It’s time to meet some real squares.  Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith, who are currently residing in Cancer, are a part of the December Grand Cardinal Cross that will not only be felt at the end of this month, but again in April of 2014.  These two players will be opposing Pluto as the cross perfects in the Heavens and they will be forming a square to innovative Uranus.

Jupiter takes 12 years to make its way through all of the astrological signs.  In Cancer, it is exalted.  Expansive optimism are key features though this may be felt more internally right now since Jupiter is retrograde.  Issues of home life, family and our roots are the emphasis.  Attracting luck (Jupiter) through intuition, imagination, compassion and caring are highlighted as this planet moves through the emotional waters of the crab.

Acting for the greater good is a positive way to express Jupiter in Cancer. Nurturing others and helping them to grow stronger brings luck back into your own life and well-being.  Working with issues of family for purposes of healing is another good way to manifest this planetary alignment.  Recognizing that if things get tough,  you can always retreat back into your safe shell to hide out while emotional turmoils pass.  Family, in this sense, can also mean tribe.  So, if you are not closely attached to your birth family, this would still apply to the clan you are now bonded with.  Remember, the more loving energy you put forth, the more you receive in return.

Cancer rules coins so finances are also highlighted with this configuration. Creating security for the family makes any Cancer native happy as a little piggy at a Sizzler buffet.  If you haven’t felt the jingle of financial security as an issue in your life, you may hear a calling for doing some deep-seated healing work on your own emotional body.  Tapping into your psychic ability can also provide answers on how to proceed because with this configuration you are finely attuned to the emotional currents around you and are able to see things that others cannot.  Nostradamus, who had Jupiter in Cancer, is a good example of this farsightedness.  Following our inner wisdom and compass brings good things into our lives.

Black Moon Lilith is currently saddled next to Jupiter in Cancer in a tight conjunction which means the two energies will amplify each other.  Passion rules Lilith and brings out the wildness in us.  It is what makes you want to howl at the moon, crying out for what you want in life.  Frustration and desire get boggled up with this asteroid.  We may question ourselves or feel inhibited about going after our desires.  Lilith represents our shadowy side, the fears that block us from going after our dreams.  Frustration and desire. Desire and frustration…now that is enough to make anyone want to howl.

Lilith is also about equality.  Mythologically speaking, she was Adam’s first wife, before Eve showed up in the figgy garden.  Problem was that Adam thought Lilith should have been subservient to him.  Oppression, however, was not Lilith’s gig and rather than giving into this unhealthy relationship, she decided to flee to the Red Sea where she could live a life of independence and equality.  Fueled by jealousy and rage, Lilith went after what she most wanted, her freedom and a sense of dignity.  That meant breaking away from emotional dependencies and coming into her own power.

Dealing with our darker emotions, such as those found in Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, can enable us to transform some of our emotional anchors, thus allowing us to tap into our inner strength.  Not going after what we want in life robs us of passion.  Feelings of denial and exile trap us.  As Krishnamurti once pointed out, the only true cages we have are the ones we create for ourselves, in our own minds.  Living a passionless life is rather like making a lemon meringue pie without using lemons.  Sure there is lots of rather tasteless fluff but where is the zest?  Lilith wants us to nut-up and go after the lemons.  Think it was easy for her to leave the Garden of Eden to chase after what she wanted?  Hell no, but what was the price of her staying?  A total loss of dignity and respect for herself.

Combine the themes of Jupiter, Lilith and Cancer to see what we all have brewing internally.  There is a sense of healing family issues and security that come forth with Cancer.  Jupiter grants expansive growth and luck in whatever it touches.  Lilith wants us to pursue our passion.  How do we juggle or manifest all of that?  Only each individual can truly know for every path is different.  We are all on our own learning curve, dealing with our own internal lessons, but a glimpse at these energies as they pass through our houses may help to enlighten any of the dark corners where we are hiding our truth.

1st house Jupiter:  Jupiter in the first house relates to confidence in action.  We express ourselves confidently out into the world.  In the realm of Cancer, this can mean being very protective of our families and going after what we want for them.  Pursuing expansive goals that can affect the tribe of man also become important.

