I’m shocked! People are reading my blog and I don’t even know what I’m doing. Can hardly wend my way to the post section and have no idea how to check to see if anybody is even writing back and yet, somehow, I feel compelled to write. That transiting north node and sun in Scorpio are egging me on. Transform, transform, transform. Test the edge of who you are. Go right up to the cliff. Stick the toes of your sneakers over the edge and peer down. Breath. Gasp, but keep testing the edge.

The flip side is that big full moon in Taurus sitting in my 6th house of work, like an anchor. Revealing what I am getting from my job and also beckoning me with a steady paycheck, benefits and sheer madness. Marian the librarian by day…blogger, hypnotist, evolutionary astrologer by night. Oppositions can be fun like that. Challenging you to see a different side of things (or possibly yourself). If you always order red sauce, you will lust for pesto. The pull for me to transform myself is huge.

Makes me want to howl at that big, full, Taurus moon. Something I have been known to do a time or two.

Then, I look in my progressed chart and find that my sun is now sitting in Aries. Having a planet in Aries is like having a fire lit under your ass. A fire that says “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT NOW, WILL YOU?” Break free. Find your own way. Reinvent yourself. Fires are catchy. Let your spirit soar and others may follow. I get the same feeling when my moon goes into Sagittarius. The best way I can describe it is that I feel like a soul on fire. And I want to find the truth of myself.

I keep coming back to this idea of being who we are authentically meant to be. Why? Because so often, to earn money and gain stability in the world, we lose so much of ourselves. With Scorpio in Neptune in the 12th house, I am quite a dreamer. Messages come in from the cosmos all of the time shrouded in veils of sleep. One night, before I went to bed, I asked to have a dream that would show me my path ahead. I dreamt that I was out in country. Spruce trees were all around. There was a road that led off into the distance and at the edge of the road was a sign post. Instead of saying somethink like Oak St. or Spruce St., it had the words “The Gifts.” The message? To follow the gifts.

Is that full Taurean moon meant to be an anchor? Or is it simply there to light the way ahead? In the coming days, we will all have so many choices to make. How can being yourself be wrong? If the universe makes each and every one of us unique and provides us with our own set of talents and gifts, isn’t it wise to use them and honor ourselves in the process? All we need to do is let the fire under our asses blaze away and be bold enough to follow our true talents.


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