Everybody seeks the truth in their own fashion. And I firmly believe that all paths lead up the mountain. To each his own. Some paths are well worn. Others are obscure goat trails leading up the side of a rock wall. Well, I stumbled onto a goat trail and I never thought I would say this, but astrology has become a path of wisdom for me. It is a road less traveled but it has taught me enormous compassion. There is also a vast spiritual component to it that I never expected to discover. It has jumped me light years ahead in my understanding of planet earth and its harsh lessons. And it has also shown me that we are all truly connected to one another. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

* People you meet along the way are not accidents.
* Lessons that you learn are not random.
* Wickedly tough lessons may be delivered to you by someone who really loves you on a soul level. (In fact, that may be one of their “soul” reasons for incarnating.)
* Soul evolution and growth may be accelerated by people you are meant to encounter to help you along your way.
* Some people come into your life simply to reshuffle your cards and help you to change direction.
* Hard earned wisdom may be karmic pay back.
* Consciousness grows by seeing our connectedness.
* We are all part of one big energy web.
* Planetary energies do affect us whether we are cognizant of it or not…so it pays to think about things and make wise choices.
* There are usually a wide variety of ways that planetary energies can play out…being conscious of that helps us to make better life decisions.
* Being kind is important because what goes around, comes around, either in this life or the next.

It took me a long time to come to this, but I do believe that we journey to this earth many times. If the goal is for us to evolve as spiritual beings, to become more whole and perfect and closer to God, does it not seem logical that it might take many lifetimes to learn all that we need to know? Maybe in one life, you learn the lessons of greed. In the next, the consequences of violence or of not loving yourself. Life after life, we get wiser and our light shines that much brighter.

And while all of this learning is going on, our energies are mingling with other souls. Think we are not connected? Thoughts, spoken and written words, daydreams…all of these have an energy attached to them…and that energy does travel.

Picture this: There are two astrology charts I once watched while privy to the unfolding drama in the lives of the two people involved. Man meets woman. Venus, planet of love, falls into his 6th house of work. He is falling in love with someone on the job. Meanwhile, the following planets are all conjunct each other in her chart in Aries, in the 5th house of romance: Venus, planet of love; Mars, God of Passion; Uranus, sudden beginnings and endings and also higher love; and Jupiter (think wedding bells). It was at this point that she consulted with me.

At the same exact time, the same exact planets had fallen into his 7th house in Aries, ruling partnerships and marriage. Small problem, however. Woman is married. Tough decisions must be made. The sun (representing male energy) enters her 7th house in Gemini, indicating choices. The woman decides for a variety of wonderful reasons to stay put. Neptune and Chiron enter the man’s 5th house reflecting a woundedness in the house of romance. Venus then circles around and by the time the lesson was fully realized, it was sitting in the woman’s chart, in her first house, in Sagittarius…the truth about sharing affections with others.

His Venus, by the way, fell into her 12th house of secrets, sorrows and self undoing. A place that also indicates secret love affairs and/or unrequitted love.

Still think we are not connected? That planetary energies don’t impact us much like a bulleting asteroid cratering out a blast hole in the Utah desert? That our energies do not swirl and mix and join with others?

At this point, I am completely believing that we are all absolutely connected and that there is a beautiful perfection to this crazy system we call earth. If we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Now that is some epic planetary stuff.


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