As you can tell from parts 1 and 2, cleansing and food are vastly important for surviving cancer…but what about attitude? In looking back over the past 10 years of my life, I can honestly say that attitude is probably the most important aspect of beating cancer.

First of all, you must believe that it is possible. (And it is…a number of people have beat cancer naturopathically.) Mars in Leo is my inner warrior. It puts fire in my belly and gives me ROAR. Tell me that something cannot be done and I will want to do it without question. (Example: Women don’t fight fires…yea right. Women can’t run a chainsaw…wrong again. Hiking in the wilderness, alone, is not something that a woman should do…well, that was my life.) What shocks me more than anything is when people simply give up. Doctors hand down a death sentence and so many people willingly oblige. My God of War asks the question, “If you are put between a rock and a hard place, wouldn’t you try?” The same thought crossed my mind with the folks on the planes headed toward the towers and the pentagon on 9/11. If you know you are going to crash and go down, wouldn’t you give it a good fight along the way? I do believe that some of those folks did and I believe their Mars gave them the gumption to do so.

Secondly, you must firmly believe in yourself. A good mantra is, “If one person can do it, so can I.” And you need to keep that attitude up over the long haul. perseverance is surely granted by a sun/saturn conjunction. Many people cringe when the see you have this combination in your chart, but for me it is normal. It grants me great staying power. There were many turning points along this journey where I could very easily have sat down on a log, cried my heart out, shook my fists at the sky and given up. (And I enacted several parts of that very scenario more than once.) But Saturn conjunct my sun gives me the oomph to drag myself off of the log. Wipe my face. Blow my snotty nose and get busy again working towards the goal of saving my life.

Believing in God helps too. Neptune is the dispositor of my chart and it falls into my 12th house in Scorpio. I long for a connection with the divine. Visualizations have played a huge part of my well-being. I picture ancestors helping me, including those who have crossed over. Angels give me massages and work on my energy field. I use hypnotherapy for spiritual journeying so that I can access healing waters on the other side. And I listen to my dreams. All of these things combined have given me mental toughness and a will to live. I am here for a reason.

Developing an attitude of survivorship is also a must…and again, I attribute this to Mars. Surviving anything perilous has a lot to do with your psychology, level of resilience and mental toughness. Reading books such as “Alive,” “Skeletons on the Zahara,” “Women on Annapurna,” and “Deep Survival” were just a few of the books I delved into in order to understand the make up of people who survive against all odds. Movies such as “127 Hours” and “Into the Void” will also give you a good dose of kick ass attitude. As spirits, we are amazing beings and capable of so much more than we think. Each and every one of these stories inspired me to be brave.

Bottom line is: You must believe in yourself. And, if you are between a rock and a hard place, you must also ask yourself the question “Do I want to live or do I want to die?” Once you have your answer, act accordingly. You will go when you are meant to go…but wouldn’t you like to go down fighting? If you decide it is not time, change will be required on your part. You will need to forgive everybody for everything, including yourself. Old habits and thought patterns that were not life affirming will be discarded.

Based upon a near-death experience my sister had, I also believe that you do not journey to Heaven until you are meant to be there…and if you are cocky enough to show up prior to your registered time, you are highly encouraged to return to earth to finish your life path. So…we don’t go until we are meant to go…but sometimes that means you have to intervene on your own behalf. As I said before, God helps those who help themselves. How many times have you heard the story about someone praying while being tossed about in an angry sea? God sends a life raft but the person decides it looks too dicey. Then he drops a rope ladder from a helicopter but it appears to be too rickety. Later on they get washed up onto shore by a rogue wave that comes out of nowhere and they rail at God…”Why didn’t you help me?”

The help was there all along. It was simply a matter of digging deep and accepting it.


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