Jupiter, the God of luck and expansion is now sitting opposite of Pluto, the great harbinger of change.  This has been an ongoing part of the Grand Cardinal Cross that we felt in the latter part of December and that will once again grace our skies in April of 2014.  So what happens when the Lord of Rings seesaws with the “take no hostages,” transformative power of Pluto? Faith in yourself must be counter-balanced by the fear you face when confronted with the prospects of death and renewal.  Believe in yourself so that you can become who you are meant to be. True wealth comes from knowing ourselves and listening to our voice of wisdom. Unearth your latent talents and bring them into the light.  Pluto opposite Jupiter has the feeling of digging for gold.  Is it hordes of money you are seeking or the deep, inner, alchemical gold of our true spiritual selves?

Your internal compass is likely pressuring you to expand and grow in new directions, to test the edges of who you are.  Like Raiders of the Lost Ark, you find yourself wanting to embark on a holy grail adventure.  Philosophical pursuits may send you jetting around the globe to seek the truth.  Exploring other cultures and how they do things becomes important.  Going back to school sounds awesome because you want to broad jump over your formerly set limitations.  Expanding your horizons is the quest.  Look at the house that Jupiter resides in to better understand what you may be seeking to grow.  Is it knowledge?  (House 9);  401 Ks? (8th house); Your vision of the future?  (House 11); Real estate holdings (House 4); Serious partnerships (House 7). These are just a few possibilities, but you get the idea.

With Pluto sitting on the opposite side of this seesaw, you should be careful about some of the darker energies afoot.  Are you selling your soul for money?  Are you over-borrowing to expand your boundaries?  To get ahead, are you getting embroiled in power struggles at work?  Compulsive-obsessive behaviors may kick in as you strive doggedly to achieve what you so desire.  Pluto in capricorn is a powerful influence especially in the sphere of business.  Where Pluto walks, the earth shakes…and sometimes you have to fall before you find your way.  Step carefully, these are serious energies.  You have the potential to either gain greatly or lose your tidy whities.

If you find yourself going through a break-down period, realize that this is meant to clear the decks for a better tomorrow.  Sometimes old things must get tossed to make room for a more empowering life to come your way.  Like a piece of taffy, you may feel pushed and pulled.  What is happening?  Life is reshaping you by clearly pointing out that which no longer works.  Seek your internal power and shape your own destiny!  Pluto wants us to unearth this deep inner purpose, to get in touch with who we really are.  Expect others to oppose your quest for growth, especially if it rocks their boat…and you are the one rowing!

When Pluto crosses our path, the saying, “feel the fear and do it anyways,” takes on profound meaning.  Transformational change is afoot.  You may be the initiator of this change or, if you have been in denial, someone else may be the one to swoop the carpet out from under your bare feet leaving you shaking in a dust pile. However it goes down (easy peasy or heels thrashing), you will need to face some of your own shadow material.  Self-destructive patterns may emerge crying out for deep psychological healing.  Fateful encounters may ensue…and this may simply be an encounter with who you are meant to be next…only you have to slay the old you to get there.  Or it may be an encounter with some powerful Plutonian figure who forces the much needed change upon you.

If you have false hopes, Pluto will burst your proverbial bubble and ground you back into reality like a squashed beetle.  Nothing shy of your highest self will pass through this iron clad gate.  Expect your faith in the Universe to be tested sorely as these changes unfold.   As you negotiate with the Gods of Expansion and Transformation,  remember that your number one lesson is to believe in your absolute ability to rise from the ashes no matter what goes down.  That is the gift of having faith in yourself and no one can take that from you.  As M.C. Hammer said you “can’t touch this.”



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