I’ve mentioned before that I am quite a dreamer.  It took many years, and several major life events,  to realize that I have telling dreams. Hindsight and time finally clued me into this gift, which I partially attribute to my placement of Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house, my moon and north node in the 8th, and a Pisces Jupiter that squares my God of the Sea.  Like the mafia, I am connected!  Only my connections happen behind the veil.  Once I finally realized that my dreams were telling me so much about my life, I finally started honoring and paying attention to what was happening in my psyche in the dark of the night.  Thought I’d share this one with you, along with a little dream interpretation, so you can see why analyzing your nightly meanderings might prove to be valuable to your waking life.

In my dream, I got lost and was having a hard time figuring out which way to go. I was on a dirt road with a 2 parted bicycle, that was not joined at all.  It was dark out and I was going to work.  The bike had a back pedal part (like a unicycle) and then a distinctly separate front part that moved completely independently of the back part.  I felt like the centaur, like I was split in two.  There was the horse part and then the man part with the arrows.  After traveling a long time in the dark, I was feeling very tired and it became obvious I was lost.

I came up to a super steep cliff and looked down.  There was someone, down below, and I was trying to get a ride of off them to work.  I hollered down at them.  Soon I realized that I had a rope and that I could lower myself on.  Never got an answer from the person below to see if he would give me a ride to work.

This dream says so much about where I am in my waking life.  At work, I have most definitely been feeling lost.  Directionless, I’ve been wandering around trying to find the right path but since it is dark out, it’s hard to see which way to go.  (Think cardinal square…the identity crisis in action.)

The two parted bicycle says a lot of things. For one, I am doing things under my own power.  Since the road I am on is a dirt road, it is a path not many go down.  It was also sandy and a bit bumpy so pedalling is not easy.  Slogging through sand takes effort.  Like the Sagittarean Centaur (I am at 0 degrees Sag. rising), I’m feeling split into two levels.  There is the unicycle part that I am using to drive my life forward and it takes great balance to stay on top of it.  (So true for my current job, which I must navigate delicately.)  This felt like the earthy, beastly part of the centaur.  It was grounded and connected to the dirt path.

The other part of the bicycle was my higher mind, the archer, and it was out ahead of the unicycle.  I would place it with my hand and then cycle up to it.  Though I was able to move forward this way, the disconnect was keenly felt.  So, there is a rift in my life.  My inspirational, spiritual self wants to lead (I am intentionally placing it out ahead) but the practical wheel part is busy engaging with the dirt on the road (making money and bringing in resources).

Then comes the cliff!  It was steep.  Cliffs can mean coming to the end of the road as in there is no where to go from here.  They can also mean you are in a perilous place (true) and that life changing decisions must be made to continue forward.  Connecting your higher and lower selves with the rope is a third possibility.

I call out for help, hoping for someone to lean on, but no one answers.  Now why does that not surprise me?  I am the original bootstrap kind of girl and with Saturn conjunct my Sun, I am used to slogging through the dirt on my own, the hard way.

Fortunately, I have a rope.  I love it when tools show up in my dreams because they connote that you have the resources you need on hand to solve the problem.  The rope could mean a variety of things…like I have just enough rope to hang myself (let’s hope not…and it didn’t seem like that in my dream). How it felt was that I had a means to connect the old path with the new, that I could somehow bridge my outer/lower world, the beast, with my spiritual self which showed up as a “guiding hand” that was leading the way.

As you can tell, I am trying to make a shift in my life, to find work that is more reflective of my inner self, to marry my inner and outer worlds (by bridging the gap with the rope).  The path is not well-worn, but I’ve always liked dirt roads that diverged in the woods.  As Robert Frost once said, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all of the difference.”  Perhaps this is a dream of an astrologer/hypnotherapist coming into being.

If any of you have other interpretations you’d like to share, I’m listening!  Feel free to post your take on the dream.  In the dream, I called out for help…perhaps you are just the person to help shed light on this dangling life situation.


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