A Capricorn Venus enters relationships with an eye towards the long-haul. They tend to be careful in love, not risk taking. Expect them to take their time in getting to know you. Caution and reserve will allow this person to put the brakes on a relationship until they can determine if this is the kind of love that is going to toss their life into a chaotic mess. Unpredictability and emotional upsets score high on their Richter scale so they may walk away rather than engage in a volatile, but potentially sexy pairing. Better safe than sorry is the banner they fly.

Though often touted as a lukewarm sign for Venus to be found in, Capricorn does have a very earthy, pleasure seeking quality to it. This can extend from the bedroom to the boardroom to the finer things in life. Things of quality are appreciated by A Capricorn Venus as are things you have to work hard for. (So a one night stand might be thought of as a “hoe-down”. Lots of earthy fun but not something you put a ring on.)

Dates that are planned that appeal to the senses will be popular. Museums of fine art or a restaurant with stellar food could would hit the mark. Dressing up and going to the ballet or a symphony could also be a winning combination. (Nothing too lavish though…for they won’t be impressed by you tossing money around recklessly. They seek value for their hard earned money.) Since this cupid is willing to commit in a relationship, they may take a slow, conservative route in getting to know you. Letting down the fences around their heart takes time and they don’t want anyone crashing the barriers until they feel safe. The good news about that is you may get to date for an extended period of time while their trust builds.

Those without patience need not apply for jumping into any relationship without the necessary caution will likely bring on a case of chilblains. Caring actions that show your sincerity will win their hearts especially if they see the pattern over time. Since they may also be a bit shy, they will appreciate you taking your time with them.

Since Venus represents what we value in life, what would warrant a stellar review for a person w/ their Venus in the sign of the sea goat? Sincerity and security are valued. It would not be above a Capricorn Venus person to hone in on a mate who is well situated in life. They themselves are usually very responsible people and they want to see that maturity and stability in their partners as well. Dignity, respect and traditional values mean a lot. Once you get behind the fence posts surrounding their hearts you will find that they are very loyal mates and they do have a lot of lusty love to give. And, they will stick by you when times get tough. Partnerships mean a lot to these folks, that’s why they like to take their time to choose well.

Now here’s some serious monkey business to consider when evaluating someone’s Venus…You really out to look at 3 things. The sign of the planet will tell you how it operates. Venus in Capricorn operates cautiously. Next, look at where Venus falls in their chart for it will say a lot about what they really value in their own lives. Lastly, to really determine what monkey business they may be up to, run your charts together to see where their Venus falls onto your life. What is it that they love about you? That’s the kicker. Such a good monkey secret to know, am I right? It really helps to show their motivation and area of interest. Naturally, other things come into play as well but this is a good place to begin figuring out the monkey business of love.

Let’s take a quick look at what each house represents, so you get the feel of what Venus in Capricorn could mean in each.

House 1 represents the outward energy we give to the world. It is also reflective of our bodies. Venus Cap here would want to have a dignified persona for the world to see. Image is important! Therefor if their Venus fell into your first house, they may either be lusting after your bones or thinking “trophy wife,” someone who will look good on their arm and help them achieve a good standing in the world. They might also be working on loving themselves. Physically working on their own physique also comes to mind. Body building, hiking or other forms of strenuous exercise that sculpt the body so it looks cut would be appreciated.

House 2 is all about what we value. Money, property and what we own are represented. Internal resources are also housed here…what we have deep within us that allows us to navigate well on the earthly plane. Venus in Capricorn in this house is going to appreciate stability. Building security over time will be important and make the person feel comfortable. Adding to and working on their internal resources is also valued. If a partner’s Venus in Capricorn falls into your house of earned income, my eyebrows would raise to a quirky angle. Are they after you or is there monkey business afoot? They could, in this case, be more enamoured with your stock pile of bananas than anything else.

House 3 is all about communications, networking and gathering information from your local environment. With a Venus placement here, I would expect to find a chatty person…someone who will want to spend a lot of time talking to you on the phone, texting you, etc. Love letters, poems and sweet nothings in your ear may come from a mate with this placement. There will also be a true joy for exploring around the neighborhood. Where are the best eats in town? Where are the clubs for seeing and being seen? Taking workshops or mini vacations together would rank high on the fun list.

