I was backpacking in the wilderness and was very tired.  I came across a cabin and went in to sleep.  At first, there were lots of people I was sharing the floor space with but then I ended up sharing a bed with a highschool friend.  Not long after that, I noticed there as a rickety bunk bed and I crawled into that.  It was so rickety it swayed and I took a minute to shore up some of the wooden structure.  There was an old man and another guy camped in another bed.  He shared his pillow with me.  It was blue and had astrological signs depicted on it.  We were camped near Draco the Dragon.

At a certain point, I fell asleep to be awakened by a noise and some scampering. Someone turned on the light, a bare bulb on the wall.  I saw a huge, lurking, hairy spider clasped onto the light.  It scared me so bad, I jumped out of bed.  Jamie then took a stick and chased the spider but it jumped off of the light and went skittering across the room.  I eventually went over to battle it also.  It ran back up the wall and clasped tightly onto the light bulb.  It was huge, spiny, hairy and slimy and it had its legs tightly wrapped around the light bulb.  I took a stick and whacked it.  Then a bunch of little spiders went fleeing down the wall into the room which was now dark, because I broke the bulb.  The baby spiders climbed up on the bed spread and I brushed them off and climbed under the quilt.  There were bats there too.  Next I put my head net screen over my head so they couldn’t get in. The whole thing was very scary.

So when you dream something like this, what does it mean?  Sometimes it helps to break it down into pieces.  Since I’ve spent a great deal of time in nature, let’s start with “the wilderness.”  Though I love the great outdoors, the wilderness does have a stark aspect to it.  Do or die situations come up all of the time when you are alone in a really big landscape.  For me, this imparts the feeling of searching in the desert as Moses did, seeking for the truth.

In the dream, I was tired, so the search was arduous. I did, however, have on a backpack which indicates self-reliance.  I always love packs in dreams because they often mean that you are carrying with you everything you need…so you have resources!  Combine the pack and the wilderness and I get the sense of a self-sufficient trip through tough terrain, looking for God and answers.

Cabins, like houses, often represent our bodies.  My cabin isn’t fancy, it’s down to earth and practical and it provides a place to sleep.  When I first enter the structure,  there are lots of people on the floor.  I take this to mean I encounter lots of individuals in the subconscious or perhaps soul remnants from previous incarnations.  Quickly, that narrows down to just a few souls…an old friend of mine from highschool, an older man who lends a helping hand and some strange guy I don’t know.

I’m tired so I climb into bed but since it is rickety, I take the time to stabilize it. Beds often represent private parts of our lives and again, I like it when I take action in my dreams.  I find the tools I need to shore up the swaying structure, which in this case, could be an expanding consciousness.  Think bunk bed.  There is a lower bunk and an upper bunk.  My upper bunk is there but it is not steady.  I’m aware of that and try to solidify that higher state or view point.

The old man (Saturn, perhaps) is someone I identify with.  He shares with me an important tool.  It is a pillow, but not just any pillow.  It has astrological symbols on it and since I now perceive this to be a roadmap of our lives, that was indeed an insightful gift.  Transiting planetary energies can also be used to figure out what the universe is asking of you at any given moment, in order to grow.  So indeed, the pillow is like a spiritual compass.

Draco the Dragon is also implicated, for we are all sleeping beneath his firy nostrils.  Minerva supposedly tossed Draco into the sky after he was defeated in battle so he now sprawls across our skies as a twisted serpent.

What is the meaning of this huge serpent?  Though slain, he lurks powerfully and watches over us vigilantly.  The Tree of Life, where he dwells, represents the misty jungles of incarnation, where matter arises.  Serpents have a way of testing us.  An apple my dear?  If we pass the test, we can break the repetitive chain of incarnation that binds us to the dualistic world of forms.  Then, our consciousness (the rickety bed with the higher view of the top bunk,  and working at shoring it up) expands.  Like a gnashing guardian, he separates the heavenly realm from the earthly plane with his twisted bulk.  As the gatekeeper, he winnows out the wheat from the chaff.  No one ventures past his flaming firewall unless they are ready to adventure forth.

