As I continue my thoughts on the Grand Cardinal Cross of April, I am dying to know how this is impacting you on a personal level.  How are you feeling the tension of the Pluto/Uranus square?  Where is it shaking up your life?  What do you foresee coming out of this cosmic collision?  How is the core of your very being getting stretched by these Heavenly energies? Astrology is fascinating but what makes it real is how it impacts our lives…and as an inquiring astrologer, my curiosity runs deep.

So, I’m tossing the gauntlet down.  Do tell.  I’d love to hear how this revolutionary combination of planets is affecting you on a gut-level.  Between April 20-24th, you should have a clear vision of how your life is being transformed, so please chime in and let me know!


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  1. Trish Holmes says:

    Jupiter transiting my 12th conjunct my natal Pluto and North node brought the death of my only brother and one of my younger cousins. Both were in their early 50’s. The impact is definitely soul searching and a life changing lesson.

  2. kelley says:

    I am new to astrology, for one 🙂 I am a Capricorn so this is pretty intense for me. Total overhaul of my identity–gave up a relationship, total shift in what I thought I wanted to do career wise, and feeling a HUGE surge of universal energy that comes in waves. Now I know myself as a spiritual being, but there are still a lot of fears. It feels like I am in the earths womb just bearing it while it all falls away. As for this april, maybe enough will have cleared off after it to see the next step in our evolution. I am getting hints but I cannot fully know it now…thanks for listening 🙂

    • boobooda7 says:

      Hi Kelley, I’m so glad you shared your feelings. Change is definitely afoot in all of our lives, some of it very sweeping. Whatever comes up, just remember, that we are truly never given more than we can handle. Also, it isn’t so much what happens to us in life but how we choose to engage with that. I wish you well in every way on your evolving journey.

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