House 4 relates to the home and the emotional upbringing of the person. With this placement, traditional home values are to be expected. Tough love helps to keep the hearth organized and everyone on track. Monkeying around with family members is not tolerated. Restricted emotions could also be an issue and there could be a tendency to hold feelings tight to the chest. Certainly, there will be a love of nesting and spending time at home. Popcorn and a movie on the couch with you and the cat is probably the best date they can imagine. Expect the house to be comfortable and stately.

In the 5th house, Venus feels right at home for this is the house of romance. This is someone who loves to be carefully in love. It makes them feel emotionally and psychologically whole. It could also be someone who thinks of romance as a bit of a game. Great effort and care gets poured into their children. Since there is likely a true enjoyment of the arts with this placement, planning dates around music, theatre or art is a sure fire win. Adventure and play characterize the 5th house and with a Capricorn Venus here, expect them to radiate their love warmly. If someone’s planet of love falls into your 5th house, expect some sizzle.

In the 6th house, you may find Venus falling in love at work. Venus in Capricorn may actually really enjoy organizing your world for you. Like pressed slacks? A clean closet? Tea in bed when you are sick? This kind of monkey likes to find ways to be helpful to their mates, to show that they care. Visiting structured gardens or taking a cooking class would be an excellent date. This native will enjoy feeling the garden dirt in their hand or kneading dough into bread. Methodical body/mind practices like tai chi or chi gong would also appeal. If someone’s Venus falls into your 6th house, think help mate…or someone who will help you out at work.

Venus in Capricorn in the 7th house seeks out solid, long-term relationships. Balance and give and take are the name of the game. They are likely to be very loving and caring in partnership….and they may have also have a serious eye on your wallet. Stability and security are commodities they would expect a partner to bring into the marriage. Besides being interested in the bottom line, Capricorn also has an earthy passion to it. Pent up feelings and lusty desires can be unleashed with the right person.

Venus could heat up the sheets anytime it lands in someone’s 8th house. Sex can become a gateway for transformation, for growing beyond your own skin. With Capricorn here, sensual pleasures are highlighted. A hot date might include a bowl of strawberries and a jar of…well…whipped cream, or perhaps kama sutra dust (for our vegan pals). This is also the house of joint resources so if someone’s Venus happens to fall into your 8th house, the monkey business is either about sex or money or both and their will be a tendency to want to hang onto whatever it likes with a tight fist.

In the 9th house, Venus in Capricorn might enjoy falling in love with someone from another culture. An educated person or someone who works in law might also appeal. Comfortable adventures to distant places such as on a cruise ship would rank high on this monkey’s list. That way you get all of the fun of traveling in the relative safety of a fancy boat with loads of great international cuisine and entertainment. Retreats aimed at expanding the mind would also be valued. If someone’s Venus falls into your ninth house, they may be in love with your mind, your world view or your willingness to travel abroad.

Venus in the 10th house in Capricorn just screams of work to me. This person may very well be in love with their job. It is also possible that they could meet someone they secretly lust after in the boardroom so falling in love with the boss is quite possible. An older, prestigious person would certainly catch their eye. If somebody’s Venus falls into your 10th house, they might be looking for either a mommy or daddy figure, someone to take care of them. Or they could be instrumental in helping you find good positions within the company (no pun intended). Looking good and being seen are important to this person. Formal relationships and weddings come to mind such as a royal marriage.

In the 11th house, a Venus person shines. Surrounded by friends and groups of like-minded people is where you will find them the happiest. Often a person who has their natal Venus here ends up marrying a close pal. Going out on a date with a gaggle of your mates would be splendid. Parties, group activities and social events would all be popular. If another person’s Venus falls into this house, they are likely to light up your social world. This is, after all, the house of hopes, dreams, wishes and friends. Anyone who wants to light up that part of your world can’t be bad!

A 12th house Venus can be very selfless in love. You may spend a great deal of your time and emotional energy helping a loved one through an illness. You naturally give of yourself and put your own needs on the back burner to be of service. Sometimes this placement can also mean having poor luck in love. Secret love affairs fall here and so does unrequited love, so be very wary of falling in love with someone who is already attached. You could also meet a lover in a spiritual place like an ashram for example. A soul connection of some deep sort seems likely with this placement.

Final answer for Venus in Capricorn? If you like it you better put a ring on it! This lover does not monkey around, he plays for keeps.


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