With Jupiter squaring up to Uranus, the Gods of Luck and Change are bound to have a dramatic impact on your life.  Here’s just a few ways these energies could manifest:

Expanding beyond your normal boundaries is the means for reinvigorating your life.  Unpredictable events may usher in change but if you learn to flow with the tide, you may end up in a pretty interesting spot when the dust devil settles. Expect the unusual and relinquish your desire to control outcomes.  Luck may very well come from change!  (Jupiter in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries).  Forging your own path forward in life could be rewarding.  Uranus in Aries has a very maverick quality to it and screams for variety.  Blazing your own adventurous, soulful trail is in order.

Enlightening ideas may set your world on fire (Uranus in Aries) as you careen down untried paths. Since Jupiter is involved, once you latch onto something that lights up your universe, you are going to get pretty excited about the possibilities. Uncertainty is certain!  New ideas beckon and change may sound both terrifying and electrically pulsating as well.  The tried and true path feels more like a rut with lots of rocks in it and the desire to kick free of old constraints is huge.  Think outside the box and remember that your potential is limitless.  The song “Don’t Fence Me In,” comes to mind for you will be weary of being caged in outmoded roles.  Dare to take risks.  With this combination, anything is possible.  Remember though, risks could pan out hugely or cause you to fall flat on your ass.  Either way, you will grow from the experience.

At this time, you may choose to take the untried path because conflicts may inhibit you in reaching your goals.  Though you will want to take risks surprising results may ensue from gambling, so be careful.  Rebellion could cost you your job or whatever Jupiter is sitting on house-wise.  (Example:  8th house Jupiter: it could cost you your 401K; 7th house:  it could cost you your marriage; 11th house:  it could cost you a friendship).  Making gains in one area of your life (Jupiter) could clash wickedly with the transpersonal revolutionary drive of Uranus.  Here’s how it works.

Suppose you have Pluto in your 2nd house in Capricorn, showing you’ve got the potential to knock down loads of money with discipline and hard work.  Jupiter in Cancer is thus sitting in the 8th hovering over your 401K, your pension, and your health insurance.  As it squares up to Uranus, you may feel like a caged animal, wanting to claw your way out of the tried and true.  That fiery, inspirational part of you wants you to follow a soul path.  As your spirit rebels to break free, you could upset the security of the 8th house by doing something rash.  Uranus and Jupiter have had several such face-offs lately and the final square will happen in April, near the time of the eclipse. Transformational change is afoot!

There is a feeling of needing to lock down a stable financial footing while at the same time Uranus is rebelling with both fists in the air, screaming for freedom. Keeping your cool while under pressure is required.  Enormous change is afoot both personally and globally and with the Grand Cardinal Cross in the skies, we are all being pulled in multiple directions.

Clarity of purpose is needed as well as the patience to go after what you want. With this configuration you have a tendency to go off half-cocked.  You feel an external need to be successful while at the same time, your energies are scattered to the four corners of the earth (the Cardinal Cross) and you want things to happen NOW.  Part of this could be because you are not living your purpose so the cross puts tension in your life.  A crisis of identity may be brewing and the lack of direction dissipates your energy.

Consider the fact that evolutionary, revolutionary Uranus is at the crux of a T-Square.  In one direction, it is squaring off with the volcanic forces  of Pluto, the planet who takes no hostages and is determined to crush anything that is no longer serving you well.  Ninety degrees in the opposite direction, it is facing off with Jupiter.  Mars in Libra will be completing the square in April.  With heavy hitters like this aligned, your life is in a pressure cooker and the pressure valve is rocking.

Cooperation, discipline and working well with others will help you to reach your goals.  Clearly identify what you want, then go after that and be willing to change your tactics if needed.  Try to be patient and realize that your version of success may collide with your need for personal freedom.  It is quite possible, you will have to choose which is more important.  A rebellious attitude could definitely affect your career.  You may be thinking, “Wow, that’s awful.”  Is it?  If you are feeling that much angst, maybe change is absolutely needed in order for you to grow.  Trines create easy energy flows but squares are where all the juice is.   You feel the friction in your life and are motivated to solve the puzzle.  If this breaks you out of the rock encrusted rut maybe that is exactly what your life needed in order for you to grow.

Unless you want to become a true rebel, consider applying balance to the whole situation.  If you swing from one extreme to the other (traditional path vs. soul path) you could wreck your own success.  So think about what you truly want and find ways to release some steam while inching your way forward!  The flip side is that you could experience a sudden gain (Jupiter) through upheaval (Uranus). This could especially be true in the realm of all things Jupiterean like world travel, philosophy, higher education and learning about other cultures.

Unexpected success can jump at you as quick as a frog’s tongue can snap up an unsuspecting fly.  Big windfalls are possible but they may come in the wake of upheaval.  Opportunities happen when you are about to give up or when you “leave it all” to follow your true path.  Metaphysical seekers often are blessed with Jupiter/Uranus configurations in their charts.  Uranus inspires higher thought, intuition and a connection with the collective consciousness Jung explored so deeply.  This realm delves into the heart of the universe.  It is the misty waters from which archetypical forms spring.  The place of the higher self, the source of all creation.  A place where spirit guides inhabit the ethers and dreams become very telling.

Jupiter defines our orientation to life and describes what gives us meaning.  Synthesizing our philosophical world view into a synergistic whole is the playground of  the planet of rings.  Expansive horizons are the view that Jupiter likes best for it will drive you to search the world over to find truth.  

So what happens when you combine this expansive Jupitarean quality to the higher minded ideals of Uranus in Aries?  Jupiter will expand anything that it triggers in the chart.  If Uranus in Aries is in your 5th house, expect your creative genius to come unleashed.  If Uranus is in your 4th house, your base of operations may change.  Combine the energies and see what you get.    

Shifts in consciousness can also emerge as we gain in wisdom and begin to understand the laws of the universe.  Rather like my experience in the Utah desert (read the post on my spiritual garden and Uranian lightning bolts), we suddenly get a glimpse of what is really going on down here on planet earth…and the truth rocks our world.  In a flash, we realize that we are energy beings, spirits on a soul growing mission, and that nothing is really quite as it appears on this physical plane.

Enjoy the ride and may the Gods of Luck and Change bring you exactly what you most need!


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