For the past three months, I’ve been posting information on the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross which will perfect in the skies between April 20th and 24th of this year.  You’ve been reading my blogs on expansive Jupiter, transformative Pluto, zesty Black Moon Lilith, Mars in Libra and rocket fueled Uranus in Aries.  The whole world is in a state of change. I’m feeling it on a personal level and I imagine you are too. That’s why I’ve been providing helpful tips for riding out this wave of change gracefully. Since I started writing on this subject, 101 countries have jumped onto my blog to read my meanderings, which just goes to show you the depth to which we are all being affected. 

So, now it is payback time.  All around the world, we are feeling the shifting energies as the Aquarius age dawns upon us, and in April, that is likely to be acute.  So…I want to know!  How did this amazing cross in the sky affect your lives?  For you see, it is not so much about the planets, or the times, but how this affects us as world beings…and therefore, I am asking for you to share your stories as I have shared mine. We are all in this thing together and I’m curious how this powerful cosmic shift is impacting your life.

What’s up Universal Beings?


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