Draco also summons up the notion of the nodes of the moon.  How do we grow along this firy serpent laden path?  If we focus on the lessons of the north node of the moon, we are opening ourselves up to blessings and growth.  If we lean too heavily on our past, the south node, we neglect the ripe possibility for change.  So Draco beckons us to follow an expansive path of learning and growing.

Big, hairy spiders inspire quivers in most of us but if you look into mythology, you will see a different story.  Some believe that spiders use trickery to overcome. Certainly they weave webs and are patient in getting what they want and are willing to inject poison if need be. In Africa, spiders are thought of us wisdom gatherers.   Cherokees believe that spiders bring light into the world by chasing the sun and carrying it back to earth on their sticky webs.  In Vedic mythology, spider webs hide the ultimate nature of reality with veils of illusion.  No matter which stance you take, there is a weaving of destinies afoot.

For me, the spider and I had a lot in common. He was afraid of me and thus went skittering.  I went after him with a stick but he scared me to death.  Perhaps this is me confronting some of my own shadow.  In taking the spider down (the shadow), I also did injury to myself (the sun or lightbulb) so there is a very real need for me to love and accept my whole being.

If you combine Draco and the spider, there is a sense of trying to expand my understanding of the world…but sometimes I just don’t see through the haze of the woven web.  Astrology was given to me as a tool by a wise old man (Saturn) to help sort things out and gain wisdom.  Look at the line, “I fell asleep…but was awakened.”  Then a light came on.  I get the sense that this is showing my rudimentary but emerging consciousness.

Lightbulbs represent bright ideas and illumination.  Like the sun, they are filled not only with light but consciousness and vital life energy.  Astrological light often comes from our sun sign and the higher vibrations of Uranus, which is clearly taking us all on a wild Arian ride at present.  Somehow, my light is being blocked for the spider keeps clasping its hairy legs around the light bulb in my room.  And yet, I am given many tools to deal with the problems I encounter.  There’s the stick, the tools to fix the bed, the astrological pillow and a backpack. I sure do like it when I go into a butt kicking contest with some good stuff in my back pocket! Beats the hell out of going in empty-handed.  The only tool here that concerns me a bit is the head net.  Why?  Head nets obscure your vision.  Am I choosing to hide behind a veil of illusion, to not see things clearly? Or am I seeing things behind the veil? Whichever the case, the panorama is gauzy at best,  but I wear it for protection so perhaps I am seeing only as much as I am ready to see.

Lots of little spiders can mean worrisome issues and thoughts.  I killed the big spider but ended up with multitudes of little ones instead, along with bats! Though it stops me from seeing things clearly, the net keeps me sheltered and safe.  What am I seeing?  And what am I hiding from?  What does that spider really represent? What do I need to do to truly let my sun shine?

Folks from all over the world are reading this crazy blog…so if you have any cosmic answers to my crazy cosmic questions, I’m all spiders (and listening).  Hit that post button and light up my world with your wisdom.


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  1. Trish says:

    You are just the greatest!!! My husband’s name is Doug and for a bit when I shared this with him he thought you were talking about him. He was so proud to be Monkey Doug. The Mercury Retrograde has been hitting below the belt. Can you please talk to Mercury for me? Computer glitzes, lots of re-do’s. School sent wrong grades on grandson, traffic snarls when I need to be somewhere quickly. And that Saturn in Scorpio is intense for me since it is in my 4th house of home, mom, family, houses, rental houses. It is a re-do of every thing from painting my the insides of my house to bad renters, to taking care of my mom. Love the ideas you are sharing!!!

    • boobooda7 says:

      I think a little monkey business would set your world straight Miss Trish. Just don’t let him near your electronics! PS: It is always wonderful to hear from my favorite WA astrologer.

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