1st house Lilith:  Standing up for yourself and gaining independence is important. With this asteroid in Cancer, this could mean growing your own two feet independent of the family so that you can stand alone and march to your own tune.  It could also mean fighting for what your family needs with a vengeance.  Intense passions and a rebellious nature can stir the emotions of the native, especially when dealing with a patriarchical society.  The movie character “Stands with a Fist” epitomizes this placement.

2nd house Jupiter:  Material security and gathering close to us those things that we value becomes paramount w/ Jupiter in the 2nd.  Possessions and home ownership become important.  Having family close to you, or at least keeping strong emotional ties with the family are highlighted with Jupiter in this placement.

2nd house Lilith:  Developing your own sense of internal worth and what you value is important.  Standing up for your rights and what you want out of life is also highlighted.  You must define you! Don’t let your family or anyone else decide your worth for you.  A conflicted relationship to money can exist.  Money and possessions are both enormously desired and viewed as an enslaving trap.  There is that all-consuming desire to have coupled with the fear of losing everything.

3rd house Jupiter:  Making good use of learning opportunities is important as Jupiter passes through this house.   Expressing yourself emotionally becomes key when you add in the element of Cancer.  Heart-felt talks with family members may be initiated.  Using the written word or public talks to express deep-seated emotions brings out the best in you.  Connecting with people in your neighborhood is another way this energy can manifest.

3rd house Lilith:  Communicating about dark events regarding siblings can help to vent anxiety.  Rage, jealousy, frustration and desire need to find a voice so that emotions are not buried deep within, but be careful how you let out steam so those closest to you are not burned.  Be wary of lies, deceit, gossip and betrayal as it relates to the written and spoken word.  Choose to be neither the perpetrator nor the scapegoat of such double dealings.  With this asteroid in Cancer, there is a special need to use care in regards to family communications.

4th house Jupiter:  Internal security and being strong within ourselves is the birthright of Jupiter in the 4th.  Psychic sensitivity, intuition and a strong sense of the divine permeate the inner world.  Searching for truth about your family of origin, your country or your emotional upbringing may become an issue as Jupiter in Cancer passes through the 4th house.

4th house Lilith:  Issues with women, children and home life become paramount with Lilith in the 4th house.  Fears of betrayal may inhibit you from creating the stable domestic situation you so desire.  Smothering and ensnaring others with egotistical love lends itself to an unbalanced feminine principle.  Patterns of abuse from your own childhood may have caused you to sever ties with your family.  As an adult, these patterns may repeat themselves until you heal the bottomless wound of your early family life.   Healing your relationship to the feminine is needed if you are to have the loving, nurturing, balanced home life you long for.  Understanding the motivations and desires of others is keenly perceived with this placement.

5th house Jupiter:  Joyously pursuing fun and adventure are the ticket with Jupiter in the 5th house.  Add Cancer to the mix and spending time with family members doing these things is possible as is adventuring with your tribe.  Risk taking and speculative adventures that put the family in peril should be avoided.  You may, however, want to delve into some creative projects irregardless of what others might think.  Expressing yourself and your emotions outwardly to the world is an important part of this planetary passage and if you find creative outlets with heart, you are going to want to pursue them.  Sharing heartfelt emotions w/ those you are close to is indicated and if you can do it w/ a sense of humor, all the better.

5th house Lilith:  Issues of desire and fear focus on children and birthing.  Maybe you want a child but are afraid of what that will do to your life.  Or perhaps the very idea of the birthing process makes you squeamish as you visualize passing a watermelon…(I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest of this).  Maybe you long for a baby but can’t become pregnant.  Lusty desires in the house of romance can also create frustration.  Birthing creative projects becomes a consuming process.  Should you express yourself fully out onto the world or reign in your desires lest the world not accept your creative visions?

6th house Jupiter:  Being of service to others is the key to Jupiter in the 6th house.  With this placement, I see help arriving emotionally, with nurturing and with plates of home cooked comfort food.  Loyalty to family and country are likely.  Watching out for the health of your family is also indicated and you may encourage them to take on practices that bring balance and harmony into their lives such as gardening, yoga or meditation.  Avoid overeating during this transit as a growing waistline is possible with plates of mashed potatoes and fried chicken being passed around to soothe frayed emotions.  Searching for ways for your family unit to increase their craftsmanship skills is another viable possibility.

