends itself to stability, to truly getting to know someone, to allowing them to build the future of their dreams. There are some dangers inherent in this. They may hang onto a partner for dear life even after the relationship has fizzled or they may fear letting go because of the loss of material gain.

Bulls can be possessive. They like to hang onto their stuff and that includes lovers, money and things. Threaten that and you might see the horns come out on this peaceful bull…and a rampaging Taurus is not a pretty sight. Stinginess may be an issue but once you are within the trusted circle, sharing is also possible for they will delight in making you happy.

If you want excitement, thrills and constant change, seek elsewhere. This teddy bear wants to get cozy and comfortable and he is playing for keeps. Keep him/her well fed and loved and you will have a snuggly mate to cuddle up to when the nights get cold.


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