We’ve defined Pluto, the gut-wrenching transformer and unruly Uranus in Aries who burns to individuate and free the higher self.  Next we added in family loving Jupiter in Cancer.  Then we spiced it up with a desirous Black Moon Lilith conjunction who rages after what she wants and is willing to go into exile if her needs are not met, fists shaking.  So what happens when we close the Grand Cardinal Cross with the God of War in the sign of love?

Mars entered Libra on December 7th and forms the 4th leg of the celestial cross. What can we expect when we mix the red-hot passion of Mars with the harmony minded sign of Libra?  Balance, justice and partnerships soothe the fiery passion that the God of War can often exhibit.  Cooperation, planning and using your mental powers to go after what you want will be the strategy.  This is a far cry from Mars in Aries who would take more of the cave man approach:  sneak up on woman, conk her on the head with the buffalo femur, and drag her back to the man cave.  Mars in Libra will have none of this.  A much more genteel, cooperative and coaxing approach is in order.

Cool as a riata cucumber, this God of War still has desires but it is going to remain calm under pressure.  Chivalry, charm and manners are its normal defences. Don’t think, however, that there is no agenda behind this peaceful facade.  There is!  Mars in Libra prefers a stealthy approach.  No femur bone needed.  He still plans to get the girl (or whatever) back to his cave but he in going to cajole her and use sweet talk to entice her into his lair instead.

First though, he is going to make a plan and mentally weigh all of the options. Direct action puts Mars in Libra on edge.  Remember, he still wants the prize…he just doesn’t want to put a knot on cave girl’s  head to get the job done.  A more harmonious approach at going after what he wants is in order.   And as his plan unfolds, he will be judging how he is doing by watching the reactions of all of those around him.

Collaboration and partnership are in order.  Libras aim is to use kindness and diplomacy to get the girl to take his hand and willingly tromp to his man cave for a night of breathless beauty.  That is, of course, once he finally decides that she is what he truly wants!  With Libra, indecision can weigh heavily when going after a goal.  All options must be carefully considered one against the other and the scales can tip agonizingly back and forth while all prizes are carefully scrutinized. Procrastination is to be expected.  Mentality can get in the way of seeing into the emotional heart of a matter.    Mars in Libra may think about what he should want rather than dig into the juicy guts of what his intuition, passion and true inner self is actually yearning for.  Mars, however, still wants what it wants!  Eventually, procrastination and indecision will give way to action for Libra is a cardinal sign and will want to initiate action to get the plan moving in the right direction or social circles.

When problems are encountered, this God of War will employ compromise and conflict management.  Combat with the buffalo bones is not going to happen, that is far too unsightly.  Some manipulation or passive-aggressive tactics may be used but a head on frontal assault is not likely.  Remember, this is a Mars of mentality vs. pure fire and vinegar.  Subterfuge, sneaky tactics and scheming…well that’s another story.  On the darker side, this flavor of Mars can decide to deliver its own version of justice to right what it has perceived as wrongs.  Social networks can be used like weaponry.  Fair play and using proper rules of engagement are also possibilities.  It all depends on how we choose to manifest this warrior energy.

Place this strategic warrior into the Grand Cardinal Cross opposite Uranus and what can you expect?  The fire of Aries is going to fuel a lot of restless, anxious energy that wants immediate action.  Mars in Libra is going to try not to go off half-cocked but to think things out.  Because there is a seesaw action involved, things could shift dramatically one way or the other until a balance is struck.  You are likely to be riddled with the desire to break free from any bondage that is not serving you well.  To individualize and become your own higher self.  You will be scheming about ways to circumvent authority figures or other traps that block your freedom.

Asserting your will and doing things your way may cause a rumble with others. Seething anger can rise like a tornado and you may find yourself tossing things carelessly out of your life in order to seek the new and the exciting.  The only thing that may hold back this impetus to go, go, go is the fact that Mars in Libra is going to want to weigh the options and be more level-headed than a fire sign Mars.  A fiery God of War would stomp the crap out of anything standing in its way.  So…use your heads a bit with this one.  Think about your actions and the partnerships, but don’t give up on the goal or yourself.  Be strategic rather than explosive.  Balance what you need with what others want of you but be true to yourself in the process.  Only you live your life…that is the bottom line.

While Mars opposes Uranus it is also squaring up to Jupiter in Cancer.  Consider this:  Sometimes in life, you make a U-turn.  This planetary combination has that feel to it.  There is an emphasis here on having faith in yourself and of following your own convictions.  When life gets tough and you get tornadoed, you pick yourself up, dust off your wind-blown britches and move forward…likely down your own path, believing that things will work out no matter what happens.  Desire urges you to take action to explore your universe.  Giant leaps in consciousness or philosophical studies are possible at this time.

