Vibrant, biodynamically alive food is an important part of healing from any disease. If an oncologist tells you it doesn’t matter what you eat, you need to fire that person pronto. Shortly after being diagnosed, I began a macrobiotic diet. Some people have been successful in healing themselves off of this Eastern, yin/yang balanced diet. Initially, it helped me but as time went on I could tell it was not going to carry me through. After more research, I came across the idea of a raw food diet…and that has made all of the difference.

With the dwarf planet Ceres on my Mid-Heaven, in Virgo, is it any small wonder that a health issue revolving around food would become prominent in my life? Raw food has made the difference in surviving cancer. First of all, when you cook your food you kill about 80% of the vitamins and minerals. All of the enzymes are lost in the transaction as well. When you eat food, your body works extremely hard at extracting little chains of things that in turn link together to form enzymes. Example: You eat a carrot and the body extracts vitamin A for you. Later on you eat kale and the body grabs onto a bit of calcium. Throughout the day, it takes these nutrient snippets and strings them together into enzyme chains and these are the work horses of your health that run so many of your bodily processes.

So, what happens if you are eating dead, cooked or processed food? Where are all of the little snippets of power packed energy? They are gone. You begin to see the picture. Your body struggles to create the enzyme chains it needs to run your life and your health but can’t come up with the raw materials to form the building blocks of great vitality. Enter raw food. Think delicious, nutritious, enzymatically alive and dynamic food with vitamins and minerals in tact. The living life in your food has not been leached out, processed out or cooked to death. Live food makes live bodies. Dead food equals…well dead bodies.

When I first switched to live food, I could not sleep more than 3 or 4 hours a night. Why? Raw food is an absolute vacation for the body. Instead of seeking in vain and digging for nutrients, everything it needs is right there, readily supplied by the biodynamic food you have just ingested. Digesting dead food takes a lot of work. Just picture how you feel after eating greasy french fries and a white bread hamburger. It takes vital life energy to process that food…and you don’t get much in return. Raw food, because it is alive with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, digests itself…thus leaving a surplus of energy in the body for other things. Like HEALING.

I wasn’t waking up at 3 am in the morning and then feeling exhausted throughout the day. The reason I was waking up after just a few hours of sleep was because my body had a surplus of vital energy surging through its veins. It wasn’t being sucked up in the digestive process so my body was running on cleaner fuel and had more energy left for other things. Three or four hours of sleep was enough and I felt great! If you are doubting the validity of what I am saying, watch the movie “Crazy, Sexy Cancer.” I learned about that woman’s journey long after I had embarked upon my own. She too has saved her life with raw food. Rather than succumb to liver cancer, she decided to belly up to the raw food plate.

Now let’s talk about Ceres, Virgo, and farming practices. Since these things are so prominent in my astrology chart it would be remiss for me to not talk about what our current industrial farming practices are doing to our food supply. Did you know that you would have to eat 3 apples today to get the equivalent nutrients of a single apple from the early 1900’s? Not to mention that your apple of today would also be laced with Alar, a serious environmental poison. Why is that so? In our striving to mass produce and ship food cheaply across the country we have forgotten the basics.

Healthy food comes from healthy soil, soil that is rich in organic material. Soil that is humming with micro-organisms that are there to break down the detritus of the field and compost. Soil that is ripe with squirmy worms! When we take care of our farmlands by treating the soil like a living material, we are making an enormous investment in our own health and in the future of the planet as well. Where do you think all of the nutrients in your food is derived from? Raw, organic food draws its health benefits and vital life force from rich, humus laden dirt. Good, healthy dirt = good, healthy food. If you want to invest in your health, invest in your dirt first and foremost.

If your food is coming from land that has not been cared for properly, the very nutrients you need to maintain your own well-being have been leached dry. To compensate for this, industrial farming doses the soil with chemicals. Because the food itself is not getting what it requires to be vibrant and strong, it becomes more prone to attack. Insects and pathogens zoom in. Large farming companies fix that by spraying more toxic material directly onto your food. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. When in the body, these various toxic elements can also recombine to create other undesirable things. Does this sound healthful to you?

If you want to survive the unsurvivable, you need to examine your diet. Raw, organic food that is very low in sugar content is essential. (Sugar is the number one preferred food of cancer. Eat it…and you will die. Things like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and grains all break down into lots of sugar…so what might be healthy for someone who does not have cancer, may be deadly for you.) Ask me, I have Ceres conjunct Pluto on my mid-Heaven. Food for me is a life or death issue…and I have chosen life.

What will you choose?


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