How do I pick topics to write about in my blog?  Basically, I look ahead, see cosmic forces headed our way that interest me and then, for self-preservation and curiosity, I research them so that I will be wiser when they land on my front door step with a thud.  As such, the topic I’ll be starting this week is the solar eclipse that will be impacting us on April 29th, 2014.  Eclipses have a profound effect on our lives, for better or worse.  When conscious energy and wise choices are applied, you can harness that energy to avoid potential disaster and do your best to harness the galactic forces for your benefit.  So, it pays to see things coming and to be conscious about our choices!

Eclipses begin new chapters in our lives and their effects are strongly felt for 6 months to a year.  Since the light of the sun is blocked in a solar eclipse, there are impactful messages implied regarding our vital life force.  The April eclipse will be an annular one meaning that the moon is partially blocking out the light of the sun. Another way to think of this is that our gut reactions, emotions, subconscious mind and habit patterns, all moonly terrain, somehow interferes with our outward male yang energy.  Are your security needs stopping you in your boot tracks from expressing yourself?  

Upsetting life changes can occur.   If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that these changes have been brewing for quite some time.  Remember, our thoughts and speech are powerful.  Energy flows where the mind wanders so be sure you are setting the stage for the things you want to have happen in your life coming up to an eclipse period.  Truly, we are co-creaters of our world!

Since a new moon is part of this configuration, that lunar energy has a lot to do with how things play out, so investigate the house in your chart where all of this juicy action is taking place, in the sign of Taurus. What planets are triggered? What part of your life is due for an overhaul?  Set intentions.  This is a very potent time for making life changes and realizing your goals.  Think shake up, shake down, breakthrough, change!  Since the eclipse is in Taurus, there will be a tendency to hang onto things even if they aren’t serving us well.  Creature comforts, security, anything that delights the senses…these are the things we will have a hard time parting with even if it is in our very best interest.  Eclipses can also mean beginnings so perhaps we will gathering in the very resources we desire.

An eclipse represents a period of darkness, throwing us off-balance.  We grapple for answers and have to squint to find the truth.  Don’t worry!  Lightness always follows the dark and in time, everything will be illuminated.  There is grace in the Universe and every event in our lives happens for a reason.  The South Node of the moon is attached to this particular eclipse which means that you are more likely the “receiver” than the quarterback in this play…so the actions of others have a big impact on you.  The ball is in somebody else’s meaty hands and separations may occur.

Though this probably makes you feel a bit out of control, there are some favorable, harmonizing influences on this eclipse.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, which often brings pleasant earthly treasures in her wake.  Neptune and Pluto are sextile, indicating that you have the power to transform your life and bring your dreams to reality. What does a house visit look like when an eclipse shows up at your door?   The choice is yours!   Possibilities are listed below, but what really matters is how we consciously choose to harness these energies in our lives, or in how we react to what is thrown at us.

1st house:  In the first house it may materialize as a crisis of identity, a need to figure out who you are.  Personal development and growth are the theme. Examining strengths and weaknesses proves to be a means of self-discovery and you may feel a strong independent streak that cries out for autonomy.  Defining yourself, your goals, your worldly energy is the answer to the crisis.  Holistic ways of caring for the body are also in order.

2nd house:  Things we value may somehow slip into shadow…perhaps we lose sight of what truly matters.  Contemplating that which is of true worth is key.  Is it wealth and security?  Perhaps it is peace of mind and knowing you are doing the right thing with your life and talents.  Be careful you don’t sell your soul for a buck but if you are happy with your work, you might just be kickin’ it and raking in some serious papers.  Just focus on what really brings you happiness…the money will surely follow.

3rd house:  Eclipses to this house can bring changes in communication patterns so be especially careful about how you use your words with siblings and neighbors.  Be truthful with others.  Gathering information about your world and sharing it with others is important.  Set your pen on fire…journal, blog, write! Express yourself and put energy into learning new things.

4th house:  Changes to your home life may occur.   Major fluctuations in your home base could manifest, ushering in a move or a change in important relationships. Men may appear on your doorstep or walk out of your life entirely.  Boundary issues are highlighted.  Whatever shakes out, how you live behind closed doors may be altered.

5th house:  Having an eclipse in the 5th house seems rather like hiding your light under a 55 gallon drum.  The Sun wants to be exalted in the land of Leo, to express itself creatively and joyously.  Inner happiness, finding a path with heart and connecting with loved ones are important.  Lovers may leave or children may need extra attention.  An eclipse in this part of the world can bring changes (good or bad) to issues involving lovers, children, hobbies or creative endeavors.

6th house:  Mind/body/spirit health issues can be brought to light with the passing of an eclipse.  Seeking daily routines that bring happiness is a good way to use this energy.  Improving relationships at work can make a difference otherwise you may experience problems with coworkers and unions.  Changes in jobs are possible and could come on suddenly.  

7th house:  Changes in close personal relationships may occur…someone may be eclipsed out of your life…or magically show up on your doorstep with the hope of a new beginning.  Balance and harmony in relationships should be sought after. Legal matters within close partnerships can come to the forefront.

8th house:  The sphere of intimate relationships is highlighted whenever the 8th house is involved.  Since this is also the house of transformation, this could bring on a cataclysmic event that will prove good for soul growth in the long run.  Issues around shared resources and what happens between the sheets could also get a shake up.  Inheritances or shared resources may become a bone to pick. Instead of a studly man on your doorstep, you might find the IRS knocking down your back door.

9th house:  Higher education, philosophical views, world journeys and other cultures are on the hot plate when an eclipse hits the 9th house.  Events or changes around any of these themes can be expected.  Also be careful at this time with legal issues and touchy subjects involving in-laws.  Philosophical makeovers may cause you to cut ties with well-worn religious paths from your upbringing.

10th house:    How the world views you may come up for review with an eclipse in this part of your chart.  Your reputation may slip into a period of darkness…or you may feel the urge to really push hard at reaching career goals.  Home life and work need to be balanced.  Reorganizations at your place of work could impact your status.

11th house:  Focussing on humanitarian goals and envisioning a better plan for the world are highlighted here.  Goals you’ve had for a long time may fall away while you mastermind new dreams for yourself.  Friends and groups may pass in and out of your life..but with all of the changes, keep focussed on co-creating a better world for tomorrow!  Grown children may resurface…with their own partners in tow.

12th house:  Spiritual matters are highlighted with an eclipse in this house.  A dark night of the soul can pave the way for soul evolution.  Delving deeply into the subconscious mind can illuminate that which was previously hidden.  Secrets may be revealed.  Someone you trusted as a friend may prove to not be quite so trustworthy.   Issues involving institutions may come to light and hard to diagnose health problems may prove illlusive and hard to diagnose.


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