The Aquarian Heart Loves Humanity

Expect relationships to be bold, based on independence and have a strong intellectual component to them with Venus in Aquarius. Though people often think of Aquarians as water bearers due to the glyph used to depict the sign, the flowing water actually indicates knowledge that they are sharing with the world. Since there is such a love of new age thought and mentality with this sign, it only stands to reason that one of the first things an Aquarian might fall in love with is your mind. And they will appreciate it if that mind is open to new ideas for Aquarians often like to defy conventionality.

Aquarians live on the edge of the mental plane and they will seek the world over for truth and wisdom. (Now once they’ve found it, they will latch on tight like brown on rice…but initial explorations are very open-minded.) As a result, they are open-minded when it comes to finding the right person and cultural barriers that would road-block someone else are not an issue with them. Aquarians love humanity. They do, in fact, value the differences in people and truly appreciate the uniqueness that each person brings to a partnership. Thinking outside the box is not a phrase an Aquarian would ever devise because they were never aware of the fact that the box existed…and if it did, why would you limit yourself to such a compacted world view anyhow?

In love, this equates to a person who needs space. Being boxed in, in any part of their life does not work for Venus in Aquarius. Independent relationships that foster growth are appreciated. Smart, fair-minded people who have an adventurous mind will capture their imagination. If you treat others with dignity and respect, no matter what their background in life, you’ll win 10 more points in their book. Being non-judgemental is another of their stronger suits.

Ruts bore Aquarians and that is true in life and love. If their needs are not getting met in a primary relationship, it is not inconceivable for them to try and fill what’s missing by adding in another person on the side, or just switching up entirely. They are a fixed sign, so they won’t give up easily on a mate but at the end of the day, they will place happiness above steadfastness if the two are not compatible. Getting close to this person, to figure out what they need, takes time for intimacy comes slowly to someone who values being a free spirit above all else.

Freedom, space to be themselves and a fierce independent streak fuels these souls. So, relationships that are claustrophobic, unbalanced or needy are going to set them spinning. These people will do whatever they need to do to have the life they love and some of their choices may shock others. Venus in Aquarius wants to challenge the status quo. If their marriage of 10 years has gotten stale and they meet a women who runs with the wolves, and has a free spirit, they may boldly switch sides…and they aren’t going to give a hoot if others don’t like it.

What kinds of dates would appeal to a person with Venus in Aquarius? Attending cultural events would be fun as would having a group of friends over for an international meal. Spirit fests, workshops on shamanism or attending some new age class would tickle their brains. Book or discussion circles where you read or dissect intellectual material as a group would prove intriguing. Visiting a science museum might also top the charts. Fun events that stimulate the mind are going to be a big hit.

Speaking of which…since the mind is so engaged with this person, you need to think of their brain in the romance department. These folks have vivid imaginations so engaging that mind in fantasies or other forms of mental stimulation such as phone play could drive them wild. Though the way to a Cancerian’s heart might be through his stomach, the way into an Aquarian’s bed could easily be through their brain. Capture the mind and you may win the rest of the prize. Bore them on the mental front and you are going to strike out. Spontenaiety and athleticism will be appreciated in the bedroom but being friends first matters to this Venus. After all of the sizzle dies down, they still want someone to pal around with.

If you want to play for keeps with a compassionate Aquarian, bottom line is this: Don’t fence them in. If they have a free pasture to roam but like the home grounds, they will stick around of their own accord. Start putting fence posts up around their life and you’ll be looking at their backsides as they walk out the door. Venus in Aquarius does not like clingy monkeys.


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