6th house Lilith:  Work may create imbalances in your life and though you may derive meaning from what you do, little time is left for anything else leaving you with a sense of frustration.  Or, you may find work to be a meaningless task.  Rebelling against enslavement at work is likely as you search for equality and dignity in your employment.  Being hyper-critical of others at the office is a trait that can be expressed with an enraged Lilith in the 6th house.  Having passion for being of service is another possibility but finding the right outlet may cause consternation.  Health issues surface and may become a means for avoiding work.  Living a balanced, harmonious life will help both with the mental attitude as well as with overall well-being.

7th house Jupiter:  Profitable partnerships and alliances are possible with Jupiter in the 7th house.  Emotional interchanges with partners can help to form strong bonds so long as the crab is careful with its crusty boundaries.  Listening and counseling others is another way this energy can manifest.  Having a broad-minded partner who both provides security and room for individuality and growth are key.

7th house Lilith:  Justice, truth and equality in relationships is a must if partnership betrayals are to be avoided.  Lilith gets really ornery when she feels she is not getting her due in partnerships…she is more likely to walk out than to put up with a bad situation.  Firey romances and partnerships are the norm.  Fatal attractions are possible and so are intensely upsetting endings if consciousness is not applied in our dealings with others.  Independent, passionate, rebellious alliances are the type sought out by this Diva.  Add Cancer to this mix and you see how close family members may be affected or alienated by a raging Lilith.

8th house Jupiter:  Exploring taboo and transformative topics are the playing field of Jupiter in the eighth.  Delving into occult studies, metaphysics, life after death, hospice care and the dark recesses of our minds is up for grabs with this placement.  Emotional issues involved in life’s trials and dark passages forge the emotional/intuitive element of Cancer to planet Jupiter.  Astrology, alchemy and dream work come to the forefront and connections with family members on the other side may be possible.  Issues regarding family security and joint resources are also highlighted.  Deep pockets of money belonging to institutions and other people become a concern in regards to family security.

8th house Lilith:  Sex, magic and dark relationships are the sizzling items on this menu.  Tantric, sacred sex is possible for Lilith represents that wild side of us that has been repressed but wants an erotic voice.  In the house of intimacy, Lilith can find that voice unless you are afraid to unleash her lusty power.  If so, frustration over what you want but are denied could make you scream in agony.  Working through these issues of desire and frustration are advised in order to find a more whole you.  Connecting with the hidden nature of the Universe is also possible through such practices as Wiccan, black magic or the occult.  Care should be taken in your alliances.  The 8th house is loaded with powerful emotions such as jealousy, aggression, passion and fear.  Stirring these passions in others could ignite some undesirable consequences.  With this asteroid in Cancer, some of the darker issues that could surface are custody battles, incest, sadism or bitter fights over inheritances.  Underhanded tactics in going after other people’s money to better your family is another possibility.  Welcome in the light in all of your undertakings and these darker issues can be avoided.

9th house Jupiter:  Expanding your mind is the foremost concern of Jupiter in the 9th house.  Philosophical pursuits may take you to the far reaches of the world as you search for a belief system that has depth, truth and meaning for you.  Higher education, altered states of consciousness and visiting other cultures are all viable ways of pursuing your unique version of the Holy Grail.  Many years ago, I had a very 9th house experience in Bangkok, Thailand.  Buddhist monks prepared a red-hot bed of coals, centered themselves with deep breathing exercises, and then walked through the burning coals carrying large statues.  I personally examined their feet on the other side of their fire walking and they were untouched.  Clearly, they had found some deep truths that we in the west can’t even begin to fathom.

