Venus in Sagittarius

Fun is on the menu if the Cupid arrow that hits you happens to be from the bow of a Venus in Sagittarius archer. Sadges are fiery, free-spirited souls that like to laugh and have fun. Adventure and exploration fuel their lives so expect to go on a fun ride if you pair up with this lover. Camping trips, mountain hikes or adventures around the world are possible as these inspired souls seek truth and meaning in a variety of places. The great outdoors can be like church to them and they will thrive on meeting people from other cultures who have a fresh spin on philosophy.

Partners that will be admired will also have an adventurous spirit about them. A friendly, buff backpacker chick who is willing to squash herself into an over-crowded bus loaded with families, goats, farming supplies and chickens in order to explore a far-flung Mayan ruin would set a blaze in any Sagittarian’s heart! Excitement, adventure and fun will win every time especially if you can search for the Holy Grail while afoot. Emotional drama queens need not apply and closed-minded individuals are also not suited for the position at all.

Speaking of positions, the Sagittarian heart likes not only to explore corners of the world but positions in the bedroom as well. Expect a raucous, athletic roll in the hay with this partner. Enjoy it but don’t get clingy. Neediness dampens their fire and scares them for freedom is prized above all else. So don’t expect to rope them into a committed relationship too quickly. Some wild oat sowing is in order before this person gets hitched. This is the kind of monkey that would rather swing from tree to tree than to settle on one boring branch. Serious emotional commitments bog them down and make them want to throw rotten bananas. They learn and grow from each love encounter and that learning process is important to them.

If you are hoping to be “the one” that finally gets a committment out of this Centaurian lover, appeal to their sense of adventure. Open up their world to new experiences. Think of the universe as your playground and then begin the adventure with your light-hearted pal. Great dates would include a trip to Thailand to explore Buddhist temples, riding an elephant through the jungle or backpacking into some remote village to check out their farming practices. Try white water rafting or explore slot canyons in Utah where you can glimpse pictographs on sacred rock walls. Visit a mountain ashram for the weekend and work on the mind as well as the body. These are the things that will capture their heart.

Spontenaiety and stamina are appreciated in all matters.

Since these individuals love to learn and are often natural teachers themselves, expanding the mental horizon is as important as gallivanting and working the muscles. Education will be appreciated because it broadens their world view. Meditation, shamanism and hypnotherapy would also appeal as a means to explore consciousness. They tend to be idealistic visionaries and want to engage with someone who can see possibilities vs. roadblocks. Truth, to a Sadge, can be found in all corners of the world…so why would you limit your mental explorations?

One of their downfalls can be speaking their truth bluntly without first considering the impact their words could have on others. In time, you will thicken up your skin if the bluntness of their truth arrows starts striking close to home. The “open mouth, insert foot” syndrome is a Sadge affliction for things that need to be said can pop out of their mouths at the most inopportune moment. Being judgemental is another fault that crops up now and again. Though they will enjoy hearing a different point of view, they won’t appreciate being criticized for their beliefs. Open discussions are acceptable, but hounding them to change what they think is a horse of an entirely different color and is likely to get this centaurian steaming.

Sadges are movers and shakers. They don’t like feeling stuck so routines will bore them. If a relationship gets mired in the mud, expect them to leave rather than to start digging. They’d rather seek a new adventure than spend all of their time digging out from under and analyzing what went wrong. Feeling trapped is not something they appreciate and they will find a way to cut any cord that binds too tightly, cutting off their circulation or breath. Life should be inspiring! Keep it light and fun if you want to be around this charmer.

Bungee jump with them or climb a rock wall…but whatever you do, don’t let things get boring with this lover. Exhilaration and freedom are what they are aiming for. If you are a seriously fun-loving monkey, you may get to go along for the ride.


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