On February 5th, Jupiter will be trining Chiron, the wounded healer.  Luck and expansion follow in Jupiter’s wake whereas Chiron always indicates places in our lives where we have felt injured by the slings and arrows of life.  Having the two come together in a trine formation promotes opportunities to heal the walled off parts of our lives by using a variety of mind/body/spirit modalities.

Peace of mind is one of the best healers but to get to that steady state takes effort.  Reframing some of the experiences we have been through allows us to view situations from another angle or perspective.  Working with a spiritual teacher or guide can help provide this higher view.  If everything happens for a reason (and I am one of those people who actually does believe that), then there are lessons to be learned in even the direst of circumstances.  “Hard landings,” my nomenclature for human interactions with a hard, edgy bite to them, often happen so that we can learn much-needed lessons or to help reroute our lives onto a better path.

Have you ever felt sorely tested in your life?  Like someone was placed on your life path purely to test you, to push you, aggravate the snot out of you or tempt you sorely?  Oh yea…who hasn’t? Ever consider that you may have a soul connection with that person and that their very purpose was to cross paths with you to help you learn things you’ve been resistant about?  Reframed in this manner, are they friend or are they a very loving “foe”?  With this trine in the skies, we are being asked to open ourselves up to looking at things differently and to work at bringing peace and harmony into our relationships.

Take this opportunity to learn new methods of healing.  Open your mind (Jupiter) so that you can explore options you might not have considered before.  Wonderful healing modalities exist in this new age and you never know which one will be right for you unless you allow yourself to explore the possibilities.  Here’s just a few thoughts that come to mind:

Trance Dance:  Need to work out emotional issues that you have suppressed and buried?  Five rhythms dance, or dance church, may be perfect for you. Not only does it help your body to express what you are feeling deep inside but it cleans your aura so that it sparkles!  You may also find yourself actually experiencing the interconnectedness between you and the other dancers.  As swirling energy beings, we are truly all connected and this modality can really help you to feel that at a gut level.

Mantras:  Sing your heart out.  Repetitive prayers can help you to connect with what you want while steadying the constant stream of monkey chatter that often barrages our waking minds.

Hypnotherapy:  Relaxing and getting down to our core selves is something we rarely get to do in this busy world and yet we can access our highest wisdom when we enter this altered state of consciousness.  I have left my body twice under hypnosis.  The first time I totally got the Zen saying, “Who is the watcher that is watching?”  Bam! I got it because my higher self was up in the corner of the ceiling looking down on my body, head drooped in a deeply relaxed pose, but keenly listening.  The 2nd time I had an outer body experience,  my soul traveled and showed up at this beautiful white, louvered door that was partially cracked open. Brilliant sunlight was streaming through the crack.  My spirit went up to peer into the sun and just as I got to the door, a wind came up and snapped the door shut. Spiritual journeying, healing past lives and reframing childhood events are all good uses of a hypnotherapy session.

Whichever method you employ, the goal is to work on healing deep-seated issues. Chiron was both an amazing teacher and also a half man, half centaur who died from wounds that he could not heal.  Jupiter encourages us to dig deep, like the centaur, and try.  Even though Chiron eventually died from his affliction, he spent a good portion of his life working on wholeness.  Every step we take in that direction will bring greater well-being and peace.  Healing is a journey and not necessarily an end state.  This is something I can attest to in my own life for I have spent the last 10 years walking the path to wellness.  Outcomes are unpredictable but we can all choose to walk our paths with dignity and grace and a desire to be well.

As we develop spiritual beliefs, we need to remember that we all come to the truth in our own fashion…and we all have different versions of the truth.  With Chiron/Jupiter contacts, we need to be mindful and respectful of those differences.  Intolerance does not build bridges of understanding.   We can all get hung up on the differences of our world views or we can learn patience and tolerance, admitting that God may reveal himself to others in a variety of different ways.  If we focussed on light, love and healing wouldn’t we all be further along? Our planet cannot withstand any more wars, but to quit fighting we all have to individually lay down our own weapons first and learn to be accepting of each other.

Sometimes, this combination can leave us feeling like God has deserted us on that path.  For anyone who has this sense, I encourage you to watch the movie “All is Lost.”  Just when you think that Robert Redford has been completely abandoned, you realize that God was always there, waiting in the clouds, ready to send a search party when the time was right.  Was what happened on the raft up to that point a horrible mistake?  Are you sure?  Maybe the lesson was calmness under pressure or perhaps self-sufficiency.  Who are we to say that anything he did prior to the ending was a mistake?

Chiron/Jupiter contacts can also provide the alchemy that creates powerful teachers.  As we learn to heal our own pain, we become more illuminated and wiser, thus better able to help others on their healing journey.  We find ways to accept the difficulties and imperfections of this earthly life.  Sharing what you’ve learned thus becomes powerful medicine.  If used well, this aspect can provide us a positive attitude adjustment that helps us to see things with a different viewpoint.  

Calm the chaotic waters of your soul under this trine.  Let old issues go. Unburdening ourselves of ancient history can gift us with a lightness of being. Travel lightly my friend and shine your light out onto the world.  Perhaps you can even be the spotlight that helps to guide others home.



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