9th house Lilith:  Wanting a close relationship to God but not trusting the universe are the issues of this combination.  This may be due to previous betrayals you have felt linked to the religion of your family or due to unsavory interactions with limiting dogmas or unscrupulous religious authorities.  Restoring your faith entails finding a relationship with the divine that promises an equal footed, dignified path that honors you as a partner.  This path may not be the tried and true religion of your homeland.  Letting go of fear and distrust are also important.  Past lives could reveal involvement in inquisitions or subjugation of foreigners for religious and material gain thus making you very nervous about current involvement in any organized religion.  Maybe you have felt abandoned and are raging at God for not lending a helping hand.  Peer deeply.  Is it possible that you were given exactly what you needed the most in order to grow but just don’t want to see the truth?  Conventional studies may also be overruled by a reliance on intuition and gut feelings and your ability to see into the heart of any matter.

10th house Jupiter:  Worldy achievement and status are the goals with Jupiter in the 10th and a lot of these undertakings may be done on behalf of the family or  your homeland when you add Cancer to the mix.  People may project a bigger than life image such as Neil Armstrong with his famous walk on the moon thus making a public statement that all of the world would hear. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

10th house Lilith:  Taking on too much and then grumbling about work is representative of this combination.  Feeling burdened and pessimistic can weigh heavily on the person.  With Lilith in Cancer in this house, upholding duties to the country or family can seem like an albatross strung around the person’s neck.  Hours spent at work can create a rift with truly connecting to the family so providing sustenance actually steals away the joy of being a parent.  Providing becomes a millstone, creating loneliness in its stead.  Finding balance and joy between work and family is indicated if Lilith is not to become too enraged while moving through this part of the chart.  Anger at being enslaved and yet owing up to your top hat creates tension with this placement as well.

11th house Jupiter:  Dreaming big and having a vision for how you would like society to work is the realm of Jupiter in this house.  Joining broad-minded groups that help to further your humanitarian vision is a means by which you can reach your goals.  Social programs that provide safety nets for families may be highlighted as well as those that assist people in gaining mental health and emotional wellness.

11th house Lilith:   Desiring freedom fuels the fire in Lilith’s belly with this position.  Have you somehow sold your freedom for comfort or safety?  Or perhaps had your freedom denied to you in some way?  Allowing yourself the opportunity for renewal is important.  Choosing associates wisely is also indicated so that the friends you pick help you along your evolutionary path rather than hold you back from making the changes you need to make in order to grow.  Intellectual freedom is encouraged even if it means being different from your family’s roots.  But don’t live completely in your head.  There is no substitute for the warmth of right human relations.

12th house Jupiter:  Soul level learning is up for grabs as Jupiter moves through the house of karma.  Growing beyond what has kept us paralyzed in useless patterns can be overcome with this placement.  With Jupiter in Cancer, this may involve breaking emotional reaction patterns or overcoming a limiting manner of dealing with family issues.  Imaginative yearnings fuel the inner world.

12th house Lilith:  The dark side of religion or other confining institutions is emphasized when Lilith resides in the 12th house.  Inappropriate behavior in places such as churches, mental institutions, hospitals or the government are possible here.  Raging at those injustices or seeking a means of revenge or escape are the “outs” that will likely be sought.  Breaking away from confining family situations is another possibility such as being the scapegoat in the home.  Drifting away through drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances is not a good path for Lilith who likes to take things to extremes.  Finding a means to connect to All That Is in a pure and light filled manner is a path to freedom.

Jupiter wants to expansively explore and grow.  Lilith rages when she doesn’t get what she wants.  Put these two energies opposite to Pluto, the great transformer, and you can see that there is a bit of negotiating with the Gods in your life, to get what you most desire.  What has to break down and give way for you to meet your goals?  What do you need to change?

Add an additional layer of complexity to the mix by squaring Jupiter and Lilith to unpredictable Uranus in Aries,  who not only wants what he wants but is demanding that it happen NOW.  You begin to understand why they call it a cross.  Your very life is being stretched and pulled between these forces.  Pluto wants something to change or end.  Lilith is screaming at you get a fair piece of the cake on your way out.  Jupiter wants you to grow in new unexplored directions and Uranus in Aries wants immediate action towards aiming your life towards a higher plane.

Welcome to the shifting times, my friend.  You can either allow yourself to feel “racked” or enjoy the ride as you are stretched into new ways of being.  The Age of Aquarius has dawned on us all, heralding in change on both a personal and global scale.


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  1. Phoebe says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on Lilifth and Jupiter. 🙂

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