Pluto is an ass kicking planet. He means business and basically demands that change happen in your life. You can either learn to go with the flow or, like a volcano, he will spit fire and globs of molten lava into your life, causing you to sprint for cover. Nothing shy of transformation will suffice! Get with it or get plowed under. That’s what Pluto is about. If you are cooperating with this energy, life will proceed more smoothly but if you are living a life out of balance, prepare to be steam-rolled.

Normal is no fun to blog about, so let’s take a look at what Pluto looks like when he is rampaging through someone’s houses on a transit. Why, you ask? Well, for starters it might help you to gain compassion and understanding for the person’s obsessive behaviors. If you are close to the person, you might even be able to help. Think intervention! But remember, what seems like a horror show to you may be exactly what that person needs to go through in order to turn their lives around. Thirdly, red flags are posted so you can avoid some potential land mines at work and in your relationships. Lastly, it is just kind of secretively interesting, is it not?

I find it fascinating! And yes, when folks are out of balance, Plutonic crises emerge. Ego-deaths result. Things that no longer serve us well pass out of our lives…sometimes gnashing and clawing on the way out. Emotions boil and we subconsciously attract situations that will allow us to kill off the dead wood in our lives. Pluto demands that we dig deep to find our potential. That potential may be to heal, to release limiting thoughts, to tap into our true strength and inner voice. Hidden complexes from childhood resurface as we plunge into this blast furnace of transformation. If you are living in denial, change may not come gracefully, but with fists shaking, while you hurl curses into the wind.

So when Pluto runs amuck, life gets REAL interesting. We’re going to do this series of “Pluto runs Amuck,” on a house by house basis. In the fourth house, issues of home, security and close interpersonal relationships loom large. Since the 4th house is naturally ruled by Cancer, we can readily see how the family theme nests here as does emotional security and belonging. With Pluto running amuck here, this tender, hearth-bound house can see some dark energies afoot…energies that like to stir up all of that security and closeness in a whirlwind fashion.

Overbearing or controlling parents can have a tight reign on your life with this placement. Dysfunctional family issues emerge with unfortunate themes such as child abuse, sexual abuse, control issues or extremely strict religious upbringings. Naturally, these dysfunctions can scar the native, leaving imprints on the soul that get reenacted in adult life once the person leaves the nest.

Surviving what happened in the home can either break you or make you stronger. Either way, Pluto leaves an indelible mark here. Learning to trust and bond with others is an important rite of passage for a person with this placement. Lone-wolf tendencies and a real fear of allowing themselves to get close with others can halt a person in their emotional tracks. Hashing out your past with someone you trust can help to heal your Plutonic woes. Learning to rely on yourself is important but once that internal, rock-solid base is found, opening your arms up to allow others in, on an equal basis, can be very healing.

Rather than isolating yourself, finding your tribe becomes essential. Seek out loving, caring people you can trust and let them into your heart and home. Since you have likely traveled to some fairly deep emotional depths in your life, use that inward experience to grow stronger. Not only does the 4th house represent your childhood home but also the ancestral roots of your lineage, so there is plenty of psychological material to work with. Unresolved issues can thus stretch far back into time.

Since Pluto always gives you keen insight into the psychological motivations of others, there is some dangerous water to be tread in the 4th house. With this placement, power-over issues likely ruled your upbringing with an iron fist and there is a fairly good chance you often felt that your emotional needs were not met. Now, with laser-like vision, you can see into the weak spots of other peoples’ psyches. Not dominating others by using those weaknesses in a manipulative fashion becomes a test of character. You can either let your past crush you or you can take control of your own destiny by letting go of “ancient history.”

Do you want to mirror childhood issues in your adult relationships? Are you the captain of your own ship or does someone else in your family steer your boat? Since you may have felt “steered” as a child, do you now manipulate things so you get to be the captain in someone else’s life? Finding the strength within yourself to become self-determined and to allow others to do the same is a sure-fire way out of the labyrinth of control issues.

Home takes on many meanings. We have the psychological home of our inner minds where we seek internal peace. Then there is our actual abode, where we warm ourselves by the kitchen stove. Home also evokes images of those closest to us, the loved ones that we allow into our inner, sacred circle.

The big question with Pluto in the 4th thus becomes this: Can you leave enough of your emotional baggage at the door so that you can truly find home sweet home?


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  1. Annabell lee says:

    This is right on target, great article. I had a mother that was pretty much not there for me emotionally, narcissistic, hard and not very nurturing. My dad was gone a lot for work, my parents are both pretty cool but there is a definite sense of my emotions and things I feel are not validated or have much concern about which in turn made me dive deeper inward. Also a sense that I’m supposed to take care of them not the other way around. I have Pluto 4th Scorpio conjunct Saturn and my South node non the less. It’s quite a mess. All of that opposite Mars in the 10th. Wthell did I do in a past life??? My life has been pretty chaotic it seems and I attract it is what it seems like. I’m so over it and want to go to my nn in Taurus. A lot of the times bc the amount of times I have been burned and betrayed by people I just want to be alone, but when I’m alone I feel lonely and know I have so much love to give but a lot of ppl do not know how to love or receive love. I’ve been stalked, bullied, betrayed , a sociopath came in my life and literally turned my home life upside down. Of course if I knew he was one I would have avoided that mess like the plague. He was a Scorpio, full blown 7 planets in Scorpio all in 10th-11th houses. He secretly spyed on me, probably recorded stuff to use against me (bullying) and I had no idea until it was over sadly. I’m a Pisces sun, cap moon. I feel things hard. I can’t understand why he wanted to hurt me so, but I suppose you can’t understand a personality disordered individual. Anyway..thanks for the read. The show must go on. I still love what true love means. I believe in it, no matter how hard ppl want to show me it doesn’t me stupid or naive but I think being vulnerable is a sign of strength, maturity, not weakness.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! The first thought I had when I saw your Pluto/Saturn conjunction was a need to restructure yourself on an emotional level and to not be too hard on yourself. That Scorpio energy you have will give you the endurance to go the depths and back again in your life as you strive towards wholeness. Keep up the faith and do know that true love is possible. Truly glad you got rid of the crazy jerk. You deserve better in all ways.

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