Uranus in Aries is a bit like a spiritual, traumatized road runner doing espresso shots. There’s no telling what will come out of that bird next. Surprises and sudden changes in direction are normal. Aries provides the rocket fuel in those little avian tail feathers and there is a maverick quality to this most unruly bird. Uranus in Aries wants to follow its own higher path. Flashes of insight, intuition or cosmic knowledge are going to send this bird sizzling a burnt path to the universe, feathers aflying, as it seeks out its own version of the holy grail.

Uranus represents the uniqueness in all of us. It is also the higher form of mercury, so universal truth and a searching for philosophical knowledge are part and parcel of this fancy bird. Natally, it can indicate where we have been wounded for it often shows disruptions, sudden beginnings and endings and turning points in our lives. Couple this energy with the fire of Aries, and I see new paths being forged. People may start to break a whole variety of things to head in a better, more soul-filled direction…rules, relationships, worn out jobs and belief systems. These are just a few of the things that may get tossed as Uranus blazes its way through our astrological houses.

Where in your life are you seeking the truth? How do you want to be more in charge of your own destiny? What part of your life feels wounded? If you could strap a super charged firecracker to something and blow it up because you are so done with that, what would it be? These are the types of questions to ask yourself as Uranus makes its December transit through your chart.

Aries likes to have its needs met and it develops courage to help you obtain the bling you so desire. Plain and simple: Aries wants what it wants. Now! Long range planning is not necessarily one of the better traits of this sign so you may want to ponder things before you go screeching off into a new direction. Thinking and acting quickly on its feet is an Arian trait…but there may not be much farsightedness. Picture that road runner speedily careening off in first one direction…coming to a screeching halt when he sees a shiny object…going “Beep, Beep,” and then turning about-face in the opposite direction to chase something else and you’ve got a good idea of what I’m talking about. Road runners do have sprinting speed and the ride is sure to be exciting but there’s no telling where the trip may take you.

Now let’s consider the impacts this outer planet will have as it passes through each house.

1st: In the first house, we may want to let our uniqueness shine out into the world. Parts of ourselves that we have kept hidden for far too long may want to be explored. To be in your own truth and individuality, you may also be asking yourself questions such as what price you could pay for being your own true self? What is the cost of honesty and freedom? How much do you pay for towing the line and creating “security”?

2nd: Sudden changes in income may result as you make decisions on what you truly value. Your entire value system is subject to change. How you earn a living may also be brought into question as you pass your job beneath the microscope of truth and peer discerningly.

3rd: Speaking our minds becomes paramount and it may be about shocking subjects. Unusual concepts and “aha” moments light up your world. Finding unique methods of learning is also highlighted and sudden changes in your educational path may occur as a result. Spur of the moment trips bring zest to your life. Enjoying unusual neighborhoods, siblings or communities may also bring enlightenment.

4th: Our home, how we were raised and our emotional roots are subject to change when Uranus passes through the 4th house. Just because we have links to our childhood, does that mean as adults it must still define us? Realigning our inward self with our outward life is up for grabs as we come to grips with who we really are at this time in our lives. Moves may bring us closer to something that truly feels like home as we relocate to get our needs met.

5th: The urge to create and express ourselves in new ways comes to the forefront. Seeking pleasure becomes a mission. Whether this manifests in sudden flings or by pursuing joy through unusual or possibly dangerous hobbies remains to be seen. Finding and honoring our own inner child is important with this transit, as the emphasis is on joy. However it manifests, finding passion that lights up our world is on the plate. Children may become rebellious as they seek independence, their own sense of fun and a desire to break from tradition.

6th: Disruptions to mind/body/spirit health are possible…but so is seeking out new, enlightened paths to wellness. The path is in how we live and choose. Pranayama, meditation, hot yoga…these are just a few of the life enhancing choices we can make with Uranus in Aries in this house. A strong desire to forge your own path for work is quite possible. Others may sense your unruliness at work and your wanting to buck the system. Changes of employment are possible. Finding an unconventional way of being of service is also a path with heart at this time.

7th: Relationships are subject to change as Uranus passes through this house. Sudden beginnings and endings may occur. You may find yourself liking that which is unusual or unique in another. Newness in a relationship may sparkle but don’t expect alliances formed under this transit to pass the test of time. Enjoy sudden partnerships for the now and the fresh air they breathe into your life.

8th: Unusual things can occur as Uranus passes through the 8th. Lightning bolts of intuition can occur bringing higher understanding. Seeing and understanding the symbology of dreams becomes apparent. The veil to the other side is lifted or becomes more transparent. Sometimes this can occur with the death of a loved one or even with some health impasse you face yourself. Intimate relationships may come to an end and battles over joint resources could result. There is a wild man/woman inside of you that wants to break out of “jail” and cause a stir.

9th: Journeys of the soul are possible as Uranus walks “the road to God.” We may search the world for truth, seeking philosophical answers in the far corners of the world. Contact with people from other cultures is exciting and helps us to break out of worn out patterns and belief systems. Watching Buddhist monks walk on hot coals in Thailand comes to mind as one of those mind-stretching possibilities I witnessed with my own eyes while traveling through Bangkok. After doing a series of breathing exercises, they walked across a deep pile of red-hot coals while carrying heavy statues…all without burning their feet. Unusual paths to higher education may also be indicated such as learning abroad.

10th: Bucking authority is on the menu when Uranus crosses through the 10th house. Changes in employment are possible as you seek a way to make a living that is more true to yourself and that higher vision you hold. How the world sees you is also subject to change as your lifestyle comes into better alignment with the outer world. Your worldly image changes somehow. Maybe you get married, come out of the closet or decide you can no longer put up the front of wearing the suit and tie everyday when you are at heart a Birkenstock man. You may decide to shed what the world expects of you so that you can be yourself.

11th: Seek out affiliations with groups that inspire your soul. Yes, they may be unusual or eclectic but if they help to power the new vision you have of yourself and where you want to go in life, chase that dream! Find friends that support who you truly are and let go of those that feel like a dredging anchor to the past. Dare to dream a better world vision even if it means breaking down barriers that no longer serve.

12th: Strong psychic connections are indicated with Uranus in this house. Metaphysics, dream work and sudden flashes of insight are the norm but due to a fear of being “different” you may keep your unique psychic skills under wraps. Be wary of hidden enemies and the injury they could bring to you. Listen to your strong inner knowing when confronting things that make the hair raise on the back of your neck. Accidents or troubles could cause incarcerations or visits to the hospital if not careful.

Now you know both Pluto and the ever-changing Uranus. These two are currently part of that grand cardinal cross that will be adding tension to your life in the latter part of December as well as in April of 2014. What does it mean when you square up structure breaking Pluto with the higher minded vision of Uranus? A cosmic collision is happening in the heavens. What happens above also takes place below in each of our hearts and minds. It is going to ignite change in our lives as we tear down the limiting structures that bind us. If you go with the changes, you may feel like a soul on fire as you move forward into the light and embrace your truth. If you deny what needs to happen, you may feel like a pipe bomb waiting to explode. What hangs in the balance? Our very souls. The choice is yours.

Zesty, bold, scary life changes are calling to us. To let go of that which has trapped us for a taste of true freedom. But since it is a square, the changes are not going to be easy. Bear down, who said that birthing a new you would be easy anyhow?


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