Pluto is an ass kicking planet. He means business and basically demands that change happen in your life. You can either learn to go with the flow or, like a volcano, he will spit fire and globs of molten lava into your life, causing you to sprint for cover. Nothing shy of transformation will suffice! Get with it or get plowed under. That’s what Pluto is about. If you are cooperating with this energy, life will proceed more smoothly but if you are living a life out of balance, prepare to be steam-rolled.

Normal is no fun to blog about, so let’s take a look at what Pluto looks like when he is rampaging through someone’s houses on a transit. Why, you ask? Well, for starters it might help you to gain compassion and understanding for the person’s obsessive behaviors. If you are close to the person, you might even be able to help. Think intervention! But remember, what seems like a horror show to you may be exactly what that person needs to go through in order to turn their lives around. Thirdly, red flags are posted so you can avoid some potential land mines at work and in your relationships. Lastly, it is just kind of secretively interesting, is it not?

I find it fascinating! And yes, when folks are out of balance, Plutonic crises emerge. Ego-deaths result. Things that no longer serve us well pass out of our lives…sometimes gnashing and clawing on the way out. Emotions boil and we subconsciously attract situations that will allow us to kill off the dead wood in our lives. Pluto demands that we dig deep to find our potential. That potential may be to heal, to release limiting thoughts, to tap into our true strength and inner voice. Hidden complexes from childhood resurface as we plunge into this blast furnace of transformation. If you are living in denial, change may not come gracefully, but with fists shaking, while you hurl curses into the wind.

So when Pluto runs amuck, life gets REAL interesting. We’re going to do this series of “Pluto runs Amuck,” on a house by house basis. In the third house, speaking the hard-core truth becomes a mission. Tough topics will be aired even if it makes you unpopular and you will use a wise variety of media to get your Plutonic message across. Since your mental machniations are also linked to the 3rd house, some of what you voice could reflect the darker side of your psyche for Pluto tends to dredge up muck within us. Thoughts do not always run pure with this placement for you have a knack at seeing into the murkier side of situations and people.

In the past, you may have paid for biting your tongue. Instead of speaking out when the situation warranted it, you may have stewed over events mentally, cogitating over and over again on worn out mental scripts. When your mind is fixated on negative emotions the tongue can leak poison for with this placement you have keen insight into the less pleasant psychological underpinnings of others. Finding a more balanced way to converse on deep, closely held subjects is the key to overcoming the problem. Holding things in doesn’t work and snake-biting someone with the naked truth doesn’t help either. Heart-felt conversations that allow you to slowly and safely reveal your inner self with others are needed. Clamming up is really not an option.

Since the third house is very linked to your thinking processes, it is very important with this transit to watch your thoughts carefully. Pluto digs up stuff from the deep, dark corners of our souls and not all of it is pretty. If you find yourself spiraling into a miasmic swampland of dark thoughts, seek out some professional help. Primal emotions are likely to rise to the surface and old events can be retriggered. Now, more than ever, it is important to learn to voice what is inside of you and share that with someone you can trust.

Understanding the deeper meaning of your environment is also important as Pluto careens through the 3rd house. Gathering information and new experiences will help to build solid ground under your feet for you will use this exploration to help figure out yourself and the Universe. Expanding the limitations of your mind thus becomes important as you seek the truth of how the world works. Knowledge readily becomes power. This is thus a good placement for broadening your mental horizons if used wisely.

Other things that could be affected with Pluto here are neighbors and siblings and those closest to you. Sometimes this means you will see the darker side of people revealed. Calamities can occur wherever Pluto walks so being safe while out and about is important. Ask those closest to you to mind their health so you can enjoy their company for a long time to come.

Bottom line for Pluto in the third is this: Find a meaningful way for you to reach out and share your thoughts with those closest to you. Carefully learn to trust others and allow yourself to voice that which needs to be said. Tend your mental health like a garden and weed out those darker thoughts that do not serve you well. The quality of your thoughts does matter.


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  1. cavegirlmba says:

    One might add: subscribe to Pluto’s absolute truths faithfully, remembering that they are a version of what is possible.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Very true…this is a small glimpse into a very specific window. For these posts I am looking through an unbalanced lens for a specific purpose. All things are always possible with wisdom and free will!

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