I dreamt of a cabaret style woman with a coyote mask on who was howling at the moon.  Next to her was a real coyote who was also howling at the moon.

Coyotes, in dreamtime, are often tricksters.  They willingly shape-shift and as such are noted for being cunning.  Deception and moral lessons can be encountered wherever coyote is afoot.  He packs serious magic and he wants you to see the illusion behind things.  Lessons are often taught in an indirect manner wherever coyote lurks.  There is a bit of a jokester about him too and though he wants you to figure things out, he encourages you to not take stuff too seriously.

Howling denotes a full, heart-felt expression of feeling being poured out at the moon.  Wounded feelings, hidden fears and bone shattering loneliness are the guttural emotions you might get with a sky piercing howl.  Who amongst us has not felt quivers on our skin when we’ve heard the reverberating howl of a coyote bounce against the hills in the stillness of the night?  

Coyote, as a messenger, reveals our shams and heralds in endings.

Masks represent that which we are hiding from another.  Are we deceiving someone close to us?  What kind of trouble are we afraid of that we must hide behind a fictitious front?

In the dream, the moon was full, rather like the full Cancer moon we will be experiencing on Jan. 15th and 16th.  Astrologically speaking, the moon represents our yin, feminine side.  It embodies the creative, intuitive wisdom of our unconscious and houses our gut reactions.  Moon-speak always reveals emotions and with luna round and full, matters are fully illuminated and expressed.  Endings are often ushered in by this lunar phase for full moons complete cycles.  (And that is why we plant intentions during the new moon phase which follows later.)

What is coming to light in your life right now?  What are you seeing more fully now that the moon is shining brightly? Is there something you need to howl about?  Are you hiding anything behind a mask?  What mysterious, feminine wisdom is revealing itself to you by the silvery light of the moon?

May you all have coyote wisdom during this most enlightened time.  


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