Venus will remain retrograde in our charts throughout the month of January, giving us time to think deeply about what we truly value in our lives.  Globally, I think we are all being more reflective, thinking about how we would like our future to unfold. Is it security that we value?  Or is it having a creative voice?  Making a difference in the world may outweigh money for some.  Clean food, air and water are valued by others.  What relationships bring enrichment to our lives and which ones feel like heavy rocks sitting on our chests, impinging the movement of air?  Are we loving and honoring ourselves?  These are the questions that come to mind as Venus goes retrograde.  It gives us an opportunity to reevaluate what matters the most.

While sitting  retrograde in our charts, it will also be residing in the sign of Capricorn, the mountain goat.  This means these issues will be sifted through a Capricornian lens, causing ideas of fear, restriction, loss or rejection to cloud our discerning process.   Are we afraid of being rejected?  How are our relationships assisting with or taking away from us achieving our goals?  Are those we love following our prescribed set of rules?  Will lovers from the past resurface or is this the inward soul-searching that happens when a relationship is about to become past tense?  Certainly a blockage of our emotional body is indicated as we tightly hold the reigns over our feelings, keeping them inward.  Since Venus is ruled by Libra, you are being called to seek what you truly want in relationship with others.  How can you change your relationship patterns so that you get what you want out of life?

Tightly holding onto material things can be another manifestation of this rather worldly energy.  Are the trappings of a material lifestyle stopping you dead in your tracks from reaching your true, highest power?  Are you trading in spiritual growth for dollars?  Look inwardly and decide if what you are worshipping is really worth putting on a pedestal.  Making major decisions during this timeframe can seem uncertain and once Venus goes direct, you may opt to reverse a decision that was made during the retrograde phase.

Are you afraid of failing in that Capricorn ruled section of your life where Venus is now transiting?  Is your self-worth being validated by where you stand in your profession?  Are your work relationships going well?  Are you standing in  your own strength and power?  Or, are you looking outwardly for someone to bestow on you the feelings of self-worth that can only come from within your own soul?  Does the idea of rejection scare you and make you want to hide, quivering beneath a mask of bravado?  All of these are good Venus in Capricorn questions to ask yourself as January unfolds.

Getting your inner world of values to match your actions is another important part of this cycle.  If you are holding onto something that no longer serves the true you, it is best to find a way to gracefully let it go.

If Venus is in your first house, this might indicate a need to love your body or your own image, to honor who you are, and to put out your most loving energy out into the world.  Diplomacy comes naturally to you.  Caring for your physical temple may also be a path with heart.  Good health allows us to accomplish so many other things along our journey.

In the second house, we might be grappling with our own self-worth and value. Material items and issues of security may be uppermost in your mind.  Finding your true self-worth inwardly is a far more stable option than seeking it in the material trappings of civilization.

Heart-felt communications with those around you is important as Venus enters the 3rd house.  During a retrograde phase, this may mean entering into private conversations with loved ones or contemplating the idea of going back to school. Revisiting communications you’ve had with others in the past is also a possibility at this time.

Digging into the roots of your emotional upbringing as a child are the matters of Venus in the 4th house.  Harmonious relationships in the home are vastly desired. Sifting through the past to answer current issues is a means of harnessing this retrograde energy. 

Joys of the heart are what Venus in the 5th house seeks. These sought after pleasures will either revolve around your love partner, children or your juicy, creative energy.  Enjoyment of the arts is highlighted.  Laughter and having fun is another means for you to shine. 

Service to the world is highlighted with Venus in the 6th house.  Finding some structured way of giving is important.  Healing arts that focus on the wellness of mind/body/spirit are also a good expression of this energy.  Falling in love with your job or a special person at work are other possibilities. 

Finding your soul mate is the breath of life for Venus in the 7th house. In Capricorn, this would mean entering into a long-term, committed relationship with them.  In retrograde, this could mean a love from the past coming back into your life. Business partnerships are also signified by this placement in Capricorn as it rules the world of finance, big business, government and large corporations. 

Journeying intimately with a partner is the rite of passage of Venus in the 8th house.  Getting to know someone on a soul level is paramount.  Helping them to cross a transformative divide in their life is part of this heart-felt connection. 

Travel and a love for adventure are part and parcel of Venus in the 9th house.  Enjoying cultural exchanges with people from around the world is important.  Sharing philosophies and ideas makes your life more full. Any structured means of learning knowledge will bring fulfillment into your life. 

A kind outward personality is the hallmark of Venus in the 10th house.  You have a keen business sense and will do well in working with others and projecting your energy out into the world. 

Working in a team environment or with friends and like-minded groups is a good way to spend the energy of Venus in the 11th house.  Showering your love on humanity and creating a better world vision for all is another positive manifestation of this passage. 

With Venus in the 12th house, you could lose yourself in love by dedicating yourself to another or to the world at large.  There can be a very selfless component to Venus in this house. 

However this love energy manifests in our lives, there is a carefulness about it. Capricorn thinks about things closely, weighing the pros and cons.  Are we losing out because of our own fears and worries about rejection?  Where do we need to push the edge of ourselves to find the real truth of who we are?  Now is the time to contemplate these very matters.


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