Guess what?  I found God in Sacramento at “dance church”.   Who woulda thunk it?   I do believe that God shows up differently for all people and at dance church his grace his fully present in my eyes.

Body Joy encourages people to move to a variety of rhythms, expressing what is in their hearts, minds and souls.  Serious therapeutic work gets done on that dance floor.  I have seen grief being openly expressed.  Devotion to the divine within and without.   And Pure Joy. Creative juices are encouraged to flow.  Sadness is given a safe space for expression.

What would the world look like if it were always ok for us to safely and openly dance our emotions amongst a community of caring souls?  Compare that to holding all of that stuff in, creating layer after layer of steel mesh armor.  Movement is medicine.   And if you ask me, God dances at T Street on Sunday mornings at 10 am in downtown Sacramento.  You should join in too!

Thank you Bella!


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