Libra has long been touted as the sign of the lover and for good reason. Like the swans depicted above, Venus in Libra thinks in pairs. Charm, balance and gracefulness are sought in partnership. Venus in Libra wants to find its soul mate, its other perfect half. One swan on a lake is beautiful, yet lonely. Two swans that form a whole, perfect heart is the ideal wherein each of you compliments and adds to the other.

Libra is an air sign so there is a degree of mentality involved here. Connecting with others socially and on an intellectual plain is important. Collaborating with others is something you do with style and ease. Two heads are better than one, assuming you can share and work out the details peacefully. Closeness is desired for you find yourself by looking into the mirror of the other person.

Romance is important and setting the right mood for a date is appreciated. Libran artistic sensibilities will appreciate beautiful flowers, good wine, lovely music and engaging conversation. Since balance and grace are important to them, they are going to be looking for that in a partner. Loud, abrasive brutes need not apply for these polished people want harmony in their love life above all else. They will do their part to make the relationship work but they are also secretly hoping you will help to keep the scales even by doing yours.

A perfect date for a Venus in Libra person could include a lovely dinner in a garden setting, a quiet walk through a park or a trip to an art museum. Anything that stimulates the senses and has good conversation would be a winning combination. A picnic basket lunch by the lake where you can share ideas would be ideal or joining some friends on the back porch for a sip of wine and some fine jazz would work well too.

Librans have an in-born talent for seeing things from their partner’s point of view. Because they are sensitive to others around them, they are masters at reading what a person wants and desires and will do their best to bring that person happiness. Because they are so giving, there is the danger that they will give too much of themselves to keep another happy. If this sort of imbalance continues for long, you may find your Libran lover getting cranky.

Partnerships are meant to enhance your life. Shared pleasures, mutual respect and civility bring joy. Interactions between partners defines the territory of the relationship and Librans want peace above all else thus enters the shadow side of this lover. Sometimes, to keep the peace, Venus in Libra will tell little white lies or they may avoid talking about difficult subjects at all. In a long-term liaison, avoiding tough subjects, or places where grit is evident in a relationship, simply doesn’t work so eventually some velvet boxing gloves must be donned so that the couple can delicately hash out their differences. Not all quarrels can be avoided.

Indecision can be another problem. Since Venus in Libra is hoping for the perfect mate, they may have a hard time deciding on a lover. What if there is a better fit just around the corner? This indecisiveness can fuel multiple relationships at once while they cogitate back and forth on which partner perfects them the best. Weighing their options can be most annoying to the person sitting on the other side of this relationship scale. Partnership choices may be made on superficialities such as looks or fashion, leaving some of the deeper soul material unmined if this Libra is fishing on the shallow end of the pool.

Peace and balance are in the offing. What you must decide, is that deep enough for you?


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