I’ve spent a number of years working outdoors, studying the flow of energy in natural cycles. So, it surprises me when I read so many articles by astrologers who get worked up over all of the elements being represented in a Grand Cardinal Cross.  True, earth, air, fire and water are all very different from each other but in nature, they very often find a way to balance things out.  Cataclysmic events usually only occur when natural systems don’t undergo the necessary natural shifts required to periodically restore equilibrium.  Sometimes, what we perceive as a “natural” disaster is actually not a disaster at all but a much needed redistribution of energy.  I think the same could be said for our own lives…so, if we are acutely feeling  the tension of this cross in our lives, it means that change needs to happen to return harmony, probably because we have been ignoring previous, more subtle signals to rebalance.

Let me explain.  Think of a beautiful mountain scene in nature.  Rugged granite mountains (earth) form the container for meandering streams and lakes (water) to form.  Stalwart pines grow along the banks of the stream.  Blustery winds howl (air) over the ridge tops with the passage of winter storms thus breaking off some of the tree branches.  Fungus, beetles, weather and time break some of the dead wood down thus returning the elements to the earth.  That which is not recycled over time builds up on the forest floor.  Then, some summer when the winds are blowing hot and the brush is dry, a lightning strike ignites a fire.  Disaster?  Not at all…this is simply a natural event that will further help this landscape to evolve and grow.  Old wood is returned to the earth as nutrient rich ash which forms soil. Gaps in the forest are created allowing new trees and flowers to take root.  Newly emerged saplings emit moisture to the skies in the process of evaporation, and the process begins all over again.  Can you see the natural balance and harmony?

So why is this cross in the Heavens so scary to us all?  My theory is that it is not scary to some people…but to others it packs a much more fearsome punch because the periodic rebalancing that often occurs in nature has not been happening within ourselves.  Cardinal crosses often represent a crisis in identity. If we have been leaning too heavily on one element and the house that it represents and not paying enough attention to another, disharmony occurs.  The cross thus creates enormous tension and because it is cardinal, action is required to resolve the imbalance.  In the absence of change, things can then get rather exciting because energy systems do like to reach a happy equilibrium one way or the other.  So, the old saying of “go with the flow” has significant meaning here.

Let’s use nature again as our example.  Imagine our mountain scene.  Over time, periodic ground fires swept through this area, let’s say once in every ten years. The fires were relatively gentle removing the brush, lower limbs and dead wood. What happens if you suppress this natural fiery urge for many decades?  The fuel builds up, perhaps to catastrophic levels.  Then, when lighting hits (Uranus in Aries) the fire turns into a raging crown fire.  Why?  To restore balance.  To recycle things. To begin anew.

So if this cross is affecting you in a powerful way ask yourself the following questions:   How is the life that I am leading not in balance and harmony? Where do I need to make changes?  How can I grow?  What can I do to let off a little of the pressure to avoid a cataclysmic event?  If you already feel like the cataclysmic event is upon you, can you see how it might not be a disaster after all but simply the universe’s way of helping you to reach a steady state?

The reason we are feeling the tension of this Grand Cardinal Cross is because many of us have not been living our lives in balance and harmony.  The more we have ignored the desperate need for change, the greater the period of readjustment will be.  If you are one of those folks who has not heeded the call to evolve slowly over time, you should be acutely feeling the pressure right now and again in April of 2014.  Pulled in every direction, you may feel stunned like a deer caught in the headlights, afraid to take the leap of faith that is needed to release the energy of the square.

Like a hurdler, you may need to jump over obstacles, learn to take action, to initiate and create that which you desire.  Feeling uncertain about what you want? Listen to your inner voice…there is a world of wisdom inside of you and at a gut level, you know what changes you need to make to create a fulfilling life.  Creation and evolution…that’s the name of the game and you are being urged to take action.  So why does the whole process seem so agonizing?  Different parts of your personality are working at cross purposes.  Example:  Pluto in the 2nd wants you to make big bucks (or go broke) but Uranus in the 5th in Aries, wants freedom and to find a wild, outlandishly creative path.  Meanwhile, Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th is saying take care of the family’s resources…but you have a vision and you want to follow it, only it doesn’t equate to loads of money.  Can you feel the friction?  If you don’t act at all, your indecisiveness will make you crazy.  Or, one of the other players in your life might decide to knock the kickstand out from the cross and force change upon you.  Trying to take care of all of it at once isn’t going to work either…so you really need to think this through and choose.

Apply motivation, wise choice and your inner wisdom to overcome that which is holding you back.  Expect upheaval…but you can either ride the wave or let it sink you entirely.  Times are changing and many of us are realizing that the way things have been is not working on any level, especially for those of us living in America. Personally, we are paying a huge price to survive like rats on treadmills selling our very souls to get by.  We have sold ourselves and the very heart of our country short by putting production far in front of people.  Globally, I am aghast at what we have done all around the world to further our own greed.  And yet, there are people starving everywhere…and the average American can’t even afford to go to college. Where are our priorities, really?

Personally, I think this cross is as much about the state of the world as it is about our inner lives.  The Aqaurian Age is calling on all of us to rethink things.  Should polar bears be drowning due to our own excesses?  Aren’t we all really connected?  Does it matter what religion a person belongs to so long as they use if for benefit?  Should we be bombing people to get oil? Does it matter if your next door neighbor is gay?  How is the Fukushima nuclear leak impacting our planet? Maybe we should be thinking about ways to truly change so that we can all live in harmony on this big, beautiful globe?

Reflecting our truest, most heart-felt selves is tough work but all we really need to do is ask, “What is the Universe Asking of Me Now?”  Once we answer this, we know the path.  Maybe it feels cataclysmic because we have somehow gotten off course along the way.


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  1. Indra says:

    Beautifully written Georgia, You make so many good points.

    For myself I’ve learned to readjust what I call the scoreboard, how I score/judge what happens to me. Traditional western cultural concepts have suggested to us in our lifetime that success, joy and our need to love can only be fulfilled by events outside our selves. We have picked up the idea that someone else knows what is best for us. We take on these cultural ideas to base our personal happiness level meter against,at first enthusiastically but eventually, if finding we don’t live “naturally,” we may feel like we have sold our soul. Living in a natural way is a way to say that we base our decisions on what feels right from inside us, because after a lifetime of dissatisfaction, our inner wisdom can learn to interpretation what happens to us in a way that leaves us whole and complete when we learn to listen to it. .

    By “knowing” that we do the best that we can in each moment and that each event in our lives has by its own nature a perfection, by “living” in gratitude for what comes and does not come to us, by “seeing” through what the mind sees to be problems and constrictions and “realizing” that we are all One, that there is no other, the opportunities provided by the Grand Crosses all the way down to how we are affected by the angry coworker we talk to at the office, can do nothing but take us to our inner place of peace and natural balance. What a gift it is to see “God/the Universe” manifest these “gifts” to us in each moment for our own evolution. Much love to you.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Thanks Indra. I do believe when we listen to that inner voice we are much more in harmony with ourselves and others. Sometimes I feel like an infant of the universe…and yet, I am learning and getting wiser along the way. Have a great trip to India. Geo

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