Besides a U-turn, this combination could also fuel discipline, playfulness and enthusiasm.  Improve your life through wise choices but be cautious in your planning and don’t overestimate your potential or the energy reserves you have on hand to achieve your dream.    Because of the square between the desire (Mars) to expand (Jupiter), you may feel like too much is being asked of you to fulfill your goals and that the expectations are overwhelming.  Still, there is a lot of juice in this combination…you are being called to use your energy wisely.  Define what needs to be done clearly and then take one step at a time on a reasonable timeline to get there.

Learn to accept criticism better and don’t worry so much about competitors and bosses for you do have the drive to accept challenges, just make sure that you are on the right path first!  Is this what you REALLY want?  If so, dig deep and do the work.  If this is someone else’s dream and not your own, whose lamp are you lighting anyways?  Maybe it is time for a U-turn.  If you feel like your light is hidden beneath a 55 gallon drum then it is time to take a leap of faith and invest in the real you.  As always, it pays to look before you jump off of any cliff.  Consider, however, that there is nothing so sad as an unlived life and lost potential.  Black Moon Lilith is attached to this Jupiter and she is begging you to squeeze the juice out of life and go for the lemons.  Lilith wants you to taste the zippy tang on the tip of your tongue!

Steer away from self-righteous actions, religious zealotry, gambling and rash decisions that can hamper your success.  Anger that is out of proportion to the situation can cause accidents or a desire to trample the competition.  Be aware of the tendency to resist authority and weigh your options before making major life changes.

Expansive sexual exploration is yet another avenue this Mars/Jupiter confrontation can take.  Insatiable desires and watery emotions can fuel enormous fantasies. Tantric sex that combines the sacred with the physical is an avenue you might want to explore.  Sex (Mars) on the astral plane (Jupiter) is another possibility since there is so much mentality involved here.  With Pluto and Uranus in the mix, I would advise that you simply take care if you choose to indulge these urges. Protect yourself and your partner.  Be wise and loving in your encounters. Remember, karma is created with anyone with whom you exchange vital bodily fluids.

In a few days and again in April, Mars will also square Pluto, thus completing the cross.  Desire, passion, transformation and control are key issues with this combination.  Internal combustion creates a fire in the belly that will make you ROAR!  This square creates a very tense challenge or crisis.  It wants you to face a conflict between your desire/action function and to transform the activities represented by the house Pluto is occupying.

What is blocking you from achieving your passion?  Look closely into your psyche. What is it that you truly want?  Are you operating from a herd state of mentality by going after what you think you should want?  Do some deep soul searching.  Are you working from a place of power or fear?  Is your ego egging you to do something that your higher self really won’t benefit from?  If the purpose of our lives is to evolve as souls, releasing ego-desires may be necessary to stoke the true fires in our bellies. Face your darkest fears and you are free.  This is the stuff of which warriors are made.

Insecurities and your shadow need to be met head on.  With this power packed combination there is a feeling of fighting for your life.  There is an indomitable will to succeed.  Delve into your soul and find your hidden resources and talents for these increase your personal power. Use that warrior spirit to go after what you truly want…not what everyone thinks you should have.  The pressure is on my friend!  Don your boxing gloves and go after your dreams for this is an all or nothing event.  Your life!

While relentlessly pursuing what you want, be careful of the darker dimensions of the Mars square Pluto configuration.  Power struggles, extreme behaviors, crisis, violence, abuse and overwhelming opposition may be encountered.  There may be a tendency for tempers to explode as well as a temptation to break the rules. While you are seeking control, others will be trying to get power over you. Aggressiveness and revenge may be highlighted but you have the self-control to handle your reactions.  Wills and tempers will be on the mercurial end of the thermometer.  Harness this energy and use it wisely.  With this combination, you do have what it takes to go after exactly what you want…things that others can only dare to dream of.

On the sexual front, you may be working hard at gaining control of your erotic desires.  Issues of dominance, control and the darker side of Eros such as possessiveness and jealousy may rise.  Be wary of playing with fire in your relationships or face the consequences and ugly confrontations.

On a lower dimension, harsh Mars/Pluto combinations have been linked to blood lust and murderous rage.  These are no-joke energies here, so be careful.  They can also urge us on to the higher planes where we can grow in all dimensions of our lives.  The choosing is ours.  Whichever way we go, expect transformation through crisis for Scorpio will accept no less.  Rise from the ashes my friend and get ready for round two.  It is time to start living your dream.


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